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  1. ItemDetector - Gates which detect items
    Version: v1.2

    With this plugin, you can make item detecting gates, just like at the airports.
    It uses redstone, so combined with other plugins you can make traps, falls etc.
    On the end of this post there is an detailed instruction on how to create them.
    This uses NO commands.

    • Creating gates which can be used to detect items
    • Redstone support by changing torches into redstone torches.
    • Detect multiple items (good for an pvp-zone to detect swords/bows etc)
    • Block people from entering with specific items
    • Minecart support
    • Clearing inventory's
    • Permission support
    • Message / kit support

    V1.1 - Download
    V1.2 - Download
    Addon kit - Download
    ItemDetector is open source! (NO RE-RELEASES WITHOUT PERMISSION)

    Known bugs:
    If itemdetector is loaded before multiworlds, it will get a nullpointer and lose all data, to fix this rename the multiworld plugin to "aaaMultiWorld" and bukkit will load this plugin as first of all your plugin, this should also fix all other problems with other plugins
    Thanks to @Maxis010 for that

    How to create a gate:
    [torch][wood][torch] What you see to the left of here, is the framework of an gate
    [mossy][mossy] [mossy] The wood block left, is an sign with on the first line [detector],
    [mossy] -- [mossy] and on the second/third/fourth line should be the itemID's
    [mossy] -- [mossy] seperated by comma's.
    The script sees these lines as 1 line, so you should think its 1 line of 45 letters.

    How the #block (and future similair options) work:
    When you enter item id's on the 2nd/3th/4th line, it'll take those 3 lines and make it 1.
    If you enter the #block, the script will ignore that and make the gate blocking stuff.
    Here an quick example of what i mean (first is input, second is what script reads):
    What you write on sign --- What script reads for item ID's
    #block1,2,3,4,5,6,7     -   1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    1,2,3#block,4,5,6,7     -   1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7#block     -   1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    List of current #options (open)

    @all - Makes the detector detect all blocks in mc
    @None - Makes the detector detect empty inventory's
    @hold - Makes the detector only detect your item in-hand
    @always - Makes the detector detect nothing, but instead always goes on whenever a player passes
    @limit - limits the blocks to these (you can't have any others then this)

    #block - blocks the entrace when activated
    #remove - removes the block from your inventory (Thinking about creating this to be OP-only)
    #pit - Creates a 3x3 pit for pitfall's
    #damage - Damages a player with 1 hearth
    #launch - Speeds up the player by 10x
    #kill - Kills the player
    #fire - Puts the player on fire
    #heal - Heals the player and puts out fire
    #repair - Repairs any tools which the gate detects
    #thunder - Makes thunder in the gate

    instead of using itemID's like in 1,2,3,4 (example), you can also use this:
    1-4 - Loads the ID 1-4
    kit:kitname - Loads the ID's provided in kitname.kit in the itemdetector directory

    To make the gate send a message, use the same method as kit, but use this instead:
    msg:filename - Sends a message provided in filename.message file in the itemdetector folder.

    Permission nodes (open)


    Video of it in action + how-to


    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.2:
    • Fixed new blocks with the gates from 1.7 (pistons, shears etc) and 1.6 (trapdoors etc)
    • Tweaked pitfall to stay 0.5 seconds longer (laggy servers can be bitchy)
    Version 1.1:
    • Fixed blocks changing (wood slab -> stone slab, red wool -> white wool, etc)
    • Fixed msg:filename when the gate rotation was wrong
    • Fixed launch from acting wierd sometimes
    Version 1.0:
    • Fixed permission bugs
    • Added support for 1-10 as itemID on the sign
    • Added support for personal kits (kit:filename) (look at the #options spoiler)
    • Added support for messages being send (msg:filename) (look at the #options spoiler)
    • Added support for configurable messages (not neceserry, but being able to)
    • made #block & #launch support minecarts
    • Fixed the anticheat perfectly now (no ignore node though anymore)
    Version 0.91:
    • Fixed #remove@always
    Version 0.9:

