Inactive [MECH] FalseBook 0.96alpha - CraftBook for Bukkit,85++ICs, Gates, Minecarts / MC1.4.6

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    FalseBook - Your CraftBook for Bukkit

    Current version: v0.96alpha
    Minecraft: 1.4.6

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    • supported Permissionplugins
      • bPermissions
      • bukkitPermissions
      • Essentials GroupManager
      • Permissions
      • PermissionsEx
      • SuperPerms
      • Vault (still in development)
    • uses the syntax of CraftBook for better compatibility
    • implements over 85 Integrated Circuits (ICs)
    • implements [Lift Up] & [Lift Down]
    • toggleable ...
      • ... bridges
        • undestroyable
      • ... doors
        • undestroyable
      • ... gates
        • undestroyable
      • ... areas
    • a lot of fancy features for minecarts
      • collect and deposit items from chests to minecarts
      • make furnaces which refill themselfs with minecarts
      • program carts to take only specific items out of chests
      • craft things out of a chest with a minecart
      • lift up & down for minecarts!
    • chatsystem with different chat-channels to clean up the normal chat
    • toggleable...
      • netherrack (with fire)
      • pumpkins
      • glowstone <-> another block (even if minecraft itself has the glowstonelamp now...)

    Minecart Blocktypes:
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    • BenchOut : Iron-Ore
    • Booster 2x : Gold-Ore
    • Booster 8x : Gold-Block
    • Brake-Block 25% :Gravel
    • Brake-Block 50% : Soulsand
    • Burn : Iron-Ore
    • ConstantSpeed-Block : Iron-Block
    • Craft : Iron-Ore
    • Deposit / Collect : Iron-Ore
    • Eject-Block : Coal-Ore
    • Emitter-Block : Lapis Lazuli Ore
    • Reverse-Block : White wool
    • Station-Block : Obsidian
    • Sort-Block : Netherrack
    • Teleport-Block : Lime wool
    • Program-Cart : Lapis Lazuli
    • Programmed Deposit-Block : Blue wool

    Other Features:
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    • Bridge (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Doors (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Gates (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Toggle Netherrack Fire (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Pumpkins (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Soulsand to Glowstone and back (my addition) (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • ToggleAble Areas (Experimental):

      Define the area with the "Wooden Hoe" (use rightclick)
    • /farea <areaname> -> Adds an Area
    • /delfarea <areaname> -> removes an Area
    • /listfarea -> Lists all Areas
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> autosave -> toggles the autosave function of an area. Autosave = save blocks, when toggling the area off.
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> protect -> toggles the protection of an area. ON = Area is only destroyable/buildable to users with permission: falsebook.destroy.blocks
    • /fareaallow <areaname> id[:subid] -> will add/remove the blocktype from the toggleable blocks of this area. Default: all blocks will be toggled.
    • (FalseBookBlock.jar)

    Important Note:
    You must copy ALL jar-Files over the old ones (all files have been changed) !
    The "Package_..."-Files must go into "plugins/FalseBook/ICPlugins/"

    Download FalseBook 0.96alpha for Minecraft 1.4.6

    FalseBook Wiki - Work in progress

    YouTube-Channel with Videos

    Donations are welcome if you wish to support me


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    Short reply:
    Is a known bug and will be fixed. :)
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    @GeMoschen can youplease post info about the chat part of your plugin?
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    Hai does falsebook support the minecart bit where it puts minecarts into chests?
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    is it possible to add Factionsupport to FB? So that only a specific Faction can open a Gate or something like this?
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    1) In [MC1201] - Potions not work.
    2) In [MC1210], [MC1211], [MC1207] and other: Block data support (subid) don't work.
    3) Sometimes, IC sign disappear when switch on ([MC1510])
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    1. Will be fixed in the next version
    2. Can you post an example of which subid is not working? I'm not able to test all subids :D
    3. Mhhh.... strange.. I will look into this!

    Thanks anyway :)
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    @ GeMoschen
    when will u release the next update ?
    i cant wait to release on 1.1. the new map with the "ID Detector" sign for my slot machine :D
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    I am sorry if this was answered before, but I am not able to find the information via search. (If anyone else knows, I would appreciate the info.)

