Inactive [MECH/FIX/ADMN]ANTIPvPLOGGER V 1.4 - Prevent Players From Logging Out [1.2.5RB]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by KillerSmurf, Dec 4, 2011.

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    Yes you can, HA. I was forgetting to add the player to the deadPlayers array. So basically the whole plugin didn't work. But it does now.
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    Well thats just you. Plugin is working fine for me, but whenever a player logs out it, it says they were in combat when they werent, and they just had low health or something. Also please check your inbox because i sent you something killersmurf.

    Also to the post of a big error spam above, maybe list some of your plugins so we can see if the errors are cause by conflicting plugins, and get a general idea to the source of your problems.
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    Hi, i will however, the new version works better, however still not able to hit people after they logout,
    however it says that the player logged out of combat.

    Bukkit 1565

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    Once the player logs out give it like 3-5 seconds then you should be able to hit him. I am going to extend the time because of this.
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    Then even, it tells everyone has combat logged out! :O Can these messages be adjusted? I don't have to see them,
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    Is this plugin compatible with Spout?
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    One thing can you make it so if that player was hit by a player in the past 30secs it spawns a npc and not evry time someone logs? cuz i run a pvp server this would help if it had that :p
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    Spadar Faar

    0.4 Fixed all the problems I was having, if the confirmation helps at all. Thanks for making this plugin KillerSmurf.
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    Just tested it and it works great! Thanks!
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    WOrks great! However causes lag, and sometimes messages are wrong! Can you put the messages off???!
    Also it causes lag, its not my server, it has 16 GB RAM, few plugins, (list above) and it only uses 3 gb ram with 50 people online or something ;) Yes and minecraft has 15 gb max ;P Bukkit 1565
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    I will make a config file, but this isn't a feature I really desire, so it wont be high on the list.
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    I found a bug.. A big bug. When a player logs out while in the mob arena, the plugin thinks they combat logged . When they log in they have lost their whole inventory and have the items they had in the mob arena. Please fix soon!
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    Duh? The plugin detects if they are in combat. Which they are when they are in a mob arena. That's the point of this plugin, when they log out during combat/before combat. It creates their NPC. Although in the MOBArena you don't loose your items. You also can't take your items in. So I see no problem.

    But then what if someone is running towards a player? Then he logs out before he has time to hit him? This plugin makes it so you have to log out some where safe.

    Should be, doesn't have any special spout features though.

    Mine is updated, and little bit more efficient, and has some different features.

    Yes it did fix it.

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    Can you adjust the 4 seconds time? Make it like 0 or 1 so people can easily hit it, its quite confusing for some players atm
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    The thing is I don't have a timer. I think its...idk.
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    Shay Williams

    It's Notch's code. You always have a 4 second invincibility on log in; this applies to NPC creation as well.
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    Hi i think your plugin causes somewhat lag? :) I have gotten lag issues since I putted your plugin in :O
    Can you take a look into it?

    EDIT: I think it has memory issues so far ;) Perhaps. Could you try looking into that?
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    Thanks, now that that is cleared. Would you like me to extend the NPC's life by 4 seconds?

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    That would be cool! Besides that I found a bug, when a player keeps combat logging, he will stay unattackable, when he logs in the 4 seconds, every time.


    Player 1: hit
    Player 2: logout
    1st second...
    Player 2: login
    Player 2: hit, hit, hit
    Player 1: can't hit 3 seconds....
    4th second...
    Player 1: can hit again.
    Player 2: logout
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    Spadar Faar

    Are you using another plugin like factions on your server? I don't believe this plugin does any sort of invulnerability. I know that factions has a built in immunity to PvP for X seconds after login. It, or another similar plugin may be the cause.
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    That is when the other player starts combat logging too. :D, I can fix this by cancelling the his damage event for the first 4 seconds he logs on.
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    Can you generate a config.yml for some settings for this... a few ideas:

    1. The "logged out during combat" global message - can you make it a permission to read, so perhaps only admins and moderators see it, or make it removeable altogether.. it seems to be inaccurate and spammy.

    2. Are the NPC's vulnerable to mobs as well in logout mode? Could make this an editable option.

    So far so good though, although I think this breaks after CB1570 - i'm on 1566
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    Killsmurf please fix the cancelling the his damage event for the first 4 seconds he logs on.
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    Could you please add a config for this or change the default "logged out during combat" timer. Everyone who quits my server is getting it.. the duration is ridiculous.
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    The duration shouldn't be as long as it should be. It should be 15 seconds.

    Thats notch's code not mine.

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    I actually ment this :p
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    Smurf! You finally made this plugin public. Nice job sir.

    We will definitely be using this awesome plugin on the new Pandemonium server when it finally gets updated to the 1.0.0 release.
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    I will be fixing the Message logging info today, as well as adding a configuration. You edit the message, the amount of time the npc is created, and whatever else needs to be in. Tell me what needs to be in. I will be doing all those in about 7hours so get as many suggestion as you can now. Also here's a poll, reply back with a yes or no, should the npc attack the player back?
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    - No Damage for players that logged out of combat the first 4 seconds of spawning. So combatlogging isn't really working.
    - Adjustment of the time that the NPC Combat Logger stays in
    - Messing info only for ops, or with permission
    - Lag issue? Seems gone, but maybe?
    - Look for false positves players are reporting alot that combat logger is lying about being in combat.

    The NPC should not attack the player back! Because this will help the Combat Loggers, and the reason why we are using this plugin is to punish the Combat Loggers from logging out in battle, if you let the NPC hit back, in my opinion it helps the combat loggers more then it does the fair players.

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