Inactive [MECH/FUN/ADMIN] RocketBoots v0.3.6 - Rocket boots for flying around on your server - flight [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DisabledHamster, May 21, 2011.

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    a cool down on the boots? thats configable for each one?
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    @Phantom Index: That's possible, I guess, but would be awkward to implement for the gold/chainmail boots as they don't actually know when you're flying... lol. I'll look into it

    @Haelbarde: Plugins can't tell when a button is being pressed. They can only detect shift as it makes the player sneak ;)

    @Nazerb: I'll look into it - it has the same problem as Phantom Index's request

    Version 0.3 released ;)

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    everytime when I start to fly cames: "Flying is not enabled on this Server"
    Have u an idea how to fix this? Im Server Admin.
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    The best way is to enable flight on your server. Open and look for the line "allow-flight=false", and change it to "allow-flight=true".
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    In your bukkit directory, open There's a line in there something akin to allow flight=true/false (i'm at school, can't look for myself.) Change it to the opposite.
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    Phantom Index

    You can possibly allow it to consume the item when holding shift. I'm not too knowledgeable about coding so I won't know if it's easy.
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    this mod not working for me :mad:
    it looks awesome but not working and y members are VERY mad lol please tell how fix
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    "My car isn't working, FIX IT!!!111!!!!1!!"

    Gonna need more details than that ;)
    If you're using Permissions, make sure you have the right rocketboots.* permissions
    Otherwise, make sure you're an op.

    Also, make sure you're **wearing** the boots, not just holding them
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    Question, can plugins detect when you come out of sneak?
    If so, would it be possible to have it so that when you let go of shift, you just stop in mid-air?
    And if so, would it be possible to be able to switch 'modes', as in the config set a default, and then have a command which switches between the two? eg '/rocketboots gold' to switch how the gold boots function.

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    bah , i need help, because i can slap animals and players with the leather boots but i cant fly with other boots or other things u showed in this video and i get no error or somrthing like this :/ WHY I CANT FLY ??? help me please
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    Are you sneaking, walking forward and pointing upwards at the same time whilst wearing the gold boots?

    Read the OP for instructions for each boot ;)
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    this doesnt work for me also but i think its not supporting permission 3.0+
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    Leather boots Works but nothing other and im op !!
    Why i cant Fly like you???
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    @Haelbarde: You got your feature - stopping in mid-air :)
    Update the plugin and use a feather in mid-air :)

    @pandapipino: It's working fine for me with Permissions 3.0, are you sure you've set up the permissions correctly?

    @darktheeduff: I'm gonna need more info than that. If you're using Permissions, have you set it up correctly? Otherwise, read the instructions in the OP on how to use each boot - it's not rocket science (hurr durr) :p

    Version 0.3.6 released

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    im op , admin bla bla bla ;) but have i to do the permissions in my groupmanager ? i have alreday '*' thats all or ?
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    What's your server IP? I'll connect and give you a hand
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    Phantom Index

    Aw, no cooldowns?
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    Hamster give me your Skype id so we can phone together and u can help me PLZ
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    DisabledHamster ;)
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    This mod was working for only me a few days ago, and none of my ops. Now it won't even work for me. My console is showing this error, among others, when I hold shift with boots on:

    08.06 18:01:50 [Server] SEVERE Could not pass event PLAYER_MOVE to RocketBoots

    Version 818 bukkit
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    It doesn't seem to work with the Essentials plugin, I've tried removing essentials and it works fine but i do need it on my server. Any ideas?
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    goodfriendkyle: That looks like an actual bug! Can you paste your whole console output?

    Joseph: Why doesn't it work with Essentials? Is there an error, or does nothing happen at all? It could be a permissions problem
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    nothing happens at all, and I don't have the permissions plugin installed if that's what you mean. There's no error either or a notification saying it's disabled. Also i can't find anything in the config files relating to this. Do I need permissions installed for it to work properly?
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    Do you have Skype? Or, can I connect to your server?
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    No matter, I found the permissions files in essentials but it turns out that essentials kept resetting the files so i couldn't add the rocketboot permissions to the config file.
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    Definitely one of my favorite plugins.
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    When I have gold boots in a sphereworld (reached through "inception") the boots seem to loose their power sometimes... like a car running out of gas. It starts and stops. Maybe the sphereworld environment is affecting it.
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    I've never used the mods you're talking about - though, it sounds like a lot of latency between the server and you. Have you tried it with the mods disabled?
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    1) I'd like to see "Boots of Speed" that allow the user to move/run faster than normal. (Would be nice if various speeds could be set in config, perhaps x1.25, x1.5, and x2.0).

    2) Make it so that "boot abilities" can be assigned to a different pair of boots (set in the config file).
    Eg. diamond_boots = FLY, leather_boots = SPEED, iron_boots = HOVER, etc...

    I wonder what other possibilities there are for this. Like a "helm of light" (gives off light equivalent to a torch). I can think of dozens of cool things you could do. Or a "gold helm" which provides reduction of fire damage, or a diamond help that doubles the amount of time you can stay underwater, etc.

    Thanks for the great/fun mod!

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