[MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v0.8.2 - Fast roads [928,935,953]

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    QuickStrasse v0.8.2

    QuickStrasse allows you to easily make high-speed roads, good for convenient access to your mines or connecting two cities far from each other.

    This plugin is still rough around the edges. Don't be surprised by errors or bad behavior until v1.0.

    Feature Summary
    • Create your own roads easily.
    • The plugin detects your direction; you can cross a road perpendicularly without fear of being caught in it.
    • You can take the road in either direction.
    • Your road can be inclined.
    • Sometimes the plugin actually works!

    (This video has not been accelerated)(Video from v0.7)

    User's Guide

    About The Developers

    Want to ensure your bug or suggestion isn't lost in the thread? Post it on our issue tracker.

    To create a road, line glass with wool (any color). The glass can go straight and turn corners. Both sides of the glass must be wool for the road to function. A user cannot easily get off the road once travel has started. Take care to place "stations" every so often so the user can get off.

    Permission Node (open)

    • quickstrasse.use - Use roads.
    Configuration Options (open)

    • outsideRoadBlockId - The id of the block to border roads. Default is 35.
    • insideRoadBlockId - The id of the block for the middle of a road. Default is 20.
    • tickDelay - The tick delay for teleportation. Default is 0.
    • roadMaxHeight - The maximum Y that roads are allowed to function. Default is 128.
    • roadMinHeight - The minimum Y that roads are allowed to function. Default is 0.
    • usePermissions - Check permissions or not. Default is false.

    Download Latest Version
    Download 0.8.1 - For RB 935 and previous


    Known Issues
    • Chunks don't refresh fast enough
    • A closed loop of roads is a bad idea
    • Straight-up/down roads do not currently work

    Change Log
    version 0.8.2
    • Updated for RB 953
    • Removed tick delay configuration option
    version 0.8.1
    • Added configuration options
    Older Entries (open)

    version 0.8 - See post
    • Inclined roads work.
    version 0.75
    • Updated for 766.
    Version 0.74
    • New Moving System! (Speed back like the 0.72)
    • Stair movements improved a little bit.
    Version 0.73
    • New support Craftbukkit 617 & MC 1.4.
    • Changed transport system, QuickStrass 0.73 is currently in Smooth Mode.
      (END OF THIS PLUGIN?)This plugin was based on a previous glitch who as been fixed.
    Version 0.72
    • Improved detection for stopping the player if a block is on the way.
    • Support ups and downs, stairs roads.
    Version 0.71
    • Improved roads moving positions. (Center of the road)
    • Support horizontal-corners.
    Version 0.7
    • First public release.
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    The video doesn't exist any more...
    Neat idea though for this plugin! I'm thinking about taking off warps and teleporting so that people will be forced to build roads or minecart tracks.
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    Yup, I saw that. I'll get another one made when vertical roads work. The test track is already built for it.
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    Paul Ludwig

    Quick Question, is it possible to list more than one block to work as the outside or inside block? I'm planning on using wool (with choice of color) for the roads...
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    Not currently. Also, it doesn't support item data, so you can't pin it down to one specific color of wool. By default, you can use any color of wool.
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    Paul Ludwig

    So if I use red wool it will think im using "Wool" and still work? if so cool, but you should defiantly add multiple block combinations
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    Yes, any color of wool will work; even changing the colors as you go down the path is fine.

    I am not certain I should add multiple block combinations. I'd hate to make it even more processor intensive due to everything happening every time a player moves. I already a little concerned about how much happens with every player movement.

    User Poll: how many concurrent users do you have on your server running QuickStrasse?
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    Paul Ludwig

    1... not dedicated atm just working the server out....
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    Can you add that you can set a layer above it? And that it still works

    Like first layer the quickstrasse road
    Second layer Your road what you want

    Would be awesome
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    Thanks for the config & min/max height implementation. Will try it tomorrow on my second world. I like the new smooth moving and improved speed :)
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    Alex Berndt

    I'm getting an out of memory error :s
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    AM near bedrock lvl tunnel system, sadly it wont work, need i do something with the Height config?? Worked fine on surface as test moved it underground deep nothing.
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    inclined roads? are they like a block staircase where you have to jump?
    EDIT: Also, love it!
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    I like the idea of this plugin a lot. Currently the roads appear to be working fine up to a certain length. Once I reach a certain length travel appears to slow to a crawl (judging my speed from the clouds since chunks can't keep up). I'm curious if there's any limit to the length roads should be?

    Edit: Using craftbukkit 818
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    does this pluggin still work with Minecraft 1.6.6? I'm not a server admin/host/whatever I'm just finding pluggins that might be interesting on our server, I'm a "Comunity Mod" =P
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    I'm eagerly anticipating the vertical travel addition to this plugin! I think once that's added, this will be the best quick travel plugin out there! Currently I'm building a hospital in my down with 8 stories... I've already begun work on adding a 'road' that will take people right to the top, like an elevator! It'll be great! :)
    Great work keeping this plugin alive, it's a good idea.
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    After a quick check, it appears that this plugin still works with RB 928. Please let me know if you find differently.
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    Just updated to 953, and I keep getting disconnected from the server from moving too fast.
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    updated to 935,too and getting the disconnect because of moving too fast, too.
    Is this a ug or my own fault? ;D
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    I'm going to pretend you meant 935, since the thread title clearly says the latest RB that QuickStrasse supports is 935.
    You both might benefit from this post. I notice that the User Guide is pretty out-of-date; I'll fix that up.
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    thanks, that helped :D

    EDIT: no, it hadn't.
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    No, I did mean 953. The point of my post was to help you discover that QS may now be in need of an update.
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    Yes this plugin does need to be updated. Currently when anyone uses a road or escalator created with quickstrasse they get some of their health taken off.
    Using CB 953 with Minecraft 1.7.2.
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    problem of mine is.. You move too quickly :(
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    0.8.2 released.

    Updated for 953, but I can't say I'm happy about the changes. Some changes in the server code necessitated changes in how players get teleported, which means I can no longer support the tick delay configuration option. It now acts as if tick delay had been set to 1, so I hope that works for everyone since there's no (easy) way around it.
    I cannot duplicate this issue with 0.8.1 or 0.8.2 of QuickStrasse.
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    Your plugin was running great untill bukkit 953. We loved it and made roads all over the city, but now the roads are usless. Everyone was getting kicked for moving too quickly
    EDIT: updated link to .8.2 it still says 0.8.1 is this correct?
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    Thank you for the update and for maintaining this plugin! You rock. :)
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    That does appear correct. Apparently I updated my plugin.yml after I already made the build. The version number has been fixed.
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    Well it was a wonderfull plugin untill 935+ thanks for the work. I still can not get it to work with 0.8.2.
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    I've been wanting to try this out, and it works but there seems to be an issue. I'm also running towny as as I move down the road and enter/leave towns, the game spams me with at least a dozen of these messages. It seems like the plugin is actually trying to teleport you between the same two locations multiple times. Because of this, the movement is jerky at best.
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    Ya I remember when the movement was super smooth. Hopefully it will be remedied but right now I believe the server kicks you for hacking if it was the old way.

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