Inactive [MECH/FUN] Vampire v4.3.1 - Add the horror of vampires to your server [1.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MassiveCraft, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Olof Larsson

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    The Angry kat

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    So this is merged with the other one? Is this compatible with PermissionsEX/ permissions 2.7.4? Or is it only for bukkit permissions?
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    I cant seem to get the permissions for this plugin to work. I give vampire.admin to my admins and it still tells them that they don't have permission to cure vampires etc.

    Also in this new version i dont see allowbloodloss in the trueblood and common config, so now my truebloods who are used to not losing blood over time are losing blood now? Can you re-implement this?

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    I was wondering how could I disable the bread hint messages. Anyone help please?
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    This is included in verson 3.5.1 I just released. But I put bloodDecreasePerSecond instead. Set it to 0 for true-blood vampires if you don't want them to loose blood.

    It is only for bukkit permissions.

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    Sounds cool I'm sure the code will be interesting.
  10. Hey! I'm a big fan of the vampire plugin. And I've tested it, and played around with it alot. and I have some suggestions for it:

    -Could there be an config option for Vampires for "sunscreen" i.e. delay before damage from sun. Like, a true blood vampire can spend 8 seconds in the sun before catching fire. While a common vampire goes up in flames instantly.

    -Common Vampires should be able to interact with evil alters and give them the components to "upgrade" to a true blood vampire.

    -For the future, I had a neat idea. An "aging" system for Elder Vampires. As time goes on, True Blood Vampires become more powerful (Increased regeneration, increased blood reserve) or even, just access to a Title. like an month vampire (30 ingame days, name is now titled with Count. (the titles should be able to be customized in the config)

    If you like these ideas, I'm happy to shoot out more. I love this plugin! And its definitely my favorite one in existence!

    Hey btw, what is "radiusSpreadingNecrosis"? Is that like infecting ppl? or what? I can't seem to figure it out.

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    Its pretty cool when you dont have the chat tags enabled to see who is a vampire. It kills vegetation around you, turns grass to dirt, etc.
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    @raught19 Most people dont realize the complexity of the smallest things... it is very challenging to make ideas turn into code
  13. That is true. I know nothing about Java. I only know lua haha.
    What I suggested could be extremely hard to do, but I thought they were neat ideas, so I posted them. I know, if it was lua I could do it haha. but there two very different things.

    Ahh really? thats really cool! I never even noticed that. Neat little addition.
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    Will this work for regular permissions and PEX at some point?
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    Would it be possible to make Vampire compatible with permissions so that it adds a prefix to player's name when he becomes a vampire (and loose the prefix when he gets cured)? Or meaby some way to change a player's group in permissions automatically?
    Also could you please add a permission node for /v list so I can allow my players to use this command?
    Thank you for your hard work :)
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    I sent a message about gameplay improvement in the last thread which was :

    " A night vision could be very nice for vampires, something like redstone torch light everywhere during night. It is hard to make I think but the plugin would become so much greater. Maybe the plugin Bukkitcontrib could help you to do that, but I'm not sure.

    The flying gameplay could be improve too. Currently it's more jumping than flying and it would be cool if vampires could stay in the air without falling. "​

    Do you think it could be in a future update ?
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  17. I'd kill for this haha.

    In MC, night is sometimes really light and visible for ppl, but for others its almost pitch black. Its really hard to sneak around and build at night, when I can hardly see XD
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    That's why it is obvious that vampires need to see when humans can not ^^
  19. I thought of a way to do this. I remember an plugin that made a player emit light from themself, you could do the same as that, and have it toggable by the vampire. like /v vision
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    i get an error when trying to do turn myself (command) into a vampire help :(
  21. Posting the error would help haha. Are u sure your using /v turn name (common or trueblood)

    so for example:

    /v turn kota99hix trueblood
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    yes i type exactly that in the server cmd and game itself. when i type it ingame it just says this: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command

    on the server cmd its alot of stuff ill post a picture in a couple minutes
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  24. I dont seem to have this issue. I tested those commands, and I had no error. perhaps you have a conflicting plugin? idk.
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    Yeah that's cool but if the vampire emits light it will be strange for other people who see him ^^
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    actually this was my seconds plugin on the server. my first plugin is world edit but have no edit anything yet (newbie xD)
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    Just an idea - would it be possible to add some additional forward movement to red rose jumping? So that multiple jumps actually move you forward fast instead just up?

    Why would that be strange? I'd like that! Other players would be warned that they approach a vampire. It's good because vampire is especially pvp heavy. It's kind of an early warning for others ;)

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    fixed dont download the lasted one download the one with 5,000 + downloads
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    Well maybe WEdit is the issue cause I have it too. :O
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    Hello, I'm sure this has been mentioned allready but, could you please add a config for max Blood and hopefully a separate config for true bloods/Commons

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