[MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v0.75 - Fastest Minecraft Transport [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    vertical roads pretty please awesome sunshe! my floating islands would be happy to get it !!
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    I working on it, but i get some equation problems. and i have not many time for work on it. All the main system of "stair roads" is done with a special mode "smooth" than i want calling "1st Class" :p will be comming. Dont worry, i'm maybe not often connected to the forum theses last days because "work" etc... but in the back i still working on it. and it progress slowly maybe but really nicely.

    Your islands gonna be happy.

    Note: I haven't begun* a 100% vertical system, because about my previous said, but surely it will added in one of next versions. Probably with permissions for "horizonzal, Vertical, Stair, etc..." using/constructing by group or players with Permissions or GroupManager system. Without forget my special "1st Class" ("smooth transport") feature.

    * Here, is correct this time ? xD
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    What I would love to see in this plugin is corner detection.

    When the player reaches a corner in the road, the plugin auto detects which way the road is going, and turns the player 90 degrees to face the new direction, so a player merely needs to hold the forward button to zoom down the path and watch the scenery fly by.
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    It already has it.
    I will maybe make a video for it.
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    This is most Awesome mod :D

    Good job SunShe !

    Yes, corner detection should be great!
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    Where's the damn I LOVE IT button? :D
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    Is this what you mean by "Vertical roads"?
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    QuickStrasse - Fastest Minecraft Transport
    [B]Version:[/B] v0.71 (Beta)
    [COLOR=rgb(51, 102, 255)]QuickStrasse[/COLOR] allows you to easily make fast highway roads, which is really convenient for your mine's and to connect 2 cities that are far away from each other, etc.
    [*]Create your own roads easily.
    [*][I][SIZE=3]The plugin detects your direction, can cross a road perpendicularly without the fear of being caught in it.[/SIZE][/I]
    [*][I][SIZE=3]You can take the middle road in any direction.[/SIZE][/I]
    [*][I][SIZE=3]To build a road, you need Wool and Glass, check the video for more details.[/SIZE][/I]
    [SIZE=2][I](This video has not been accelerated)(Video from v0.7)[/I][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]DOWNLOAD:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2][URL='http://nezoserver.free.fr/get.php?getme=QuickStrasse.jar'][B]JAR ONLY[/B][/URL][/SIZE]
    [*]Chunks refreshing are not enough fast xD
    [*]Don't make a closed loop with roads :p
    [*]So many things!
    [*]Improve detection and monitoring of roads.
    [*]Add the ups and downs, and/or vertical roads.
    [*]And more etc...
    Version 0.71
    [*]Improved roads moving positions. (Center of the road)
    [*]Support horizontal-corners.
    Version 0.7
    [*]First public release.
    [/LIST][SIZE=2]If you want to press on the button "[COLOR=rgb(51, 102, 255)]Like[/COLOR]" of this post, i do not demand you do it.[/SIZE] [IMG]http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs13/f/2007/078/0/7/i_love_you_emoticon_by_Xerceth.gif[/IMG]
    I fixed your english as I thought such an awesome plugin deserved it. I can see that English is not your first language so respect for being so good with it xD
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    how do you get aruond the "player moved wrongly" problem?
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    Mostly by removing NoCheat or the block which blocks movement on the highway
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    nocheat doesn't do the "player moved wrongly"
    i thought it did because i was getting that from multiverse as well, but apparently it's a craftbukkit thing.
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    indeed .. this is not just a bad idea :D :D
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    I made that short video showing off all features i have discovered.
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    Can we use 2 glass blocks?
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    What do want to do?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Can you make the block you must build the road with configurable? That way my medieval-y RPG server won't have out-of-place sci-fi roads when I use this excellent plugin :).
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    ersteinmal, tolles plugin.
    es wäre noch toller wenn du deinen sourcecode veröffentlichen würdest oder eine möglichkeit anbietest das straßenmaterial/breite einzustellen
    ich zumbeispiel betreibe einen mittelalterlich- aussehenden server und da passt ein steinweg einfach besser rein.
    vielen dank.

    wie du sehen kannst hab ich mir die vorherigen beiträge nicht durchgelesen....
    naja sieh es einfach als ermutigung weiterzumachen und die konfigurierbarkeit schnell einzubauen, besonders da es ja kaum aufwand ist.
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    i like people who don`t read what stands just above them :D
    Also please talk english, even if the plugin author or other people might understand it (like me) :)
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    The plugin doesn't seem to be working at all on my server. I tried to make a sort of subway system underground with the road, and it's not working at all. I have wool on both sides of the glass, and I followed the video correctly. Suggestions?

    EDIT: Nevermind, got it fixed. Sandstone has to be on both ends xD

    Excellent plugin! Great Job!
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    Wait what? You do not need sandstone.
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    But IMHO CraftBook's minecart boosters is better 'cause I dont need to make all way flat.
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    But it works not like this.
    Boosters work only on minecart tracks.
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    I will download and use this after you get a permissions support system in place so only admins can make the roads, i dont want all of my members out making roads everywhere :p
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    i think that will take a while, because if only certain people are allowed to create them, you would need persistence which is currently the world
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    If everyone is allowed to create them, they will flood your whole server with roads everywhere which is kinda dum
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    yeah i know.
    I have a Survival server and we hardly have enough wool, so it does not matter.
    Also we build the subway on layer 40.
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    That's the only thing that made it work for me =/
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    Nice video :D But you forget to show that it is possible to cross the road perpendiculary without being caught in. If you add it, i will add it in the first post. [redflower]

    New version 0.72. Watch the first post like always for more details. By the way, for interesting ppls of my texture pack that i have made, i have added a link of it, have a good day.

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    So i did end up downloading this, im just enfocing nobody to build roads but admins on my server untill you get permissions or built in admin only, but i just wanted to say, nice job on the fast update, as soon as i downloaded it i made a very cool roller-coaster, good work.
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    Oh yes i will include that :D
    Also nice update :)

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