Inactive [MECH/FUN] Portal Gel v1.3.2 - Bring in the Portal 2 gel effects [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Portal Gel - Bring in the Portal 2 gel effects
    Version 1.3.2:

    Add a little Aperture Science to your Minecraft server with this mod which allows players to "bounce" on the Repulsion Gel and accelerate on the Propulsion Gel.

    • Causes the player to "bounce" when landing on a blue wool block.
    • Causes the player accelerate in the direction they are looking at when over an orange wool block.
    • Boots which prevent any fall damage.
    • Able to have both normal and gel blocks.
    How to use:
    • To place a gel block:
      • Type the command: /gelplacement on
      • This will cause every blue or orange wool block be a gel block.
      • Once done placing the gel, type the command: /gelplacement off
    • Repulsion Gel:
      • Place a blue wool block down where you intend to land.
      • Jump onto it from (at least) a height of 1-11 blocks.
      • Find a safe place to land after the bounce (e.g. not lava).
    • Propulsion Gel:
      • Place orange blocks where you want to accelerate.
      • Walk over it.
      • Zoom!
    • Portal boots:
      • Wear iron boots.
      • Enable or disable their effect with the command: /portalboots <on|off>
    NOTE: Falling onto the gel from any height above 11 blocks will result in being launched only 11 blocks back into the air. But due to the bug mention below, some heights don't seem to work (e.g. 12 and 17 blocks high)

    OTHER NOTE: Repulsion gel does not work in creative mode.

    View the BukkitDev page here.
    Download the plugin on this page, or the permissions restricted version here.
    Or check out the site here.
    Or download the source code here.

    Demo video enclosed in the spoiler
    Instruction video (open)

    For those of you who speak Polish, the lovely user Fre0n100 has created a video for you.
    Polish video (open)

    Everyone should check out this fantastic video by James and his door challenged friend, Matthew.
    Aww yeah (open)

    Seaborgium has made another great instructional video for my plugins!
    Borg of the sea (open)

    Enjoy my mods? Donate! Dislike my mods? Donate!

    Known bugs:
    • Some falling distances larger than 11 blocks don't seem to launch the player back into the air.
    Future plans:
    • Increase the working repulsion gel range if necessary.
    Version 1.3.2:
    • Updated to use the new event handling/listener system
    Past versions (open)
    Version 1.3.1:
    • Fixed PlayerInterect event bug.
    Version 1.3:
    • New way to make gel blocks
    • Now possible to have normal blue/orange wool and gel blocks on the same server/world
    Version 1.2:
    • Added portal boots and an associated enable/disable command
    Version 1.1.1:
    • Changed the entire way the Repulsion Gel finds the distance fallen.
    Version 1.1:
    • Added the Propulsion Gel.
    Version 1.0:
    • Released into the wild.

    Look at me still talking when there's Science to do
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    Just just defaults to OP, I take it?
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    If you are asking if only OPs are able to bounce, then no. Anyone can bounce.
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    Orange goo is now added!
    While the goo doesn't work like I wanted it (i.e. not exactly like it Portal), it's probably is good as it can get in Minecraft without making it overly complicated for the user/server and just complicated for me.
    As an idea for folks making adventures, the orange goo can be used to quickly move people between areas without the need of messing around with carts.
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    im pree sure the portalstick plugin can do the goo as well... anything special or different about this goo?
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    I see, it seems I need to improve my choice in search terms.
    I can't imagine my goo being much different/better
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    mmyeah... something i would suggest to make it different (if possible)
    make it so when a certain item is 'dropped' onto a certain block, it turns it into the selected goo block for that item (just like the real goo). Bit complicated when i say it like that but i hope u get what i mean :p
    thats a very good idea for it :p
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    Do you mean this. If an item is dropped onto the blue goo, it would become "covered" in the blue goo and thus becoming bouncy? If so, I probably could do that if the item is a block and turn it into a blue/orange block if dropped onto a blue/orange block.
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    that a good idea too!!
    but what i meant was that if a 'Blue Goo' item hits a, lets just say... a Sand Block, it turns that sand block into blue goo... just like in the real portal 2 how the goo goes onto other surfaces... hope you get it hahaha but yeah add both ideas and if you could, you should try to like 'team up' with the Portalstick plugin so there would be one fucking awesome portal plugin :D

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    Ah, I get you now. When I get round to doing those updates, I wouldn't mind seeing if I could join the mods.
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    Video would be appreciated :)
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    Il make one now for u

    I will make a better video when i get home

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    Wow, I'm quite proud that someone has taken enough of an interest to do this. Thank you!
    In regards to why the Repulsion Gel stopped working, it would be because you weren't taking damage any more due to being in God Mode. Woo! New version fixed this problem!

    New short video made showing off the basics like abdel did.

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    Will it work with NoCheat?
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    It seems to work fine with NoCheat version 2.03c
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    Oh thats why thanks dude and i can confirm that it works with nocheat my 1.7 server is running it
    all so i found a bug with the orange wool if you put it near a wall and walk to wards the wall you die instantly duno if thats a bug or some thing :/
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    Yours is a lot more simpler. No need to set regions and disable features to get it to work (I'd presume)
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    Wow, PortalStick needs to do that? Currently mine just figures out how far you fell from the amount of health you lost (and gives the health back). Hence it not working below 4 blocks (not that you'd really need it for below 4 blocks). Eventually I would like to figure out a better system since this method will limit the height to about 20 blocks due to the limited amount of health.
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    A BIG +1. Really like it, the vid definitely sold me over. You should put it in the main post when you have the chance.
  21. This is going to be really handy on my server. Thanks for sharing
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    Hi, I was just wondering if this is craft able or is in creative
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    Fun plugin! However it sets your health over the maximum after sometime it seems if you bounce a bit. Although it's funny to watch myself walking around on dynmap with 20 hearts of health!

    I wonder if there is a way to bounce without monitoring / changing health levels? This also causes some issues with MCmmo's acrobatics skill as if you 'roll' you do not bounce.
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    Since you don't take damage on creative mode, the Repulsion gel wont work. But it works on survival mode.

    That question is the one which has been tormenting my mind (whenever I think of this mod) since I released this mod. If anyone has some suggestions I am more than happy to listen.
    Also, thanks for the heads up with the clash with MCmmo.

    EDIT: Just found the new fallDistance method, will be seeing how I implement that.
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    Great Plugin, but the health issue effectivly gives players god mode once they use the gel so I cant use it yet. Please fix it soon.
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    Heh, yeah that is a bit of a problem. I've got the Repulsion Gel working from 1-6 blocks now, so it shouldn't be too far away.
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    Any possibility of requiring the 'gel' be powered with redstone or something, (even as an alternate option) This looks fun but I can't really chance ruining somebody's build because they used the wrong colour of wool.
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    Good news everyone! In the new v1.1.1 the repulsion gel no longer messes about badly with your health! I've also included a link to the source code now.
    Unless I'm mistaken. Due to the wool not being conductive, for that to work you would need to power every single block. Or would that not bother you?
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    I personally would be unfazed by it! I don't mean to imply that your plugin would be better if you forced everybody to do this, but it'd be better for me, personally. Consider it extremely selfish of me.
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    It's okay mate, I never even thought of you implying that. But I do like to encourage debate and the communication of ideas particularly valid ideas like yours. I'm just curious whether you had more suggestions which would work well for turning on or off the gel.

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