[MECH/FUN] PVPGunPlus v1.0 - NOSPOUT - GunPack alternative [1.5.2]

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    I tested it and it's great ! Could you just add some more options like explosive guns that doesn't damage blocks or the ability to change the "skin" of the bullet that is fired (currently : snow) ? WOuld be even greater
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    Orange, now that I have time to test, I tried to use NoCheat+ with PVPGun. I got this result after trying with all 5 types of guns.

    Now that you know which to add into the plugin. Please take a look at NoCheat+ page and its API. It's an easy job, so I hope you can add them quickly. Thanks a ton Orange.
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    Thank you for that VERY helpful post :) You rock
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    You are quite welcome :D
    Oh yeah. Can you please add an ammo check when firing a gun? Because if I have my setup like this,
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    people can still fire the gun if they have only 1 bullet.
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    very nice work! i've had no problems with it, unlike many ppls... :) . Is there anyways we can customise sounds ? and about grenade, can you add a line in the config files, so that we can choose whether or not when a player is hit by a grenade, he's thrown through the air? caus this feature is very annoying ^^
    and what about a function that could set targeted players on fire, like a Molotov cocktail?
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    For the sound part, there are cockable (fence gate sound) and bolt action (thunder). If you want customizable sound, use Guns+ (which requires Spout). Customizable sound isn't possible at the moment without Spout. About grenade part, you can try EggRenade. The plugin developer is kinda busy, so I don't think he will want to add new features.

    Orange, you can just ignore the ammo bug I mentioned, just please release a hotfix for NoCheat+ compatibility (I found more bugs but I won't mention it lol). Thanks.
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    Fixed the ammo bug and hopefully the nocheat problem :)!
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    Awesome! Thank you very much :D
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    i have nocheats and the guns doesn't work when i have that pluging as well, could i do something withing nocheats file to make it work? sorry for questions but i'm a noob
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    Whenever I fire a gun, it deals 0 to 0.5 damage, even though I've set the damage output to 10.
    I'm running 1.2.5.
    I'm getting the following Error:
    1. 21.05 22:03:40 [Server] INFO [PVPGUN] ERROR DAMAGING!
    2. 21.05 22:03:40 [Server] INFO [PVPGUN] ERROR DAMAGING!
    3. 21.05 22:03:40 [Server] INFO [PVPGUN] ERROR DAMAGING!
    4. 21.05 22:03:40 [Server] INFO [PVPGUN] ERROR DAMAGING!
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    Hey Orange, I got this error while loading the server, and another error after trying to shoot some bullets. I think this error happens because you forgot to put dependency on NoCheatPlus. I'm not sure tho, please correct me if I'm wrong :)
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    reuploaded. Hopefully I fixed it this time :)
    The nocheatapi error was because I didn't correctly register events :)
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    That's great. But the file on this link is the old one tho lol. Can you re-upload it again? :p
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    Reuploaded, sorry about that :)
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    Hey, I managed to work around my previous problem, but I'm having a terrible problem right now. I have only given permissions for my rocketlauncher in my pvp world, and whenever a player tries to use it in another world it does say 'You do not have permission to use this gun' (or something like that'

    BUT, the rocket still fires an explodes D:. I've tested this many times, and I know its not a problem with my permissions. Can you please look into it? Thanks
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    Tested with the latest version of NoCheatPlus and latest Craftbukkit RB, flawless!

    It seems like your problem is related to permissions. If you still need help, paste your permission here and tell me what perm plugin you are using.
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    Hello i have just downloaded you're pvpgun again and it's still not working for me here's my error http://pastebin.com/FYeevXEB

    It's just still not working and i need this as my server is call of duty no spout.
    If you could try this out with me join mcserverlist.mooshroom.net

    I just you're old file, Worked.

    NOPE when i edit stuff they don't work again..

    Okay made it work temp............ Won't do correct damage thought but still works.

    Yep don't work as fuck now.

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    It works for me. Maybe I could help if you post your config here.
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    I can use the default config and it still won't work.
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    The guns work great. But I have it set that only OPs can use it and if someone who isn't OP shoots the gun it says . "You don't have permission to use this gun", but the gun still works. Like they can still shoot missiles. Please fix this.
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    i am
    TERRIBLE with permissions.
    does it default to all users if no permissions plugin detected?
    i have permissions, but i would not know WHERE to place the node.
    this looks like a nice alternative to guns+
    cant get that to work anyway.

    they CAN?

    well, i think it is BRILLIANT!!!!!
    we are now having LOADS of gunfights!! this is sooo cool! no client mods, no spout!!
    BEST PLUGIN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw, plugin still work for 1.2.5 :D

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    Well when I first got this, It worked.
    Now when I get it, It don't work.
    I can just keep redownloading and it will work for like 2 minutes or something then the guns deal no damage...
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    No one has the same problem as yours. If you can give us more concrete details then maybe we can help.
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    this plugin would be awesome, the only thing is, i use GroupManager not permissionsEX please!!! make it compatible with GroupManager!! thanks! that would be much appreciated and i would be very thankful
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    Hi the folder for the PVPGun plugin isn't generating anyway you can fix this
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    There's a reason its INCLUDED with the zip [tnt]

    [posted a comment in the wrong topic Dx]

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    This is an AWESOME PLUGIN, and i've made a few guns of my own, but theres a major problem. All the guns work against entities, but not players!!! I don't know why! I haven't seen any error messages, i thought that maybe it was a problem with one of my many other plugins. Please respond ASAP
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    Hey it does work against players. But somehow it doesn't do damage to OPs.
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    Maybe it's because of my server. I use cloudcrafting, and now every 10 seconds in the server log is gives me the, " [warning] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" message... I'll figure it out... i hope!
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    ?? Am i being dumb or something. I use tcadmin so i can't place and drag and drop files in. I put in the jar nothing happens.

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