Inactive [MECH] FalseBook 0.96alpha - CraftBook for Bukkit,85++ICs, Gates, Minecarts / MC1.4.6

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    FalseBook - Your CraftBook for Bukkit

    Current version: v0.96alpha
    Minecraft: 1.4.6

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    • supported Permissionplugins
      • bPermissions
      • bukkitPermissions
      • Essentials GroupManager
      • Permissions
      • PermissionsEx
      • SuperPerms
      • Vault (still in development)
    • uses the syntax of CraftBook for better compatibility
    • implements over 85 Integrated Circuits (ICs)
    • implements [Lift Up] & [Lift Down]
    • toggleable ...
      • ... bridges
        • undestroyable
      • ... doors
        • undestroyable
      • ... gates
        • undestroyable
      • ... areas
    • a lot of fancy features for minecarts
      • collect and deposit items from chests to minecarts
      • make furnaces which refill themselfs with minecarts
      • program carts to take only specific items out of chests
      • craft things out of a chest with a minecart
      • lift up & down for minecarts!
    • chatsystem with different chat-channels to clean up the normal chat
    • toggleable...
      • netherrack (with fire)
      • pumpkins
      • glowstone <-> another block (even if minecraft itself has the glowstonelamp now...)

    Minecart Blocktypes:
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    • BenchOut : Iron-Ore
    • Booster 2x : Gold-Ore
    • Booster 8x : Gold-Block
    • Brake-Block 25% :Gravel
    • Brake-Block 50% : Soulsand
    • Burn : Iron-Ore
    • ConstantSpeed-Block : Iron-Block
    • Craft : Iron-Ore
    • Deposit / Collect : Iron-Ore
    • Eject-Block : Coal-Ore
    • Emitter-Block : Lapis Lazuli Ore
    • Reverse-Block : White wool
    • Station-Block : Obsidian
    • Sort-Block : Netherrack
    • Teleport-Block : Lime wool
    • Program-Cart : Lapis Lazuli
    • Programmed Deposit-Block : Blue wool

    Other Features:
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    • Bridge (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Doors (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Gates (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Toggle Netherrack Fire (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Pumpkins (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Soulsand to Glowstone and back (my addition) (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • ToggleAble Areas (Experimental):

      Define the area with the "Wooden Hoe" (use rightclick)
    • /farea <areaname> -> Adds an Area
    • /delfarea <areaname> -> removes an Area
    • /listfarea -> Lists all Areas
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> autosave -> toggles the autosave function of an area. Autosave = save blocks, when toggling the area off.
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> protect -> toggles the protection of an area. ON = Area is only destroyable/buildable to users with permission: falsebook.destroy.blocks
    • /fareaallow <areaname> id[:subid] -> will add/remove the blocktype from the toggleable blocks of this area. Default: all blocks will be toggled.
    • (FalseBookBlock.jar)

    Important Note:
    You must copy ALL jar-Files over the old ones (all files have been changed) !
    The "Package_..."-Files must go into "plugins/FalseBook/ICPlugins/"

    Download FalseBook 0.96alpha for Minecraft 1.4.6

    FalseBook Wiki - Work in progress

    YouTube-Channel with Videos

    Donations are welcome if you wish to support me


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    Weird thing going on:
    Running CB build 2222 (1.2.5 R4)
    and the latest version of GroupManager and Falsebook.

    I cannot destroy or make lifts. Weird? Unless I OP myself. my perm node for my group is '*'

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    Using just * is never a good idea with contemporary permissions systems as some permission nodes are negative. For ops try instead:

    Or for players be specific:
    falsebook.blocks.* -> Allows everything: build Bridges/Doors/Gates/Lifts/Toggleable- Areas/Hidden-Switches
    or specifically lifts:
    falsebook.blocks.lift.use <- use lifts
    falsebook.blocks.lift <- make lifts or break lifts

    Also be careful with the order that you apply permissions. Most permissions plugins will only look at the first node that applies. So if you are disallowing something, then allowing it later in a hierarchy, only the first node will count and you will be disallowed.
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    Where is this info on lifts and the teleport mechanic? It's not in the wiki.

    Cart-powered crafting factories in falsebook:

    Aside from that, craftbook's cauldron system isn't very helpful. It only works on blocks and isn't compatible with vanilla cauldrons.
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    Te CraftBook wiki needs a little updating...
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    wow i'm dumb, didn't even notice your name when i replied earlier xD i was impressed you were able to add that feature so fast.
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    monotonehell I am not using any neg perms. and only one class has '*'. That is my class. I also ran through and looked. I'll pastebin my groups.yml for ya.

    well, i am using some, just no falsebook negs.
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    Silthus had been working on it on and off for a few days, but I added stirring with spades... So we took around 4 days of very little work to do it...
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    I can't see anything obviously wrong, but you have a complex perms file, it could just be getting confused. Try to streamline and simplify it. Does GroupManager care if inheritance is out of order? I don't use it.

