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    The plugin will be continued at dev.bukkit.org!
    Want to help? Sign up as an alpha- or beta-tester!

    What this plugin does:

    It creates vertical moving elevators, which can be controlled by redstone-powered blocks.

    Features (open)

    • Creating elevators with an individual size (square or rectangle shape).
    • Floor-management: define your own floors with their own names, being able to call an elevator on every floor by – per example – pressing a button.
    • Movement-triggers: control the elevator with redstone circuits or buttons or any other redstone-powered block!
    • Elevator movement-controls: have different buttons for moving the elevator up and down, skip floors by pressing a control button several times.
    • Command-queuing: the elevator will move to the different floors one after the other if it gets more than one command at the same time.
    • Build on the elevator whatever you want (nearly ;))
    • Use redstone outputs to link the elevator to iron doors or more complex circuits.
    • Connect the elevator to your minecart system!
    • Use the elevator as something else, like a lava door.
    • Build automtically opening/closing glass doors around or on your elevator!
    • Protect your elevator with a password or user restriction.
    • Permissions support!

    How to install (open)

    • The server mod:
      Just copy the Elevators.jar into your plugins/ folder. That's it. You can modify the config later (See section Tutorials>Configuration).
    • ???

    FAQ (open)

    • Q: I'm completely new to this plugin! What shall I do?
      A: First, install the mod (see How to install), then you can read the basic tutorials in the tutorial section below.
    • Q: I'm sick of using buttons all the time to control the elevator! I want to include my redstone circuits!
      A: You don't have to use buttons! You can right-click any type of redstone-powered block! The buttons are just the easiest way.
    • Q: I want to build several buttons or other blocks for the SAME floor! How to do it?
      A: Have a look at the "direct" command. It links other blocks to an already existing floor.
    • Q: I try to build a lava door, but the lava is transported with the elevator! How can I let displace the lava by the elevator?
      A: At first, build the elevator like it should be later. Then, use the command /elev lock. Now your elevator will not grab any blocks or fluids placed later on it.
    • Q: Is there a size limitation for the elevator's shape?
      A: Yes. Normally, there is a maximum for the area of 25 blocks. But: you can change this limitation in the config.

    Command usage & Permissions (open)

    [...] = optional parameter. ...|... = select ONE of the values, they all mean the same. <...> = put your own values here.

    /elevators|elevator|elev <command from the list below>

    The basic commands:
    • help|? - shows the commands.
    • permission|permissions - shows your current permission level.
    • create - creates a new elevator at your current position.
    • remove - removes an existing elevator from your current position.
    • call|floor <Floorname> - creates a new floor with the given Floorname.
    • up - creates a new UpBlock, right-click to select block after command.
    • down - creates a new DownBlock, right-click to select block after command.
    • go|direct [<Floorname>] - creates a new link to the given floor or the nearest. Toggled by redstone input. Right-click a block.
    • redstoneout [<Floorname>] - creates a redstoneoutput, right-click to select the output block after. Has to be a lever.
    • glassdoor [<Floorname>] - Type command and place glass blocks. A door will be created to the given floor or the nearest. Use /elev finish to finish and disable glass block listener.
    • glassremove [<Floorname>] - Removes all glass blocks linked to the given floor or from the cabin when no floor is specified.
    • finish - Finishes an action (like glassdoor placement).
    • info - creates debugging info file. CONSOLE ONLY.
    • lock - locks the cabin blocks to stop updating before every movement.
    The more advanced ones:
    • help|? - shows the commands.
    • permission|permissions - shows your current permission level.
    • create [password <Password>] [users <Username1> <Username2> <UsernameN>]- creates a new elevator at your current position, optional with password or user whitelist.
    • remove - removes an existing elevator from your current position.
    • call|floor <Floorname> [password <Password>] [users <Username1> <Username2> <UsernameN>] - creates a new floor with the given Floorname, optional with password or user whitelist.
    • up - creates a new UpBlock, right-click to select block after command.
    • down - creates a new DownBlock, right-click to select block after command.
    • go|direct [<Floorname>] - creates a new link to the given floor or the nearest. Toggled by redstone input. Right-click a block.
    • redstoneout [<Floorname>] - creates a redstoneoutput, right-click to select the output block after. Has to be a lever.
    • glassdoor [<Floorname>] [direction <DirectionIdentifier>] - Type command and place glass blocks. A door will be created to the given floor or the nearest. Use /elev finish to finish and disable glass block listener. You can use a DirectionIdentifier (left,right,up,down,splitH,splitV) to set the opening direction manually.
    • glassremove [<Floorname>] - Removes all glass blocks linked to the given floor or from the cabin when no floor is specified.
    • finish - Finishes an action (like glassdoor placement).
    • info - creates debugging info file. CONSOLE ONLY.
    • pw|password [<Floorname>] [password <Password>] - Overrides password protection for the given floor or the whole elevator.
    • user [<Floorname>] [users <Username1> <Username2> <UsernameN>] - Overrides user whitelist for the given floor or the whole elevator.
    • give [<Username>] - changes the owner of the elevator. Once changed, a reset is not possible.
    • lock - locks the cabin blocks to stop updating before every movement.
    Permission nodes:
    • elevators.builder - basic permission level, user can set up elevators.
    • elevators.advancedbuilder - advanced permission level, user can protect elevators with password / user list.
    • elevators.operator - ignores owner, passwords and user restrictions, can modify everything.

