[MECH] FenceStack v1.13 - place fences above other fences [670-733]

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    Version: v1.13

    This plugin allows you to place fences above other fences, you no longer have to build from the top down.
    Just place fences like you would any other block.

    This plugin was originally authored by recanu.
    His old thread is here in the inactive forum

    • Place fences above other fences!
    • Torches on fences
    Download FenceStack
    Source Code

    Version 1.13
    • Updated for Build 602
    Version 1.12
    • Rewrote for Build 556.
    Version 1.11
    • Last release by recanu
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    Thanks for reviving this! it is super useful
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    Thank you for taking over this useful plugin :)

    I'll make a small feature request while we are at it. Would it be possible to allow placing Torches on top of fences as well? :)
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    I have been working on torches on top of fences, but it appears I need to wait for more bukkit features, or try another approach.

    If I ever figure it out it will be included.
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    Thank you for taking this on yourself and setting up a new thread, much easier to track updates this way. :)
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    one method you could use to allow building torches on fences would to use a PlayerListener and use onPlayerInteract when event.getAction() == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK && event.getClickedBlock().getType() == Material.FENCE and is holding a torch (event.getPlayer().getItemInHand().getType() == Material.TORCH)

    another note: in tBlockListener (assuming the code on github is current)
    if (canReplace(event.getMaterial()))
    // can be replaced with:
    if(event.getMaterial() == Material.FENCE)
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    The problem is keeping the torch there, eventually a physics event comes around and pops it off - even if the torch was already in the level (MCEdited in). I wasn't able to cancel the physics events - might be possible in Bukkit later.
  8. thanks from my side too, this is one of the more useful mods for constructing nice things like lamp posts etc.
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    I seem to recall that the author of WorldGuard/WorldEdit had made a private plugin that allowed placement of torches on fences. Maybe possible to ask him how he did it?
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    Correct. SK89Q just mentioned that it was something he developed for his server. I do not know if he has plans to release it, but I certainly would love to use it! Torches, both regular and redstone, would be nice to see functioning like tiki torches! :D
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    that is interesting..
    i tried it, just to be sure, and i can't get them to stick, either. :confused:
    don't think it's block physics... that seems to be for falling (sand/gravel..)
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    Would u be able to add permissions so that not everyone is allowed to place fences on fences? (It would be pointless since they will just do it 'THE LONG' way, it would be still a nice feature.
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    it could even be set so that "the long way" doesn't work :)
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    Now That is awesome :) When would you be able to do add this feature? (I would like to keep my serv on 117 untill beta 1.5 (I hate changing bukkit versions... all plugins get messed up)

    Thanks A LOT,

    P.S. If i wanted to make some plugins, where should I start? I hope you can help me.
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    first you need an idea - that's where i'm not great at
    then you need to start with the skeleton (that's how i start, anyway) - the bare-bones pieces that you need to accomplish that task (looking through others' code can help)
    if you need assistance, i'm willing to help out :)

    didn't (couldn't figure out how to) implement torches on fences, but i added an option for config for NoFenceStack

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    That would be nice :)

    You have windows live or some other messenger that we could use?

    Thanks a lot, a lot, a lot,

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    i have a request... please please please add the option to put torches ontop of half blocks?

    i found a cooler idea than torches on fence posts. it looks like this
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    I'll support this addition, as I've created a village using halfblocks and I would love to be able to place things on top of them. Combining that into this FenceStack mod would be great.
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    sweet plugin :)
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    i think it wouldnt be possible because the torch would be placed on the block above the half step.
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    Yeah, a half is actually a full block it just looks smaller, and when you place another on it it becomes a different block.
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    Tried and tested on 670, everything working well. :)
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    There is a way to stop the phsycics event for a small amount of selected blocks by putting them, like, independence... if you get what I mean... sorry my English isn't that good
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    I like this goes well with the portCoulissante plugin Thank you
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    @jynxdaddy thought you'd like to know it's running on RB 684 without any problems. :)

    Edit: I put RB 648... clearly I meant 684. lol :)
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    Excellent addon, I have been using it for a few weeks now on my server. If at all possible, I would love if you could add the ability to place pressure plates on top of fences. They make suprisingly good tables.

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    I would also like to see torches on top of fence posts, I think that would look excellent! Thanks for the great mod!
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  28. Ive been looking for a good table myself, i second this idea :)
  29. Still working OK on bukkit #711 - great plugin.
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