Inactive [MECH] EnderStorage v1.0 - Let the Endermen take care of your storage needs [1.2.5 R4]

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    EnderStorage - the remote storage solution.
    Version: 1.0


    I was playing around in 1.8 when I realized that the Endermen could be really useful. They can teleport, and they can carry blocks- so why not make them work for you? This plugin gives you an answer when you run out of inventory space, and it uses the Ender Pearls- giving them another feature besides teleporting- as payment for the Endermen's invaluable services. Here's how:
    With an Ender Pearl in hand, look directly at the block you want to store. It can't be bedrock, a chest, or similarly unmovable block. Type /estore, and a (usually) friendly Enderman representative will teleport over, grab the block you indicate, and then take it to a secret hiding place in the Nether. You can store up to 64 blocks this way. Run out of inventory space in a deep mine, but have Ender Pearls on you? No problem, an Enderman will take care of that.
    When it's time for you to redeem your goodies, simply type /es while looking at a block. Another Enderman will saunter up and plop down a chest full of everything that they've stored away for you. When this happens all of the stored blocks will be returned at once, and you can start stockpiling again.

    * Let the Endermen take care of your storage needs, carrying up to 64 blocks
    * One unique inventory per player, which can be held indefinitely until retrieved
    * Get all your stored blocks with a simple command: /es
    * Store a block by looking at it and typing /estore
    * Delivery service from Endermen! What else do you want?

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    * Release

    * Permissions: ''

    * Support for 1.2.5, modified method of getting blocks
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    That's probably the most important line (though the rest can help) - but you should be able to copy and paste from the server console window rather than typing it all out.
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    I cant copy... It wont let me highlight text in the cmd window... and in Pail it doesnt show errors, it just says there's a problem (Usally "PLUGINNAME cant be enabled") so I cant copy/paste...

    And anyway, I got it fixed.

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    Look interesting but 1.9 will ruin your ender pearl idea as it used to throw and tp to location it landed.
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    Not really, you can choose if you want to throw it and teleport or use it (right click, not throw) to store a block.
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    It was giving me errors, I couldnt use it, I had to get rid of the old version of nSpleef is all.
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    does this go to everyone or does it default to ops?
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    please wget friendly link.
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    I don't suppose you could prevent the enderman from taking blocks in worldguard/residence regions? I just noticed that you could easily break into a restricted area or steal valuable protected blocks from other players using the enderstorage. Also would it be possible for the enderman to just take a stack of items from your inventory instead?
  14. Would be really cool with WG support! (and the obligatory Permission nodes)
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    hmmm maybe you should make it not allow to pick up grass
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    Hey hey, love the plugin... But me and some of the guys on our server have found major issues with it.

    It completely disregards worldguard protection, and lockette's chest and door locking system.
    This needs to be fixed ASAP... It could be used as a griefing tool of sorts. nothing stops it.

    It also needs permissions too, I'd love to allow VIPs to be the only group to be able to use it, just because normal users would abuse it. Especially with the WG/lockette bugs.
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    @L24D I can add Permissions by tonight. I set this plugin priority to lowest so it wouldn't interfere with protections, but I'll see if I can work with the public APIs.
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    Okay, thanks bunches! :D
    Sorry about the troubles...

    Let me know if there's anything I can do, i'll be glad to do the testing for you if you're short on help :)
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    I absolutely LOVE this plugin. That said, I DO have a suggestion, if you don't mind.
    To compensate for 1.9 breaking the functionality, maybe you should change it slightly, to /es bringing and dismissing the enderman, at a cost of an ender pearl every summon, but free dismissal, and have the enderman drop you a chest, that it would then take back when dismissed. That way you get a pay-to-access chest!

    I haven't played around much with making bukkit plugins but i'd really love to see that tweak to this functionality :)
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    I've added Permissions support (node is "") and when I have a little more time I'll add new features.
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    Wow! I'll test this right away!
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    i love this! you should change the storage to a place in The End when 1.9 is made.

    dont reload, restart

    hey, can you add a config that can set what types of blocks can be stored, for example so you can disallow dirt or planks, because this can easily be used as a greifing tool

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    Yeah, probably at the end of this week. I'm crazy busy until then.
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    Hey hey, sorries... But it appears that the node doesn't seem to do anything...
    No errors, no message saying that i don't have permission... nothing.. o_o
    PermissionsEx and bukkit, build 1337.
    Thoroughly tested it, but nothing happened :p

    Maybe have a look into it when you're freed up again?
    Thanks. :)

    Wishing you the best of luck on a one of a kind plugin. :D
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    Well, I added it using superperms, which I think PEX is compatible with- I'll look into it again. Does the plugin do anything at all?
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    Hmm, nope... it says it's enabled in the log... but that's all...
    I did try using ender.* as well, but to no avail :(
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    It should be included with * permissions. It should also work if you're OP o_o
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    trust me- I already tried that- but i fixed it somehow- had a conflicting plugin
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    suggestion list:
    1. add a permissions node that allows playerss to check the items stored by a player so they can see if that player might have an illegal item in the game. do it with /es *player*

    2. add a node that tells players what item a player just stored in real time

    3. make it that when you right click on a chest with an ender pearl, it stores all the blocks in that chest, but not the chest

    4. link this with log block/hawkeye/bigbrother/lwc/lockette/worldguard and other plugins that log whose chest something is so that only the player that owns that chest or block can store it. if none of those plugins are on the server, then either allow it on all blocks or add a database to this plugin that records placed blocks. this is because this tool can EASILY be used to grief or steal others items, including blocks protected by world edit.

    5. make the endermen non-aggro, because i downloaded a plugin that makes them aggro by looking at them, and so players get hurt when storing stuff
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    Does this work for 1.1 R4 or will it not? Because I need to know if they will cause errors. I'm also on shaky ground because I know of some plugins that don't need to be updated because nothing changes. So, will this plugin need to be updated? Or is it safe to use?

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