    Tutorials (open)

    Basic setup:
    • Prepare a shaft – size can be between 1x1 up to 5x5. There has to be air in the whole shaft(means also no ladders and no torches directly on the wall).
    • Build a plain of any block type in your shaft as the elevator’s ground. (I would recommend to use a block type that is not placed anywhere in the shaft again with the same shape.)
    • Stand on the ground while typing /elevator create
    • A new floor and a new “CallBlock” (to call the elevator later) are created simultaneously by first typing /elevator call <Floorname> and then right-clicking on a (already existing!!) button. The elevator will halt 2 stones below this block
    • You have to create Up- and DownBlocks (to control the elevator) on every floor OR (better) inside the elevator. Type /elevator up or /elevator down , then right-click on a button (again the buttons have to be created BEFORE).
    • Create as many floors as you want. Besides: the control-blocks can be up to 2 blocks away from the elevator
    • Now you are ready to use the elevator!
    • If you want to remove floors or control-blocks, simply destroy the blocks.
    • If you want to remove the whole elevator, stand nearby and type /elevator remove.
    • After the first server startup with the plugin v1.3+, a new file named Configuration.txt is created in plugins\Elevators\
    • Feel free to modify the values in there. But keep to the given format.
    • restart the server (or use /reload command) to apply the changes.
    Enhanced redstone:
    • If you want, you can extend your calling mechanism, per example by using stone plates connected to redstone wire.
    • To make your elevator moving to a specific floor, type /elevator direct <Floorname> and right-click any redstone wire or button or stone plate...
    • You can also use /elev direct WITHOUT the floorname. This will lead to the next floor in range.
    • If you want, you can add a redstone output to the elevator. Build a LEVER near to the elevator, then type /elev redstoneout and right-click the lever. Connect the lever to your circuit with redstone wire.
    Glass doors for your elevator:
    • Type /elev glassdoor [<Floorname>] [direction <DirectionIdentifier>] to start.
    • You can use a DirectionIdentifier (left,right,up,down,splitH,splitV) to set the opening direction manually. left and right are seen from outside the elevator. splitH and splitV will let the door split horizontally or vertically from the center.
    • Now build glass blocks around the elevator or on the elevator. Use any shape you want.
    • Type /elev finish to stop adding blocks as doors.
    • Call the elevator again to the floor where you built the door. Your created door opens.
    • The door is now activated and will open and close automatically. Have fun!
    Elevator protection (advanced builders):
    • every created elevator has an owner. Only the owner can modify the elevator. To change the owner, type "/elev give <newownername>". To enable modification for every player, type "/elev give". This will remove any owner protection.
    • use the optional parameters to create an elevator/floor with protection, p.e. "/elev floor testing floor password ultimatepassword users NTcomputer Notch" would create a new floor named "testing floor" with the password "ultimatepassword", only available for the users NTcomputer and Notch.
    • modify your protection settings with the commands /elev user and /elev password, p.e.: "/elev user testing floor users Admin" will override the previous settings to only allow user Admin the usage.
    • remove protection settings? Very easy: use /elev password or /elev user without any parameters or floorname only to reset the protection.
    • so far the whitelist, but I want to create a blacklist. How to? Like this: "/elev user testing floor users * -griefer" (no, there isn't any space between the minus and the player - damn line break). * means everybody can use it, the "-" before a name indicates you hate this player and don't want to let him destroy your secret room on the testing floor ;)
    • I have set up the protection, but I'm never asked for a password?! This can have several reasons: 1.) You are an operator. 2.) You have the permission elevators.operator 3.) You are the owner of the elevator. Just let somebody else try, he WILL get a prompt. 4.) You are standing near the elevator while another player tries to use it. He/she won't be blocked.

