[MECH/FUN] Drink 0.50 - Heal with water/milk-bucket's [1337]

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    Drink - The Plugin heals the player,who drinks milk/water.
    Version: v0.50

    With this Plugin you can use buckets to drink milk or water.
    The Plugin heal the player,who drink milk/water.
    With left click can you use the milk/water bucket's.
    And this is a request from the user @bevso ^^

    2011-05-30_19.41.41.png 2011-05-30_19.41.55.png

    Thanks to @FrozenBrain for the code support :)

    • You can drink a water or a milk bucket
    • And you can restore food from the foodbar
    • You can set the amount of health you gain and the message
    Download The Drink Plugin

    • Add permission support
    • Restore food for hunger

    I'm on BukkitDev and please report bugs or somthing like that ;)
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    config file says:
    message: true (used to be false)
    messagetext: 'You''ve drunk '
    heal: 7

    it heals me once then it stops i think.
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    You can change heal to 15 and then you get more live :)
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    thank you
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    Could you make this work with the Heroes damage/health system?
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    What did you mean with work ?
    Did you mean a skill for heroes ?
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    As of right now using this with the Heroes plugin it will restore hearts for players, but their actual health does not go up. So a player at 1 heart might use a milk bucket to heal himself, but when he gets hit for 1 heart he dies instantly.

    So hearts show as going up, but it does not correspond with the player's actual hp.
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    Please help me, It lets me drink milk and lets me drink water, but with about a 1 second delay, then it displays a message that says "you drink milk" or, "you drink water" then does nothing
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    Have you edited the config ?
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    I fixed it, i redownloaded a new config :p but I noticed when i drink milk/water, It dosent heal 10 half hearts, it heals up to 10 half hearts so if im only missing 1 heart, it wont heal me, is it supposed to be like that, or what?
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    Which number has you used for heal ?
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    18, but it only heals up to 8 hearts, after 8 hearts, it dosnt heal at all
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    Ok,thanks :)
    I will try to fix this.
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    I love your plugin by the way, its one of the best on the plugins list, anyone who is reading this DOWNLOAD IT NOW, deff. a 11 out of ten, hope to see more plugins in the future...
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    Thanks :)
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    Yea it doesn't work :( I left clicked the air and the bucket emptyed but nothing happened. That was it.
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    You must have 1-5 hearts and then clicked to the air.
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    Nice plugin really want to use it.

    For option I was thinking if you could add:
    milk/water - drink milk or water only
    limit - limit of how low your heath is before it heals
    milk right click - I like the milk to be right click and water to left click if that's possible.

    I don't know if there's an option for hearts limit but I tried drinking and it works when I'm below 4 hearts only.
    I also tried changing the config file and the were only...

    message: false
    messagetext: 'You''ve drunk '
    heal: 6 [Was 7]

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    Thanks for the feedback and I want to add this features on drink :)
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    Yes please :)
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    Could you make it so it restores hunger instead of health?
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    It's on my to-do list :)
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    Is there way how to increase hunger level?Because of restaurant use.

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