Inactive [MECH] FalseBook 0.96alpha - CraftBook for Bukkit,85++ICs, Gates, Minecarts / MC1.4.6

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    FalseBook - Your CraftBook for Bukkit

    Current version: v0.96alpha
    Minecraft: 1.4.6

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    • supported Permissionplugins
      • bPermissions
      • bukkitPermissions
      • Essentials GroupManager
      • Permissions
      • PermissionsEx
      • SuperPerms
      • Vault (still in development)
    • uses the syntax of CraftBook for better compatibility
    • implements over 85 Integrated Circuits (ICs)
    • implements [Lift Up] & [Lift Down]
    • toggleable ...
      • ... bridges
        • undestroyable
      • ... doors
        • undestroyable
      • ... gates
        • undestroyable
      • ... areas
    • a lot of fancy features for minecarts
      • collect and deposit items from chests to minecarts
      • make furnaces which refill themselfs with minecarts
      • program carts to take only specific items out of chests
      • craft things out of a chest with a minecart
      • lift up & down for minecarts!
    • chatsystem with different chat-channels to clean up the normal chat
    • toggleable...
      • netherrack (with fire)
      • pumpkins
      • glowstone <-> another block (even if minecraft itself has the glowstonelamp now...)

    Minecart Blocktypes:
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    • BenchOut : Iron-Ore
    • Booster 2x : Gold-Ore
    • Booster 8x : Gold-Block
    • Brake-Block 25% :Gravel
    • Brake-Block 50% : Soulsand
    • Burn : Iron-Ore
    • ConstantSpeed-Block : Iron-Block
    • Craft : Iron-Ore
    • Deposit / Collect : Iron-Ore
    • Eject-Block : Coal-Ore
    • Emitter-Block : Lapis Lazuli Ore
    • Reverse-Block : White wool
    • Station-Block : Obsidian
    • Sort-Block : Netherrack
    • Teleport-Block : Lime wool
    • Program-Cart : Lapis Lazuli
    • Programmed Deposit-Block : Blue wool

    Other Features:
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    • Bridge (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Doors (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Gates (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Toggle Netherrack Fire (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Pumpkins (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Soulsand to Glowstone and back (my addition) (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • ToggleAble Areas (Experimental):

      Define the area with the "Wooden Hoe" (use rightclick)
    • /farea <areaname> -> Adds an Area
    • /delfarea <areaname> -> removes an Area
    • /listfarea -> Lists all Areas
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> autosave -> toggles the autosave function of an area. Autosave = save blocks, when toggling the area off.
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> protect -> toggles the protection of an area. ON = Area is only destroyable/buildable to users with permission: falsebook.destroy.blocks
    • /fareaallow <areaname> id[:subid] -> will add/remove the blocktype from the toggleable blocks of this area. Default: all blocks will be toggled.
    • (FalseBookBlock.jar)

    Important Note:
    You must copy ALL jar-Files over the old ones (all files have been changed) !
    The "Package_..."-Files must go into "plugins/FalseBook/ICPlugins/"

    Download FalseBook 0.96alpha for Minecraft 1.4.6

    FalseBook Wiki - Work in progress

    YouTube-Channel with Videos

    Donations are welcome if you wish to support me


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    Works fine for me with CB #1847.
  3. well i get the last CB and i cant u_u

    Plz can u tell me what to do?

    Thx, i dont know why but with ur craftbukkit the red stone its working xd, have no sense but tyvm =)

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    Please Please allow farea to toggle the area to other types of blocks besides air.

    Also please add variables to the command sender IC
    Example: %player% = player that triggered the ic (if not possible player within 5 blocks or something)

    Maybe a WorldGuard region selection/modifier IC

    Oh glitch report

    If a servers TPS is dropped a hand full, and players are using a cauldron, if they click the cauldron to active the transformation of the items very quickly it will give them up to 6x the items it was supposed to.

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    Using the newest build and CB R3: If a gate/bridge/door sign is protected by LWC redstone will not work.
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    All but 3 of 58 ICs at my Server are failed since the last Falsebook-Update yesterday. It says "no ic found at sign" or "no sign found". Furthermore i can't recreate this failed ics (I jumped to them by /fbic - command).

    Does someone have the solution of this big Problem? Thx so much!
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    What about implement [MC1512] MESSAGE NEARBY:
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    Nothing happened after i marked a sign in this form. No ic created.
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    I'll think about this! Thanks for this suggestion! :)

    Because there is no [MC1512] yet.

    Try to delete the failed ICs and then recreate or rebuild them.
    1. /fbic icstatus : Note the IDs of the failed ICs
    2. /fbic delic <ID> : This deletes the failed IC with the corresponding ID

    1. /fbic clearfailedics : This deletes all failed ICs at once

    That's because LWC has changed the way protected signs are working with redstone, I think.

    Oh thanks! I'll test it out and see that I can fix it. BTW: What is TPS? 1 Tick per second?
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    Its not possible to recreate the existing ICs or create new ones but Falsebook IC & the other components starts without Errors. I'm so confused about this............
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    I've checked the FB carts on my server (the one silentdojo's administrating), and for some reason I can no longer create collect blocks. Looking into this.
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    Heyho GeMoschen

    my users get the message "You are not allowd to use cauldrons"
    BUT (vanilla) Caulrons are working, the can fill it with water and fill their bottles,
    but everytime it shows this message.

