Inactive [Mech/Fun]EpicGlass v1.16- Shatter those glass blocks! [1.4.2 R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Malikk, Apr 3, 2012.

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    When my player's jump off of anything high enough to smash through glass, they also sometime's break off a piece of the building closest to where they fell through.
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    A couple people have reported that :/ but I'm not able to find any issue at all with it on my dev server. Not sure how i'm gonna tackle that one...

    There's absolutely no reason why this plugin should do that, tho. It explicitly only checks blocks that are touching each other, and if its not glass, it stops checking that direction
  3. dunno but i made 1x thick glass roof, tried falling through it in gm 1, it didnt break? i have 4 blocks minimum height to fall from
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    As far as i know they are not able, i tryed it with a few Dispenser. But take your Time :D
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    It works off the actual fall damage, so if youre in creative mode, it wont work

  6. ty xD
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    Awesome!,makes glass realalistic!
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    Awesome! but 1 little thing (that pisses people off xD) when you break glass, and it regains, you can't see it untill you reload or relogg... Could you fix this? Thx
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    I've never had that happen. It should update right as I change the block.
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    can you makke so it works with factions?
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    I'm trying to think of a way for it to work regardless of what protection plugin you're using, but if i cant make that work, I'll be hooking in some of the major ones, yes.
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    Can i change the strengths so like mobs can slowly break glass and people can throw potions and also have it so I would have to keep jumping on glass to break it like configs
    For damage values from certain stuff
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    Probably not :/ This plugin is only possible through the entityDamage event. With something like jumping, I can't think of any events in the Bukkit API that would be triggered AND not take a huge toll on the servers CPU load.
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    I am very impressed by this plugin and love it. I have one problem thought. I have protected areas at my spawn and people who come on and have a bow and arrow can just break all glass at spawn without having permissin to build. Also another thing i would like it see is a thing when yout break glass with signs on them the sign are gone. If you can please make it so bows do not break glass with sign on it. but anyway thx for the awesome plugin!!!! DIAMOND FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! [diamondore][diamond][diamondore]
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    As of v1.3 there are config options for signs to be protected. The glass will still break and but the sign wont, it will just hover there until the glass regenerates.

    Also, in v1.4 there are permissions nodes now, so you can set that up for your newcomers accordingly. Note that they default to true, so you'll have to use negative nodes.
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    Yo, I'm back again, Still the same problem (The Glass doens't regains) See for yourself:

    I'm also just using the Standard options: #
    # EpicGlass v1.4 by Malikk
    # For help with your config file, please see the BukkitDev page
    Players: true
    Mobs: true
    Players: true
    Mobs: true
    MinimumFallDistance: 5
    MaxBlocksBroken: 0
    Signs: false
    Water: true
    Lava: true
    Enabled: true
    Chance: 15
    TimeBeforeRegenStarts: 60
    BrokenGlassDropsBlocks: false

    Weird, right?
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    not really, lol. You've got your TimeBeforeRegenStarts set to 60, so it should be a full minute before anything regenerates. You only waited like 15 seconds, lol
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    Ooooh! OK! Yeah, I am not a truely English huy or something xD. I thought it ment 60/100 of a second :p
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    Its all good :)
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    Hey, is there a way to change the time the glass will respawn?
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    Yeah. Have a look at the config help page.
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    Have for 1.2.3-R0.2??
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    Excellent plugin, however, broken windows reappear after a reboot server ... Is this normal ? If yes, there is not there a way to make these windows broken the rest permanently :) ?
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    Okay sorry (^_^") !
  27. Very very nice, I was wondering if you have a server? And also if it is possible to make it so the glass slowly decreases in amount.
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    No, sorry. I don't run any servers other than the local one I test plugins on.

    And I'm not sure what you mean there.
  29. Malikk What i meant was so it slowly actually breaks like a window that was 5x5 slowly could get holes.
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    I always wanted that.

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