[MECH/FUN/RPG] BattleTNT v1.0 - "Fire in the hole!", Make TNT auto-explode when placed [1000]

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    BattleTNT - The 'PVP TNT' Plugin

    Version: v1.0.0
    BattleTNT quite simply makes TNT automatically explode as soon as its placed.

    The reasoning behind this is that in 1.7, the folks at Mojang made TNT require redstone activation in order to explode. Before 1.7, many players on my server became accustomed to using TNT as sort of a "roleplaying grenade" by placing and immediately igniting the block to damage their enemies in PVP. However this became very... awkward in Minecraft v1.7, requiring them to place both the TNT block as well as (for example) a Lever, not to mention pulling said lever... so I coded this plugin to fix that and make it less awkward.

    This takes it one step further, however; as soon as you place it, it begins its explosion-timer, cutting out the need to left-click it. I also picture this plugin being a very fun way to troll your player base :)

    * Auto-explodes TNT when you place it!
    * Prevents pesky, lag inducing mass-TNT explosions

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    This plugin is closed source.

    Known issues:
    * None

    Version 1.0
    * Initial release
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    like bomberman :)
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    lol never thought of it like that, totally going to try and make a bomberman-style event plugin next.
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    always wanted a plugin like at :)
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    Latros, I made a new event called "Bomberman" lol how original. PvP Event with players using tnt to kill each other in the arena.

    This was good for finding bugs.
    So far:
    1) If you place tnt in an area with no permission then a redstone torch drops.
    2) Tnt Placed in the air through creative placing doesn't blow up.
    3) 20+ Players all placing tnt like this in an event may cause a crash (unconfirmed)

    After the 3rd possible bug, I stopped testing the event for obvious reasons, lol.

    For the event style plugin, can you try to add a way to activate tnt destroying terrain inside a region? World guard already has a flag that can deny or allow tnt explosions, so I'm wondering if its possible. It would be awesome to create an event where tnt could destroy terrain.
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    MySQL/iConomy support?
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    I'll try and learn it
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    still, if he looks into it. The iconomy makes some sense, like a cost to place it
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    WOW! MY FRIEND WOULD LOVE THIS MATE!![diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]:D[diamondore]
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    Been very busy with Battlecraft this week, I'll update and add some functionality soon!
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    I can haz permissions support? :3
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    whens it updating... Gotta use it on my 1.2.5 server
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    I will try and update this for you guys :)

    (That's if i can get permission to grab the code :))

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