[MECH/FUN] PVPGunPlus v1.0 - NOSPOUT - GunPack alternative [1.5.2]

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    Now on BukkitDEV

    OLD PVPGUN (open)

    PVPGun - a plugin similar to GunPack but does not use spout at all!
    Version: 1.0

    This plugin is for people who do not want spout on their server, or cannot run spout on their server, or simply don't want to use GunPack for what ever reason they may have.

    • use normal minecraft items as "guns"
    • can use other minecraft items as "ammo"
    • fires snowballs that deal a cusomizable damage
    • supports simple projectiles (grenades)
    • can use permissions if you want people to only be able to fire certain guns
    • completely customizable!
    Servers that use this plugin


    All you need is a normal up-to-date Bukkit server.

    1. Download the plugin (zip file)
    2. Open the zip file
    3. Drag the plugin and it's folder from the zip file into your plugins folder
    4. ????
    5. Profit!

    Download the plugin here!

    where i = Integer, d = Double, b = boolean
    gunMat=i                  //material ID of the material for the gun
    ammoMat=i            //material ID of the ammo the gun needs
    ammoNeeded=i      //amount of ammo needed to fire one "bullet"
    reloadTime=i          //amount of time needed to reload (multiply it by 0.15 to get the time in seconds)
    roundsPerBurst=i  //amount of bullets that will fire repeatidly (like a machine gun)
    bulletsPerClick=i  //amount of bullets that come out each time the gun fires (like a shotgun)
    bulletSpeed=d        //speed of the bullet (1.0 is normal snowball speed)
    accuracy=d              //accuracy of the bullet (the closer to 0, the more accurate)
    maxDistance=i      //how far a bullet can travel before gravity will start to affect it
    damage=i                //amount of damage each bullets does to a player
    exploderadius=i  //changes the radius that an explosion can hurt people
    flashradius=i      //if set to any value greater than 0, the grenade will act as a flash grenade
    needsPermission=b //whether or not the gun needs permission to fire
    smokeTrail=b        //whether or not the gun has a smoke trail that follows each bullet
    explode=b              //whether or not the bullet explodes on impact
    cockable=b            //whether or not the gun will execute a "cocking" sound after firing
    boltaction=b        //whether or not the gun will execute a "bolt action" sound after firing
    rightclickfire=b  //if true, right clicking will allow the gun to fire
    firebullet=b          //if true, bullets fired will be on "fire" (they will also catch people on fire)
    explodeBlocks=b  //if true, bullets will explode blocks
    tinyexplode=b    //if true, (and if explodeBlocks is true) the explosion will be "tiny"
    canGoPastMaxDistance=b  //if true, bullets will still do full damage after their maxdistance
    This plugin comes with a few stock guns, they are:
    • requires a stone hoe as the gun
    • seeds as the ammo
    machine gun
    • requires an iron hoe as the gun
    • flint as the ammo
    • wooden hoe as the gun
    • snowballs as ammo
    sniper rifle
    • gold hoe as the gun
    • clay balls as the ammo
    rocket launcher
    • diamond hoe as the gun
    • 16 tnt as the ammo
    This plugin uses the PermissionEx plugin.
    If a gun NEEDS permission, the node for that gun is: pvpgun.[gunname lowercased]
    MAchiNeGUN = "pvpgun.machinegun"
    shotgun = "pvpgun.shotgun"

    General Details:
    ~This plugin was made in 2 hours about a month ago, I've just been "tweaking" it now and again every once and awhile
    ~To fire a gun, left click
    ~To make a projectile, copy the grenade template in the projectiles folder to see how they're made
    ~To make guns, follow the same format as making a projectile. Copy a gun already in the guns folder, and modify the values inside

    Why use this instead of the Armageddon plugin?
    ~There are not too many reasons as to not use Armageddon. Unfortunetly though, what I've found is the plugin can be very destructuve to your server (the terrain). This isn't as destructive. For example, my grenades do damage mobs/players, but they do not damage the terrain at all (rocker launchers do, however).
    ~Another reason is that my plugin doesn't aid Autoclickers. In Armageddon, you can shoot as fast as you can click, which in my opinion is not a great way to have firing done. What I've done with PVPGun, is after you fire, it executes the reload timer. So even if you ARE autoclicking, you have to wait as long as everyone else in order to fire again.
    ~Now, Armageddon is more developed that my plugin, It is a lot more complex. If you do want other cool features, like long distance shooting cannons, then I'd suggest sticking with that plugin.

    Future Updates:
    • More grenade types
    • More configurable gun options (such as a spread of fire)
    • land mines
    A good texturepack to use with this plugin:

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    First! Looks like a pretty cool plugin bro. Might use it :)
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    Fixed a memory leak bug :3
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    Approved, but would you mind using a direct linking download service.
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    Is it really much of an issue?
    I always use host-a.net 3: For all 15 of my released plugins
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    Nice. Will try.
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    I'm VERY surprised! 343 downloads! It was at 2 when I awoke this morning :3
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    Maybe it was my bump :p
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    I fixed a bug with the permissions :3
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    hey man, how do i craft the weapons?
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    You don't "craft" them. Look at the default configuration files, they tell you what itemid each gun is, and what ammo they need.
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    Thank you so much for this plugin! My zombie server is finally complete! I give you a +1
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    Can you message me the IP? I'd love to try it out :3

    I honestly find it interesting that there are almost 800 downloads and only 4 people have commented on the actual plugin xD

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    The PC Tech Guy

    I would like to see a video of this plugin in action, as I currently use a Spout-based plugin. Looks quite interesting nonetheless.
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    Hey! I like your AutoCraft plugin! But what are all the commands to this plugin? Is there a wiki on it?
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    Downloaded and I totally recommend it. Great Plugin!
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    There are no commands.
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    Do you have to do anything to the hoes before you can shoot them? I can't figure out how to use them.
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    It's really not complex at all...
    for a shotgun:
    have seeds in your inventory
    hold a stone hoe
    left click.

    It's all been described in the main post.

    Fixed a bug in the permissions again, looks like I had a HUGE brainfart when creating the permission system...
    I left it to always check for "yourplugin.permissionnode" from a PermissionsEx example xD!

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    This plugin is awezome! I like it a lot!

    Have you made the texture pack?

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    Can you post the default configurations for the weapons so we can change back after we modified?
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    Just copy them before you change them.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to make a "smoke" grenade?
    I thought of continuesly creating explosions that dont destroy any blocks, but that would not sound very good, because of the constant BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM sound.

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    Perhaps the bedrock misty stuff? I don't know if thats possible but maybe.
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    Who has made the texture pack?
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    :'( Please Help Me:'(
    Why doesnt the plugin work on my Server?
    1. I downloadet the Zip-File ad took the .jar and the folder into my plugins Folder
    2. I Started my Server
    3. No one of us was able to use one of the Weapons

    Please help me
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    Do you have pex installed?
    Do you have permissions correctly set up?
    Any console errors?

    Simply saying "it doesn't work" does not help me, sorry.
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    Can we have a direct download link please?
    I didn't trust in SweetIm :'(
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    I'm keeping the host that I'm currently using. If you don't like that, then sorry.
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    If I want the plug in , i need to download and install a programm (sweetIm.EXE) , i don't understand why ..
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    You obviously clicked the wrong "download" button.
    Be aware of advertisements.

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