Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] Monster Apocalypse - A Complete Rework of Minecraft Mobs. [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by blainicus, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Woohoo first to download new version!!

    You forgot to change the default config!!

    you have:​

    - block:seconds​

    should be:​

    (space space) block:seconds​

    (So it doesn't erase the "list of blocks to break")​

    PS: my skype is z51aj17 - add me, i'd love to help dev this plugin!
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    Great mod, btw, but can someone please tell me how to make ghasts, blazes, and zombie pig men to spawn in the overworld. I must be blind, but I can't seem to find it.
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    Close range AI improvements:

    You will want to set those to spawn using 'Naturalistic Bonus Spawns', except ghasts using 'Bonus Spawns' with a Y offset of 30.

    The config page has been updated with additional help:

    Fix to some drops.

    Fixed a lot of features of corpse piling, including always running by default with mega-aggro enabled.

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    How to control the time when mobs can spawn?
    I'd like them to spawn even at daytime.

    I've found only this settings:
    Minimum light level to spawn:
    Maximum light level to spawn:

    Not sure what to use for it :)
    Aaaanndd.. it's possible to add running speed to monster?

    Thank you!
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    Set max light to 17.

    For runspeed, you will need to use mega-aggro, and the speed is in Advanced Monster Properties.

    Warning, mature language.

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    Thanks blainicus.

    This line enables mega-aggro on permanent level ?:
    Check for the deaggro permission for entity attacks, shooting super arrows, and mega-aggro?
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    That line allows you to set up permissions so that some players are ignored by mega-aggro.
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    the last 2 youtube videos have to much swaring. :(
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    Don't watch them then.
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    This would be a perfect to run along with my hunger games server! However, I was wondering If I can spawn nether-only mobs (Blaze, magma cube, ghast) in a regular minecraft world? Can you implement this feature into the next build?
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    You would need to set up some bonus/naturalistic spawns.
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    As I understood you're the author.
    I afraid you didn't answered the question. If you can, please do. I'd like to understand if this plugin fits my requirements.

    I can't find a way to enable mega-aggro. :(

    You already have guessed, I was on my way to make a zombie apocalypse server (before I saw your video from fatnoob) :D
    Anyway, I'm not giving up.. I have slightly different idea.

    I want to understand that your plugin suits my requirements, if it is, I going to donate and use it for my server, if not, I'll have to code it myself.

    So.. there's a few questions that are still opened and I can't find an answer:
    1. How to make zombies run faster (if it requires mega-aggro, how do i enable it?) I want them to run fast whenever they spot a player.
    2. How to spawn zombie EVERY TIME, not only night or evening. Settings max light to 17 not helping (Using your Zombie Config)
    3. I don't have too much zombies spawned.. I can find 1 or 2.. that's all. I want tons of them to spawn at specific area around players, not in far faraway lands :)
    4. I don't see them digging or destroying blocks, nor pilling bodies to reach me..

    :) Can you PLEASE clarify? Is it possible at all? (I don't want tons of plugins to handle this.. I want to be in one place, as I'll have other plugins to handle other game flows)

    Thank you for your time.

    Well.. I've enabled all mobs via this mod, just to test the ability..

    Smiles flooded my server.. all zombies went underground, no one was around, but if you dig, hell, you're screwed..

    Something wrong with spawn, and if it all depends on correct settings, it must have some protection from newbies.. my server is destroyed by mobs now.. Have to start a new world. :)

    Be careful guys :)

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    Try the official zombie config, it should suit all your needs with no configuration necessary. Otherwise, check the config page on bukkitdev.
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    Great work. One problem we're encountering: Skele's exploding arrows don't cancel in explosion free WG zones. Other explosions seem to cancel correctly from WG protected areas, but skele's arrows don't. Is there a way to include those exploding arrows so that they can't fire into our "safe" zone and knock the walls down?
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    I will definitely look into this. I recall testing this in 1.1 and it working fine in protecting regions.
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    could you have it set up so that if you had 2 dffernt portals leading to differnt worlds can you have it set up so that it will only work on one world?
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    Read the documention, multiworld is supported.
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    Can you make it where skeletons and zombies can not swim? Where they sink to the bottom of water? I saw you can control damages, so I assume prevent them from drowning?
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    i need help i edit the config and when im in the game the plugin dont work pliz help the monsters dont follow me
    and i did the rage they attack me is 10000000000 pliz pliz pliz help!!!!!!!!!
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    I don't mean to answer for the plugin author, but after being on the bukkit forums every day for the past 6 months, I have come to realize there are several bad things about your post. 1: Please attempt to use proper capitalization, grammar, and spelling. B: How is anyone supposed to know what to fix for that. C: Why would repeating pliz multiple times get you better help, it may even cause people to not want to help you because of how pushy you are. D: Have you tried troubleshooting at all, for instance using a regular member without op or all permissions E: You should provide some actual information. Ok /rantoff. Anyway, I hope you will get help once you make a decent, informative post. Sorry to any bukkit forum mods if I crossed the line, please tell me (@mbaxter)

    Good day.
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    hi. I have a problem with config file. When im starting a server its just sets to default:(

    your config file fixed the problem. dunno how ^^ <3
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    Hey i spent 4 hours making a map for the plugin i had the spawnpoints and everything set was ready. But then i couldn't figure out how to start it how do i? Lol sorry im pretty bad when it comes to plugins and config (Btw.. I changed the settings in the config just wondering how do i start it?) Thanks for the help :)
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    How the hell does i start it? I have no errors but I can't get it startet i have changed to my map name and stuff....

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    how do you set a damage value for a monster drop?
  28. uhmm i'm having some problems with the config file, it resets itself to the default everytime i start/reload the server, and mega aggro doesn't seem to work, mob spawning eggs don't spawn mobs and i'm trying to make it so players get "mob swarmed" by simply just increasing the range of the mobs but that doesn't seem to work also, could someone help me?
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    Any luck on this? Our server wants to roll out a new world, and this is currently keeping us from doing it. (I know you may be busy). Do you have a git? I have more than a few plugins under my belt and could give it a quick look and do a pull request?

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