[MECH/FUN] DynamicFight v1.0 - Make Fighting a Little Less Bland [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Kevin Forte, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Kevin Forte

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    Looks great - I don't use PvP however would love some more variety when fighting mobs :)
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    For some reason I saw this as "Dynamic Flight v1.0 - Make Flying a Little Less Bland [818]"
    But anyway, nice plugin =)
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    Kevin Forte

    It's on the way :)
    Hahaha :p Hopefully it wasn't too disappointing when you saw it was Fight instead xP Thanks :)
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    How did I miss this? It looks awesome! :p
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    Kevin Forte

    Thanks man :p
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    More configurable percentages of events happening please.
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    Kevin Forte

    Can do.
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    could u put up a video on like the plugin and how to use it or sumfin? sounds cool but i dont flly understand it...
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    Kevin Forte

    There actually aren't any commands or anything, it only adds new facets to the fighting mechanics.
  11. Just enabled this.

    Bug: People are stunning each other in non-PVP zones :S

    And related to that...

    Disabling this plugin with Plugman doesn't properly disable it :/
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    Me too, that's what brought be in.. I really read that as Flight and Flying.
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    Kevin Forte

    Ah right, I need to fix that.
    I have no idea what the issue is with that because I don't know how Plugman works xP
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    Have to check this out, looks interesting!
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    Kevin Forte

    Let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have. :)
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    Not sure how I feel about critical hitting on monsters, however the shield thing seems to work pretty well.
    1. Does Critical hit apply to Player vs Player as-well or just monsters?
    2. " " What about Farm animals?

    What is Gladiator mode? (Couldn't find any information)

    Dazed Effects(You are hit hard...)
    1. I test this a few times, roughly 6.. I can still hit, and I'm not necessarily "stunned." In a simplier term, I'm not dazed. Is it suppose to stun me? (Tried with OP on / off)

    It's really promising, I do like your idea, and where this plugin is going too, I will definitely use this soon, this adds to the RP / RPG style of Minecraft. Keep up the good work.

    - Maybe a slow effect (if possible, when monster's hit you hard)
    - Leveling system, if at all applicable
    - "^" Can have a % set for blocking "attacks"?
    - I'll have to think of some more.
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    Kevin Forte

    "Gladiator Mode" is where the sword and shield switch automatically. Crouch/Sneak while holding a sword and it switches to your shield if you have one in your inventory. Critical does apply to PvP and animals :p It'll be configurable on PvP soon. The stunning works better on mobs than players. I need to work on both.
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    Glad to hear. I look forward to that then, the configurablity on PvP and animals.

    Since animals are harmless (for now) I see no sense for them to be overkilled more than they already are, however, harder mob's make life harder, and essentialy, more awesome.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.


    Add permissions if you could please. Especially for the shield usage! (Need to have it for exclusive donators!)
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    Kevin Forte

    I'll do my best :p and I can definitely add shields.
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    Would love to see permissions support. Preferably as many nodes as you can, the more options I have, the more I like certain plugins!
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    Kevin Forte

    Haha alright. I think, when I write plugins, I need to just start adding in 8 million permission nodes to start with. That's basically what everyone wants xP
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    Once you get that in, your downloads will sky rocket ;)
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    Got major Lag and worldguard flags don't apply so people could kill each other at spawn.

    Please fix these 2 bugs.
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    Kevin Forte

    Not my plugin's fault, not my plugin's fault. I use WorldGuard as well and I have no issues with the PvP at spawn. Lag is rarely due to a plugin unless it gets caught in some sort of infinite loop, which it doesn't.
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    in version 818
    it gives a weard problem...
    02:01:23 [WARNING] martijn moved too quickly! Elapsed ticks: 1, Distance change:
    when i was walking normal o.o
    maybe u could fix this for this version...
    without this plugin i don't get this problem
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    Nice idea for a plugin, just tried it though and I think I somehow used up/ate an iron door with right click (think it was while using shift in gladiator mode). It could very well be a conflict with another plugin I have so I'll try testing it a bit more later.
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    You shouldn't be using 818, that's not the RB, however you can use what you want.

    His newest version is titled [860].
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    @Kevin Forte

    Would it be possible to disable players' critical hits? My server runs mcMMO, thus, it'd be neat to use this plugin for critical hits by mobs. Thanks!
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    Kevin Forte

    I really don't think my plugin could cause this, because I don't think it does anything that would cause this to happen?

    Weird, let me know if that persists.
    Didn't even notice that haha. Thanks for taking care of that xP
    Yeah, I could split player and mob criticals in the config.

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