    • Tweaked anticheat
    • changed #limit into @limit (doesn't affect existing signs)
    • added @hold to just check the item in the hand
    • added @None to check for an empty inventory
    • added @always to make the gate always go on whenever a player passes
    • added #thunder to strike a thunder in the gate (itemdetector.create.thunder)
    • fixed the destroying of gates
    Version 0.81:

    • Fixed permissions
    Version 0.8:

    • Added an anticheat function, so you can't throw items through the gate, open chests or place blocks trough it. (itemdetector.ignore.anticheat)
    • #repair (
    • #heal (itemdetector.create.heal)
    • New permission nodes (so you can do itemdetector.create.* now
    Version 0.7:

    • Permissions support (if not found permissions, will default to OP's instead)
    • added #kill
    • added #fire
    Version 0.61:

    • Changed the #launch so it works.
    Version 0.6:

    • Added @all to indicate that you want to detect all blocks in minecraft
    • added #damage to give 1 hearth damage to the enterer
    • added a test version of #launch, to speed movenement by 10x for a short period (note this is glitchy atm, i'm working on a fix, but some people may like it now)
    Version 0.5:

    • Added #pit
    • Minecart support for any #option that isn't #block
    Version 0.42:

    • Fixed something really stupid of me (it didn't cancle the create if it failed)
    Version 0.41:

    • Fixed incompatiable #options
    • Sign given back now, if creating fails
    Version 0.4:

    • Added #limit + #remove, see post for description
    • Made support for armour contents
    Version 0.3:

    • Added #block to prevent players entering the gate
    • If a broken data file is found, it'll now try to fix as much as possible and load them.
    Version 0.2:

    • Fixed the redstone torch to stay for minimal 1 second.
    • Probably fixed a lot of similar bugs.
    Version 0.1:

    • Initial release
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    Can you post a screen shot of the frame, I don't know where Snowy is coming from but I have never had a problem with other blocks being near the frame or making contact with the frame, I mean when I as testing with streammz we extended the frame to built the detector easier and I've got 2 gates that are built in to solid structures, not one part of the frame isn't touching something else and I have no problems
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    I can't get a SS up atm due to new patch. The two I had working were both made of dirt and were on a 20x20 wood platform that is about 50 blocks waterlevel. I dug(from the side of a pillar) underneath the first gate's frame and hollowed out a 3x3 square going all the way to the bottom of the wooden platform(allowing #pit to drop you straight on through). I came up, tested it, died, tested again, died(shallow water), and removed sign to alter it. I received the warning. The second one I left up. I went to build a third in a seperate area, this time into a cliff face, I tried it as it was, I tried moving all the blocks from the surrounding area...I tried everything I could think of.
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    OK, you have me there, just confirm a few things
    1) Your framework is absolutely the same block type
    2) You have destroyed the entire frame and rebuilt it (This will fix any internal value problems)
    3) When you go to recreate the detector the sign is in-line with the gate

    Just some ideas
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    In a WorldGuard-protected area, someone without permission to build/destroy blocks can still destroy item detectors by attempting to destroy one of the gate blocks. WorldGuard puts the block back shortly after it breaks, but it's enough to destroy the detector. Perhaps add a small delay to the block destroy event to check if the block has reappeared before destroying the detector?
  6. actually it doesn't cancel the check if its already canceled (and thus doesn't stop from stopping)
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    Sounds like a great plugin! I'll be sure to test it when the next build is released. :)
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    request! instead of a sign, you should make it a chest that can only be opened by the gate creator or ops, but items you place in 2nd and 3rd row are the item id's mentioned in the sign, while the first row specifies what happens when the gate is activated (a.k.a, obsidian in first row = #fire, meat in first row = #heal, cobblestone in first row = #block). this could make setting up gates alot easier :D
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    Overly complex for something which will only limit functionality
    If chests are used then Messages will take a complete rebuild as we will have to pull some bullshit such as associating messages with items, kits which allow for very specific item definition can't be used and the max number of items detected is 18 with no possibility for ranges without causing more problems, you can't specify an item to set a range as then that item can't be blocked, you can't leave it as air as if there is a gap because something was removed then it can create a false range which will change the detector to something the user doesn't want