    You're using '*' in owner. Don't be lazy. ;) Take it out and put the individual super user perms from each of your plugins. I'm not saying this is the reason you can't build lifts, it's just general bad practice.

    You have both falsebook.* and falsebook.blocks.* in Admin; falsebook.* alone is enough.
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    What he said, most permission plugins read top to bottom, meaning they can get confused if you inherit permissions from below the current group, any inheritance should be from groups listed before the group which is inheriting.
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    khamseen_air and monotonehell I had that in order, and group manager decided to move it around...i will try what you said and see if it "sticks" as for the two perms in Admin. I did that bc it wasnt working. guess i forgot to take it out. Thanks, I'll give ya'll feed back when this is done.
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    and that's why i haven't used groupmanager since 1.0 :p
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    khamseen_air and monotonehell I re-arranged it and uploaded it then reloaded my server. I then re-downloaded the file to find out it "scrambled" the groups again. i guess group manager does its own thing. i removed that node falsebook.blocks.* and kept falsebook.* for the admins. Found out I cannot make/destroy any falsebook blocks or falsebook areas unless I am OP. thoughts?
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    Try giving yourself the specific permission 'falsebook.blocks.destroy' since as has been said already, the '*' node doesn't always work anymore.
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    Also did you stop your server, upload the new file, then start it? Or at least use /mantogglesave and /manload? GM keeps it's perms in memory and writes them to disk every 10 minutes. So you need to circumvent this behavior if you want to manually edit the file.

    Although it is possible that it will write the file how it sees fit, like I said I don't use it so I don't know. I'm using Pex, and for my owners group I have only falsebook.* (with no inheritance) and it lets us do everything. I have no one OPed at all.

    Have you tried taking out the other perms one at a time, or even plugins to see if there's a conflict somewhere? Might be an idea to set up a clone of your server so you can experiment until you find the cause through trial and error.
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    if gemoschen not really start updating, this plugin should marked as "abdonned" sry

    #02281 craftbukkit-1.3.1-R0.1

    Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to FalseBookIC
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.fireEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.interact(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.handle(SourceFile:58)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.d(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConnection.b(SourceFile:35)
    at net.minecraft.server.DedicatedServerConnection.b(SourceFile:30)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.q(
    at net.minecraft.server.DedicatedServer.q(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.p(
    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.Block.interact(Lnet/minecraft/server/World;IIILnet/minecraft/server/EntityHuman;)Z
    at com.bukkit.gemo.FalseBook.IC.Listeners.FalseBookICPlayerListener.ExecuteHiddenSwitch(
    at com.bukkit.gemo.FalseBook.IC.Listeners.FalseBookICPlayerListener.onPlayerInteract(
    at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor102.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    ... 16 more

    neue API wies aus sieht, das wars dann wohl mit FalseBook ?

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    falsebook ic's don't register in 1.3.1

    and the dev hasn't been seen since april
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    for me IC's register but farea doesnt work for me xD
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    Only thing we use Falsebook for is the IC's and the Cauldron, that's it!
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    We have a custom build of falsebook with the gate/door mechs ripped out. You cant remove those easily (even if you dont grant the perms and disable them with Craftbook they are still active).

    Let me know when that changes and we'll switch. We have bettermechanics working for legit gate/doors.
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    i am using craftbook, i just posted the bug here to see if it would get updated.

    and there are a couple ic options in faleebook i like better, like isitday checking the actual time range.
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    @silthus i am on craftbook now....and out here...
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    A custom build of falsebook?? How did you get the source code?? I would love to know so I could build my own updated version! I know he said when he reaches falsebook 1.0 he will release the source code, but idk if that is going to happen now....

    **edit** NVM I found it =P
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    Well, it wasnt with source, all I did was rip out the jars via winrar to not load the [gate] etc ... heh
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    ahh, I see, and what I found was not the source as I thought it was....
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    Having a problem for a long time. However this seem to still work. I'm using unix not windows. I feel like this cause some of my block detectors to break. I have to break the sign and then recreate them for them to work. I did already try making the file manually.

    Console output
    2012-08-07 21:21:22 [INFO] [ FalseBook IC ] Error while reading file: plugins/FalseBook/
    2012-08-07 21:21:24 [INFO] [ FalseBook IC ] 2 Transport-ICs [MC1700] loaded.
  28. update to 1.3.1?
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    can someone send my the default propertie files? for cart and blocks? my jar didn't generate them!
  30. Any chance of an update ? T_T

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