Inactive [MECH/FIX/ADMN]ANTIPvPLOGGER V 1.4 - Prevent Players From Logging Out [1.2.5RB]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by KillerSmurf, Dec 4, 2011.

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    As above! :D

    EDIT: I am also getting a large error that is along the lines of "Failed to send PLAYER_QUIT event to AntiPVPLogger.jar"... I will try and post the actual error in a bit :)
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    Awesome Killer, thanks for making this for me, it appears to be working flawlessly on our server, although some configs would be awesome!

    Can I laugh at you a bit?
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    Updated to RB 1.0.1 R1A something something.... Added a config file, ask me to put stuff in the config and i will.
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    found a problem, with latest bukkit RB 1.0 -

    1. Player logs out,
    2. You kill the npc,
    3. Drops the items.
    4. Player logs back in,
    5. Plugin kills them,
    6. it then re-drops all the items

    so it dupes the items, plz inform if this fixs
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    Please update this now.
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    Wow... so demanding from a guy who wrote this out of his own kindness and spare time. You sir, are a <insert bad word>.

    Learn some manners and grow up.
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    I will fix that, in thE mean time try to use a previous version, I will also have a version history. But right now I am at school. Damn school. I will update as soon as I get home. I am guessing it's a deprecated method now.

    Thank you, also if you have an error post it like this:
    Craftbukkit build:
    Stack trace:(error in the console)
    Conflicting NPCs plugins:

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    Hi, I'm really sorry that my message felt that way :D I just ment, please
    fix this my friend asap. =/ I didn't mean it rude. I'm sorry friend!
    I love your plugin!
    Hope to see a fixed version as soon as you've time. :) Haha
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    Nice plugin you have there. :D
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    Nice Signature :D

    Updated should fix the clearing of player's inventories.

    Fixed. Re-download the latest version

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    Hi :D I wanna thank you so much for updating the plugin <3 installed it just ago.
    Thanks so much SMurf :D :D:D:D
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    You welcome.
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    can you plz fix this plugin ive been using it now and it keeps crashing my server :3
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    Any errors in the console? What CraftBukkit build are you using? What other NPC plugins are you using?
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    Nvm i notist the update and ill leave you any errors i find in the future and i use no npc plugins xD
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    Nathan C

    Works pretty good, but I see a few issues:

    - Needs a config file, so we can set the amount of time the NPC stays in game.
    - NPC stays in game even if the player was never in combat. This could be a big issue.
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    Hey, I was just wondering. I would like the plugin to happen without the npc. Because I believe this would destroy a lot of the fuss and bugs. So if a player logs out of combat then 30 seconds if he isn't back in then he just dies and looses everything in his inv plus some money. Is this possible ? This would be so great. Thanks
  18. I'm using RB and i still can't make damage to NPC. Using factions plugin.
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    Hey mate :3 love the plugin, its the only working anti combat logger plugin for 1.0 :3 but em..
    if you find the time and so, maybe you could look into it, i think it seriously gives some lag... :3 which is ok, and is memory using / over time alot.. :3 dunno...
    thnx. :D
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    Spadar Faar

    Is there a particular reason it says "Derp" in chat every time someone combat logs?
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    I know ive that too while the config file = false ;)
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    Oh, crap that was debugging I forgot to remove that :D.

    But then the other player that was attacking or was about to attack wouldn't get the loot, which is the whole point of this plugin.

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    No. I mean the player who was attacking would get the loot if he stays where the person logged. Cus in 30 secs their inv would be lost and on the ground. When the player logs on he has nothing. And lost some money.

    With the derp problem guys. I went into the class files and I changed it so it gives the players name who combat logged.
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    I fixed it.
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    Could you make it like that? Please?
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    Looks like a promising plugin except it spams the chat with "derp" despite messages set to false.

    This seems to be unrelated to what the players do. A player can be plain killed by a zombie and I get 3 derps in the chat.
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    Do you have 0.7.5? Try re-downloading it.
  28. Maybe you added forced ungod after logout. AuthMe plugin blocks the ability to attack NPC.

    Is this possible?
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    Are you asking me to add forced ungod?
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    i just downloaded the 0.7.5 and still getting the 'Derp' message. Is the downloand link updated?

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