[MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v0.8.2 - Fast roads [928,935,953]

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    QuickStrasse v0.8.2

    QuickStrasse allows you to easily make high-speed roads, good for convenient access to your mines or connecting two cities far from each other.

    This plugin is still rough around the edges. Don't be surprised by errors or bad behavior until v1.0.

    Feature Summary
    • Create your own roads easily.
    • The plugin detects your direction; you can cross a road perpendicularly without fear of being caught in it.
    • You can take the road in either direction.
    • Your road can be inclined.
    • Sometimes the plugin actually works!

    (This video has not been accelerated)(Video from v0.7)

    User's Guide

    About The Developers

    Want to ensure your bug or suggestion isn't lost in the thread? Post it on our issue tracker.

    To create a road, line glass with wool (any color). The glass can go straight and turn corners. Both sides of the glass must be wool for the road to function. A user cannot easily get off the road once travel has started. Take care to place "stations" every so often so the user can get off.

    Permission Node (open)

    • quickstrasse.use - Use roads.
    Configuration Options (open)

    • outsideRoadBlockId - The id of the block to border roads. Default is 35.
    • insideRoadBlockId - The id of the block for the middle of a road. Default is 20.
    • tickDelay - The tick delay for teleportation. Default is 0.
    • roadMaxHeight - The maximum Y that roads are allowed to function. Default is 128.
    • roadMinHeight - The minimum Y that roads are allowed to function. Default is 0.
    • usePermissions - Check permissions or not. Default is false.

    Download Latest Version
    Download 0.8.1 - For RB 935 and previous


    Known Issues
    • Chunks don't refresh fast enough
    • A closed loop of roads is a bad idea
    • Straight-up/down roads do not currently work

    Change Log
    version 0.8.2
    • Updated for RB 953
    • Removed tick delay configuration option
    version 0.8.1
    • Added configuration options
    Older Entries (open)

    version 0.8 - See post
    • Inclined roads work.
    version 0.75
    • Updated for 766.
    Version 0.74
    • New Moving System! (Speed back like the 0.72)
    • Stair movements improved a little bit.
    Version 0.73
    • New support Craftbukkit 617 & MC 1.4.
    • Changed transport system, QuickStrass 0.73 is currently in Smooth Mode.
      (END OF THIS PLUGIN?)This plugin was based on a previous glitch who as been fixed.
    Version 0.72
    • Improved detection for stopping the player if a block is on the way.
    • Support ups and downs, stairs roads.
    Version 0.71
    • Improved roads moving positions. (Center of the road)
    • Support horizontal-corners.
    Version 0.7
    • First public release.
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    Mighty Mackinac


    It works great! Needs a little work to make it smoother, and maybe a little faster, but great job! A+ effort and job!
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    I didn't see any "Player Moved Wrongly" errors in all my testing. Player movement was fluid. If you notice anything to the contrary, please post about it.
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    Is it possible to at some point utilize different material combinations for this plugin?
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    It is possible. I'm first going to concentrate on getting the roads fully functional. After that, I'll add configuration options. If you want to make sure I don't forget, please add it to the issue tracker.
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    HOLY F***!
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    'Smoother' is going to be difficult, but 'faster'...oh, I have plans to make it go about 5x faster if the server will let me.
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    hmmm are you the succesor of the other plugin quickstrasse made by sunshe?
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    This plugin is a continuation of the one started by SunShe.
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    Mighty Mackinac

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    Yippee! Update! Thanks!
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    Awesome mod :D Was wondering if you happen to know the name of the texture pack in the video?
  13. Nice plugins, I love this.
    Installed on my server ;)
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    Whats the awesome song on this track?? :D

    BTW awesome plugin...however it must conflict with one of my other ones because everytime someone uses it the server crashes... going try again when new version is done :D
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    Breaks and in console its conflicting with vanishnopickup please fix at the moment it works for like 2 seconds breaks and cannot be used
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    I downloaded this originally, and the problem you get is, if the road is too long it crashes my server. Also i get spam saying, PLAYER POSITION HAS CHANGED, CANT KEEP UP!
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    download link is broken
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    It's great to see this plugin updated for 766. I had just given up on it about 2 weeks ago and had finaly uninstalled it on my server. I hope you are able to get past the bugs Sunshe was not able to. From the coments it seams to still be as buggy as it had been. Keeping my eye on it and waiting for the next update. Thanks for picking up where sunshe left off!
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    I also just recently uninstalled this due to crashing and getting stuck on a long road. Great to see this continued :)
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    Everyone who reported bad behavior: in the future I'm going to need significantly more information if you expect me to be able to fix the problems you're experiencing. I'm not simply releasing code in a vacuum; this same version of the plugin has been tested by myself in a variety of scenarios and is currently running on my own server without a problem.

    Here's some things that will be useful to include in the future:
    • 'crashing' is vague. Crashing the server or the client?
    • Were there any error messages in the console?
    • 'long road' and 'too long' are vague. How long is the road?

    Don't bother including these yet. I'm rewriting the movement logic today to support stair roads and vertical roads. This should also flush out the rest of the questionable code. Try again with the next update.
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    omfg ty for updating this mod.. i love this for traveling :D... tytytytytytytytytytytytyty
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    Mighty Mackinac

    Haters gonna hate. I haven't seen any problems with this plugin. I use roads about 90 something blocks long with stations in between, mainly to help with chunk loads and such.

    Such an awesome plugin!
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    seems this conflicts with the nocheat plugin. fix plz? :3
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    You're flooded in the works i suppose ^^
    But if you can, maybe could you add a MultiVerse support please ? like enable or disable per world just satisfied me ;)
    But keep you're work :)
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    very nice like it.

    PS: with TexturPack do you use?
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    WOW! <3

    @Fluff Would it be possible to add Permissions for building it and using it?

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    I don't hate the plugin - love it :D But I definitely had problems with far shorter highways (didn't count but something like 15 to 20 blocks).


    Yeah, will do more testing and a more descriptive report after your next version.
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    0.8 released.

    The road-following logic has been almost completely re-written. We're easily down to a single digit percentage of original code. If you had issue with the last version, try this one.

    Inclined roads should now work. In addition, the road-capturing arc has been reduced to 60 degrees (from 90 degrees). I want some feedback on this change. Personally, I like not being whisked off just because I was sort of looking in the same direction as the road; now you have to be looking much more directly down the road to take it.

    Question: how would you like for backwards travel to be handled? In other words, you approach a road walking backwards. Do you want to take the road in your direction of travel, continuing to look backwards? Do you want to take the road in your direction of travel looking towards where you're going? Do you want to take the road in the direction of your field of view?
    For building, I wouldn't want to. It would mean that people without the permissions couldn't build something that just looks like a road. For using, possible, but potentially an issue with performance. I'll poke at that once all the roads are finished. If you'd like to make sure I don't forget, please add it to the issue tracker.
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    Ok, cool.
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    Looks nice! I'm testing it now!

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