    I am using WorldGuard for protection on my server, and a player town wants to use a [Gate] at their front entrance. I want to know if it is possible to set the region's flag of use:deny, preventing non-citizens from using the gate. I know WorldGuard isn't your plugin but I wanted to know if Falsebook can somehow hook into it.

    Also, I am not able to make gates with any block except for wooden fences. I tried dirt, netherstone fences and iron bars, and no gate is detected.

    Thanks so much.
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    RB Craftbukkit
    FalseBook 0.91alpha

    Gates using redstone pressure plates just stop 'working' at random intervals.

    Any clue as to 'why'?

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    if u talk about the "player detection" yeah i have the same, i think its about lag with online server

    Read this

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  12. Is there a way to detect NPCs (Citizens)?
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    This does not work. Only returns the string "This blocktype is not allowed for building gates." The blocks are clearly listed in the file:
    the sign reads:
    2. [Gate]
    3. 101

    Also, I see it redundant that it requires me to put the block type on the sign, when the config file itself should be the only thing necessary. It also looks ugly.
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    and plz can u change the area selection tool ?
    cause player always ask "WTF" or "my door did not open" when holding wood hoe

    maybe AreaSelectionTool=280 would be a better choice
    thats a stick
    its not a NPC drop and nobody need it to fight / build
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    May I suggest an addition to the receivers?
    Could you add a 4th line so it can invert the received signal?
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    Great plugin! All it's missing is hidden switches. Add them in and I'll love ya to death.

    Although I am having trouble with bridges. I have a bridge made of iron blocks. My config for bridges is:
    AllowedBridgeBlocks=1,2,3,4,5,17,20,24,35,42,43,44,48,49 (42 is iron blocks)
    The bridge is 17 blocks long, and 3 blocks wide, with a sign directly underneath the middle of each end, directly in line with each other.

    I have tried both having "[Bridge]" on the second line. It says "No bridge found" when I try to use it.
    I have tried one with "[Bridge]" and one with"[Bridge End]". It also says "No bridge found" when I try to use it.

    It also does not work with cobblestone.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is there not a way to spawn another Ender Dragon with this? I am planning on doing it somewhat often as an event for my server but it wont let me spawn another dragon.
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    i think in vanilla its not possible to spawn the dragon outside of "The_End"
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    This will be possible with the next version!
    I think there is a bug with the worldconfiguration in the current version sometimes. I have fixed it with the next version!

    Hidden switches are already in there ;-)
    Thanks for the suggestion! I think I will choose another item for default.
    The reason that its not working for some people is that there is a bug in the current version, that only occurs sometimes. This is fixed with the next version!

    The reason for the TypeID in Line 3 is a simple one. There is a possibility, that there are fences/glasspanes/any other supported blocktype around. With the number you specify what really should be toggled. If the number wouldn't be there, the plugin cannot know which blocktype should be toggled and it would have a problem to find out which one should be used. Thats all. :)

    No not yet sorry :)
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    Oh I already did but I guess once he was killed I am unable to do it again :D
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    i have one problem. I wanna rename my world into world_2. I also renamed the worldname in Bridge.db, Gates.db , Receiver.db, SensorList and Transmitter.db. That works good. The only problem is at theSelftriggeredICs.db file - this is an sqlite 3 format.

    How can i solve this problem?
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    Zach Hinchy

    Can you please give the option to disable Cauldrons with the new Cauldron blocks? My users are getting permission errors with those cauldrons and I'd prefer to not have that feature at all.
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    the option is a " - "
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    Can you fix a permissions to OPEN the gate?
  25. My list of Failed IC's seems to be growing rapidly. Any reason these actually happen and anyway to stop them from failing or get the server to reboot them ?
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    :/ Just hit a tree in a protected spot and the tree will doop apples. :/
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    wtf ? who cares ? its not a Falsebook problem
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    It is a FalseBook-Problem ;)
    But this will be fixed in the next release!
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  29. Same here Station is not working :(
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    is it possible to increase the maxhight for gates?
    I build a castle some time ago and now the last row of my fences arenĀ“t moved in the latest version of falsebook.
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    Mine is working fine, are you using the correct block? Default is obsidian.

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