Inactive [Mech/Fun] FortuneCookie v1.1 - Show you a wise saying, when eating a cookie![1337]

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    Fortune Cookie - Show you a wise saying, when you enjoy a cookie!
    Version: v1.1

    Back in development!

    Isn't a Fortune Cookie a nice thing? A pearl of wisedom or a prediction about the futur...​
    Wouldn't it be great to have such Cookies on your Server?​
    Here you have it! FortuneCookie show you a message with a interesting sentence...​
    This is my second cookie plugin ;) I like cookies​
    • When eating a Cookie, it'll show you a message with a intelligent sentence!
    • 50 pearls of wisedom (with the best of Gandhi & co!)
    Download: FortuneCookie.jar
    Mirror: Attached Files!
    Source Code

    Install: Drop it in your plugin folder and have fun! :D

    • make the sentence configurable
    • Add more pearls of wisedom
    • Any suggestions?
    All versions:

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    For more cool Stuff and Informations about this Plugin:

    Version 1.1
    • Bug fix: No annoying error message anymore!
    • Added new sentence!
    Version 1.0
    • First release with the new function of cookies
    Thanks to:
    NOTE: The one, who finds my real name in the sentence of the plugin and post it here can have all early previews of this plugin, when there are any changes! ;)

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    Sorry to be the Grammer dude here but...

    *Future -- I just get annoyed when i see Speeling errors like that >.< -- anyway, This is an AWESOME looking plugin. :)
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    Fortune Cookie is back in development!
    Soon: configurable sentence!

    I'm well aware of my spelling problem, but be patient... I'm 17 and from Switzerland...

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    Sorry sir, :) -- This looks like an AWESOME Plugin! I gotta try it when my server does not hate me! xD
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    We all love cookies, don't we?
    Thank you Gandhi and co(and I suppose Dark-Panther)
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    It won't let me actually eat the cookie, but it shows the wisdom sentences alright.
    I'm using bukkit version 1550

    Silly silly silly me, obviously you have to be hungry to eat..... -.-
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    the idea behind that, is that you have to break your cookie, before you eat it, so you can break a cookie without eating it ;)
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    I guess that makes sense, but could you make that configurable somehow? So it shows the message after it's eaten? Because this way it spams about 5 lines when eating a couple of cookies.
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    can you add german translation?
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    I have a suggestion have an option that the fortune might come true like "you will find a rare jewel in this world" then you get a diamond. Or "you will get your heart broken, *SadFace*" then you lose a heart.
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    PLEASE update, I am going to make a server and your plugins would be GREAT for it! I need this to be 1.2.5 for the server because this would be really awesome to have! Also I hope this isn't abandoned and if it isn't abandoned when will the custom sayings come out?

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