    Only if I give falsebook.*, no message.
    falsebook.blocks.cauldron.use does nothing, I think it's only for Craftbook/Falsebook cauldrons.
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    When the user reported the issue and I tested it the TPS was at 10. Normal tps is 20.
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    I installed this twice but still doesn't seemed to be working with permissions for me :<

    I gave a group the permission - falsebook.ic.standard but still they receive message "You are not allow to build a ..."

    It's driving me crazy and help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Newkeynes, did you double-check what GeMoschen told me when I had a similar problem? Making sure that you overwrite all the ICPlugins/ contents?
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    Cauldrons work fine, just use world specific permissions and give players perms per ic.
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    BlockProtection is fine, but they could be pushed with pistions, so they aren't more protected,
    so users could build jack-o-farms, or easily make Glowstonedust with pistons.

    The Blocks must also be protectet after pushed away, or better: they can't be pushed by pistions.

    Jep (vanilla)Cauldrons are working, but my users get always the message.
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    Ok Just confirmed A Major ISsue.. while my world is fairly small (A test server) I run it from Ramdisk. And give it 8 gigs of memory..

    And NO players are online..

    cpu 50-40 % all the time memory just keeps rising.. 1Gb -> 3Gb max...

    FalceBookIc+FalceBookBlock+FalcebookExtra+FalceBookCore. I just removed them all! And now the server pid IDDLES with 1-0% and 650 MB of memory.

    I was convinced that it was other plugins.. But it wasn't.. :(

    This is the log it first starts the server with falsebook then I restart it with no falsebook

    Nothing special there i think...
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    Hay ... I like ur plugin very much, but idont want to update it manually ... i got lots of plugins and dont wtch aut for an update all the time ... so i use "CraftBukkitUpToDate" which allows me to update my plugins automatically. The problem is : only projects form can be updated with this ... So it is possible to move over? Maybe just put the files there and link them here, so all would work fine :)

  20. GeMoschen

    Mmm can u go in my server? ill send u the info, in my test server the Red Stone its working, but in my main server it dont -.-, i paste the entire folder of my test server, the craftbukkit and the jars, i have no idea whats happening =/
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    Ok redstone does not control bridges or gates everything else seems to work. cb1846 and cb1847 just opened a redstone world and advertised classes lol so...... what to do if i down grade and wait the permisson wont work with group manager on previous version. If i wait i cant show some sweet stuff plz help. GeMoschen you have one of the most important plugins in minecraft thank you.
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    Which node to give to people so they can trigger gate signs butnot build them ?
  25. they dont need permissions for that i think


    solved, a guy called sabbo2001 gave me a hand testing in my server and he found the issue:

    i has 2 areas called ''test'', so, if i turn on one area with red stone, it fuck everything, gates, bridges, etc..., so he deleted one ''test'' then i reloaded the server, and the other ''test'' work with gates and bridges =), i hope this help every1 with this issue.
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    Please wait for 0.92.3! I fixed a small error with the loading of ICs...

    plus: Did you install the "Package_****" in the ICPlugins-Folder in "plugins/FalseBook/ICPlugins"?

    This is not possible yet, but there is an option to toggle only specific blocktypes in an area: (maybe this helps)
    /fareaallow <Area> <ID[:SubID]> : Add a specific blocktype to bet toggled on and off
    /farealistallow <Area> : Lists all specified blocktypes of this area
    Hmm.. since I don't have any memoryproblems on my server (over 1000SelftriggeredICs running) it may be a configurationproblem, but I will look into that again!

    I'm not a friend of auto-updating plugins, since there may be errors in new versions and that is a big problem in my eyes. So no support for it yet, but I will add FalseBook to bukkitDev soon!

    I can't do anything if the native redstone isn't working :-/ I think there is a problem with redstone under some circumstances in the current bukkit-releases, but I don't know..

    Simply use this command to delete all failed ICs (if you use it on console, remove the slash):
    /fbic clearfailedics
    Can you describe the error a little bit more please? (Maybe posting some pictures)

    There is no difference yet, but I'll add it in the next version. But you will have to disallow redstone for gates then! (in the config)
  27. GeMoschen

    i know whats happening, the falsebook with red stone its not working in protected areas, like factions, thats sad, i hope ur able to fix that (this time im sure...), with the old version it was working fine inside the factions.
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    You mean that "Factions" is blocking redstone inside of protected areas? If so, you have to post this in the thread of the Factions-Plugin. You should write him that there should be a flag to disable the redstone-protection from protected areas.

    There is nothing I can do about that, if another plugin is blocking FalseBook.

    The only thing I can do is changing the priority of my Events, but it would be better if "Factions" would have the possibility to disable redstoneprotection inside of protected areas
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    Is there an API-Documentation or Source Code available? How to use this API?
    I'm interested in building an "are players online"-IC.
    Whats about the numbering? Something to mention other than 0xxx for selftriggered and 1xxx for 1-input...?

    Edit: Btw, i really love the "create ics by name"-thing. works great!
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    This will be great, even if there is no auto-update, i have not alway to look up my version nuber and urs, becuase dev.bukkit will show the date of ur last upload xD and so its easier to check for an update :)
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    GeMoschen wo mus das rein in welche config ?
    Where to add in wich config ?


    oder wie wird das gefixt ? sry blick bei den vielen posts langsam nich mehr durch

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