    I highly doubt this is going to happen, and if it does then IMO it will ruin a perfectly good plugin
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    how about if you can use sign OR chest? i just dont really like looking up item ids. >_>
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    This is going to be offensive and I am sorry about that but SERIOUSLY?
    You want chests purely so you can be lazy, rather than keep this page bookmarked
    And use the BUILT IN search function of your web browser to search by name for the items

    This seems like a complete waste of time and even if it was chest OR sign everyone will still have to deal with a larger plugin in both storage and memory

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    Hmm, thats strange..
    I can't seem to replicate this any more myself. Perhaps it was with an early version of itemdetector.
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    How send a message with the gate exactly ? I don't know what words i have to write among the #options and in which order.
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    PLEASE Update to latest craftbukkit! I want this thing to be 100% compatible cause this is awesome! I cant wait to put this in my server once you make it compatible!
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    It works perfectly with the latest RB of craftbukkit (818)
    Streammz likes this.
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    What am i doing wrong? the sword.kit is in the "itemdetector" folder next to the ItemDetector.jar

    ( have put a detector a few blocks infront of it that stripps all items before entering the pvp area, and then gives the user a sword)

    PS the msg:example does not work for me either.
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    ItemDetector can not give items
    You are telling it to detect the kit sword and empty inventories but nothing else
    To do what you want have the item detector
    Then use the plugin SupplySign to give your users an infinite supply of the items of your choice on the other side
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    Ah so it detects the id in the file, not give? oh. I wanted to be able to give a sword with kit :( I suppose I can use the sign thing thats built into my Essentials:
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    I want to make something for my Station but i need the gate to detect a peice of paper (Ticket)
    And if its not in their hand they get blocked.
    Can i do that?
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    If they are holding 339 (Paper) they may pass, if not they shall be blocked
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    Wow, Thanks!
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    msg:example does not work
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    hey :D first off all thx for this awesome plugin!
    but could u make a function to block destroying a gate for players who havent the right permissions?
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    Hey again,

    I have a suggestion;
    Make an itemdetector where you are only able to enter when your health is only 1 heart or something.
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    1. Make it configurable so that you can only get through a gate if you only have a certain item.

    You can only go through that gate if you have those items.

    I understand this can be vague, but you could maybe add...

    #allowonly276,1,3 means you MUST HAVE ONLY 276, 1, and 3 ALL in your inventory.

    #allow276,1,3 means you MUST HAVE any one, two, or all items to go through that gate.

    2. Collaboration with this plugin

    I HIGHLY believe that the use of these two plugins, TOGETHER is an amazing idea!

    3. Allow for H2 Support.

    4. Be able to warp to a set location, as in coordinate, spawn, or another gate.

    *Priorities not in order, great plugin btw! ^-^
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    Is it possible to add the option so that it will let you through/not kill you *only* if you are holding a certain item(in hand/in your inventory)? A key, if you will. For example, say that a red rose is the "key", if it wasn't in my inventory/hand then it would not let me through the gate unless it was in my inventory/hand.

    Another thing before I forget - another gate that will only allow people with the Permission level to get through (e.g. moderator, admin etc...). If no permissions, default to ops.txt - THAT WOULD BE EPIC.
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    If you want something to block you by group use a Lockette door
    As for only letting the rose through use your option followed by 2 ranges, the first range specifies everything before your key item, the 2nd is a range for everything past your key item
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    Hi streammz!

    One of my users have actually found a glitch.
    When he goes trough a gate, If he have bones meal in his inventory, that transform it into Ink.

    Does its only me or others have the same bug ?

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    I found a bug :O

    ItemDetector 0.9

    When you use a gate which blocks certain items it is indeed impossible to carry them through, nor can you throw them through. How ever, you can float them through.

    When you use a water source and you throw the item in the water. It will float it right through. Without anything happening.

    Could you add a check for entities? Or make it impossible to have water float through the gate?

    CraftBukkit 860 btw if it makes a difference.

    Great plugin btw!


    Okay i 'fixed' it by putting signs in the doorway. Not the nicest solution, but still :p
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    Update to at least 1.0
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    Thank you for your reaction. I had looked through the changelog and couldn't find anything regarding this. But I guess it does fit in under anticheat.

    Again, great plugin!

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