Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] DarkBrotherhood v1.5.1 - climb walls, assassinate players, and more![1060]

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    I would like to point out I am no longer supporting this plugin. If a reputable developer would like to take this over I will gladly let them assuming they contact me first.

    DarkBrotherhood: climb walls, throw shuriken, assassinate players, and more!
    Plugin Version: 1.5.1
    Server Version: /version: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-905-g9277096-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.2)
    Download: DarkBrotherhood

    Thanks to Lyiin for the idea of climbing walls!

    • Climb up walls!
    • Assassinate other players/mobs!
    • Throw shuriken!
    • Perform leaps of faith!
    • Poison weapons!
    • Pick locks!
    climbing (open)
    To climb right-click any block that is considered climbable(you can change this list in the config) while not holding anything. You must be holding shift to stay on the wall, upon releasing shift you fall to the ground.

    assassinating (open)
    To assassinate any mob simply attack them while you sneaking and you are behind them.

    shuriken (open)
    To throw a shuriken left click with a piece of flint in hand. Each shuriken does 1 heart of damage; however on a successful assassination it will do up to 4.5 hearts of damage.

    Leaps of Faith (open)
    Hold shift upon landing and it will negate fall damage, assuming you have the proper permission nodes

    Lock-picking (open)
    Right click any chest with the lock-pick tool (configurable, by default string) if the chest is locked you have a configurable chance of opening it if you fail you take a configurable amount of damage.

    Poison (open)
    To poison your weapon simply right click with the poison item in hand (configurable, by default red mushroom) The next entity you hit will be poisoned. The poison then lasts for a configurable amount of seconds each second doing a configurable amount of damage.

    Video Tutorial (open)
    A little outdated not much though:

    A neat combination (open)
    Combine this plugin with EffectiveArrows! this will yield the ability for varying arrow types allowing your players to perform neat combinations. Such as using smoke arrows to cover their escape! Or maybe do a little flaming arrow ambush.

    Permissions (these are Super Perms!):
    These permissions are only used if the usePermissions value in the config is set to true otherwise it is op only.
    • DarkBrotherhood.climb-allows the player to climb.
    • DarkBrotherhood.assassinate-allows the layer to perform assassinations.
    • DarkBrotherhood.use.shuriken-allows players to throw shuriken.
    • DarkBrotherhood.roll-allows players to perform leaps of faith.
    • DarkBrotherhood.use.poison-allows players to use poison.
    • DarkBrotherhood.use.lockpick-allows players to use lock-picks.
    • Add an assassin guild style thing. With rewards for murdering players.
    • Add Spout support and corresponding dash ability (thinking it will activate when some button is pressed). (done not sure if I want to implement it though)
    Fixed for RB 1060.​
    Added poison and lock-picking.​

    Previous changes (open)

    Added shuriken, and leaps of faith!​
    Released plugin!​
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    You have to change the config file to support bpermissions. In the config you still have it set to op only. Set permissions to true.
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    aww this plugin is awesome! I hope if someone can continue this, great work you did!
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    All I know is that I wish someone would get this, I miss this plugin.
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    It still works... Just saying...
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    With the newest recommended build of bukkit?
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    It should
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    nice plugin please add a high jump :)
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    Shame that you stopped working on it... It belive, it could be 10 times better.
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    Is the Shuriken item configurable?
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    But see it is people like you why I stopped working on it. People who did not realize or care about the work I put into it. The people who wanted this for their servers and did not realize that I am making this in my free time for free for myself. I just thought other people may enjoy this and thus published it.
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    The only thing I could do were asasinations
    I couldn't do leaps of faith or climb walls
    I tried going into the .jar file(the only file that came with the download and there really wasn't anything. What do I do?
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    Seriously do you people read? At all? Ever?
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    I read. It works perfectly. Thank you for using your free time to make such a thing. If i had the money, i would donate. I appreciate it :)
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    Thanks. Some people just frustrate me. But P.S. I don't accept donations :p
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    Ok, I did read the entire plugin and all the comments!
    But I just can't find out how to use this!
    The lockpick, how do they work??? Is it like UniversalLockPick? Or do you have a command to lock chests that
    just isn't mentioned?
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    Will you please update for 1.2 also can you tell me how to open jar files because i cant :(
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    The lock pick should work... what lock system do you use?

    First read the I AM NO LONGER SUPPORTING THIS bit. Afterwards jar files are compiled java code... You can't really "open" them. You simply drop it into the plugin folder.
    * Edit for being way too evil previous message was:
    Show Spoiler

    Either you are blind or just computer inept, in which case running a server is probably not the best thing for you to do. First off it says at the top of the page in nice bold print that I am no longer supporting this plugin. Secondly how the hell do you not know what a .jar file is? It is basically what contains the code for every plugin ever, in addition to the code for Minecraft. Please do not waste my time.

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    Hahaha! This is great! Thank you for the awesome plugin! Thumbs up.
    "Either you are blind or just computer inept, in which case running a server is probably not the best thing for you to do. First off it says at the top of the page in nice bold print that I am no longer supporting this plugin. Secondly how the hell do you not know what a .jar file is? It is basically what contains the code for every plugin ever, in addition to the code for Minecraft. Please do not waste my time."
    And To the community: I am pretty sure this works with 1.1-R6. I will be testing.
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    I really love the Plugin, great job, it's been a while since i've seen something well done like this, sad to see it no longer continue, but thanks for the great plugin while it lasted.
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    Thanks trying to find someone good to maintain this.
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    Don't worry, I asked him if I could maintain it myself, as soon as I get permission i'll upload the update for Bukkit 1.2.3 and add the features you want. :)
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    That would be so awesome!
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    What features would you like to see added? I could start adding them in now, and release it once i have permission to :)
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    Maybe something like "Invisibility for 5 seconds" ? :D I dont know :D
    I would be glad just to see the plugin work.
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    maby a assasin npc that you might rearly find in caves that could be cool and maby yo can recruit them

    oh and maby pickpocketing action.
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    Invisibility, I like that! :D Like, you can go stealth for a few seconds, but it will have a cooldown. (all configurable of course.) Or perhaps you can stay invisible but it drains your hunger bar.
    I like the pickpocketing idea, I was planning on adding that anyway. I'm not sure exactly how the mechanics for that will work, but I'll think of something :)

    Right now, I'm just adding spout support for everything. This includes:
    • Shuriken items (completed)
    • No glass block when you climb walls (completed)
    • Crafting recipes to permanently poison your weapons (in-progress)
    • Lockpick items
    • Blood will spray when assassinating
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    oh that is a shame i was going to get this how ever i can not stand spout it has made life so difficult oh well i will keep my eye on the plugin thogh if i think of any more ideas ill tell you by the way you got Skype if so pm me your skype name i would love to talk to you as i am a beginner in programming we could work together or somin
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    No, no, spout will be OPTIONAL! Don't worry.

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