Inactive [MECH/FUN] LightSensor v0.2.1 - Redstone lightsensor made easy [1.0.1-R1]

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    This plugin adds a lightsensor to the range of redstone gimmicks. It is easily created by placing a lever under a glass block. This lever will switch when the the glass is lit adequately or not.
    For example, you might want to use a lightsensor to lock your construction down when it is night.

    Demonstration video:


    Permission node:
    #Needed to create a lightsensor.

    * None that I know of.


    * Reacts to the light level of the glass block.

    * Requires absolutely no configuration.

    * Lightweight.
    * Extremely easy to place.


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    How does it help my plugin?
    Plugin-wise, in absolutely no way.

    Then why on Earth would I donate?
    Time and effort was put into this plugin. Maybe this plugin makes your life easier, gets your server more players or simply makes you and the players have a good time.
    How do I donate?
    You can donate through PayPal. If you do not have the means to do so, you can also "donate" by showing your appreciation in the form of a nice comment. These donations and comments keep me motivated. Oh, and it keeps me alive in this overpriced studentroom I live in. It means the world to me.

    Thank you for reading this.


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    Version 0.2.1
    * Updated for CB 1.0.1-R1

    Version 0.2
    * Added permission node and updated for CB #1542.

    Version 0.1
    * Initial release.

    Any feedback is more than welcome!
    If you like the plugin, consider clicking the like button.

    Added to BukkitDev.

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    my request is to be able to choose where it goes, so I can place the switch on the wall, have it switch on light change, but still have it look good and be useful as a lever.

    Also, permissions for breaking/placing light blocks would be nice

    Big request, the outputs need to stay static, etc on during the light, off at dark (imo rename the plugin solar power switches). Otherwise that can create some issues with things suddenly being on a different switching
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    Alright, for the big request. The outputs are static as long as you do not use the the lever itself. It is the same on every server restart, if you want it to be the other way around, add a redstone inverter, don't hit the switch.

    Permissions will be included in the next big update.

    Your first request, I do not really understand.
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    Thank you for the permissions :)

    The first quest was to have the lever be used as a lever, but reset when the light changed again. So say it was light and the output was high, but someone needed to get through the gate it was controlling. They could just hit the lever and at the next light change it would reset it's self .

    These two requests can conflict, the one below is more important to me in terms of being useful/robust

    The reason i wanted a static out (light=high dark=low or something like that) was that I also need to to re-evaluate it's self every so often. With all the other plugins like this, I have constant issues with the chunk being loaded at night, the person leaves the chunk and it unloads, then it switches to day and then someone loads the chunk and the switch doesn't realize it's day so it doesn't change.
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    nice i Would download it but i have too many plugins
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    really u have to pay. is the paid vershon better?
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    Would there be a way to have different levels of light activating the circuit? so that we could have things activate at say...sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight? (or w/e time frame we set) ?

    Perhaps chat commands would be a good OPTIONAL way to set specific times?
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    This looks awesome. Downloading when permission nodes come out. I've got a Vanilla map which i want no plugins whatsoever to work on, using permissions ofc.

    Request: Is there any way we can get configurable light levels? Maybe right clicking it will increase sensitivity one level up each click with looping (so that it goes from 15 to 1). Would altso like to be able to change what design it requires. So it doesnt have to be a glass above, maybe a diamond block or any other blocks, maybe more than one block working and so on.
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    Updated for CB#1542
    It now has a permission node, lightsensor.use!
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    Updated for CB 1.0.1-R1
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    i'm very sorry for changing topic but what is that compus called in the top right!

    i have been looking for that bukkit mod for a while haah
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    will this work with 1.1?
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    Please update to 1.1
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    This plugin seems to be broken as of 1.2.3. It throws some massive errors on server start. :(
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    Hey, any plan on updating to 1.2.3? :)
  17. Could someone update this plugin please?
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    can you uptate to minecraft 1.2.4

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