    Known issues (open)

    • It is difficult to move yourself or turn around while moving with an elevator.
    • Don't use doors on an elevator! They will "clone" items.
    • Pressure plates don't work as Up- /DownBlocks directly. Build at least two redstone to them, type the command and right-click the end of the wire.
    • Avoid using up/down in circuits. This will force any selected redstone-block to remain in off-state. (You can use "direct", though!)

    Future Ideas (open)

    • name elevators - v1.4.4
    • signs with current floor - v1.4.5
    • allow any block type for doors - v1.4.5
    • iConomy support - coming in v1.5

    Changelog (server mod) (open)

    • Version 1.4.3 (RB #740)
      -implementation of the secret project (not useable yet)
      -fixed the chest duplication bug
      -fixed the powered/detector rail dropping bug
      -enabled plugin usage for subfolder-worlds
      -fixed some other exceptions
    • Version 1.4.2 (RB #670)
      -elevators are now stored in the world folders (-> allow backups)
      -items will drop when moved away from a wall
      -added forbidden blocks to config
      -added command abbreviations to config
      -added glassdoor directions
      -added "lock" for cabin blocks
      -prevent block changes while elevator moves
      -added more config options and messages
    • Version 1.4.1 (RB #602)
      -cabin blocks are now searched when initiating movement
      ->WorldEdit & Co for cabin blocks supported!
      -Entities are now moved along, even if they are positioned a greater distance above the ground blocks
      -merged direct and extend commands
      -enabled relative glass doors (=doors in the cabin)
      -glass doors are now "grouped" automatically for a more real opening order
      -redstone outputs floor parameter added.
      -ground blocks pending between grass and dirt are not blocking the elevator anymore
      -wheat, cactus and sugar cane item duplication bug fixed
    • Version 1.4 (RB #556)
      -Permissions support added
      -elevator and floor protection added
      ->many new commands and command parameters
      -command to remove glass doors from a specific floor
      -owner system added
      -individual elevator size support
      -fixed some bugs (can't remember which)
    • Version 1.3.1:
      -removed TSLPC
      -added go|direct command
      -improved elevator search
      -improved elevator position search (prevention of loosing the ceiling ;-))
      -storing entity positions when initiating moving - hopefully fixes fall-through bugs
      -added info console command to create debugging info files
      -binds glass doors to a command
      -fixed button and redstone bugs
      -improved storage cleanup
    • Version 1.3:
      -added automatically closing glass doors.
      -added configuration.
      -fixed a fault timing.
      -changed the command handler to onCommand in main file.
    • Version 1.2.3:
      -fixed a block checking bug.
      -redstone on the elevator is now working.
    • Version 1.2.2:
      -chests and dispensers are now working.
      -furnaces are now working.
      -adjacent mine tracks are now working.
      -item orientation bugfix.
    • Version 1.2.1:
      -color of wool is now stored.
      -Signs are now working inside the elevator.
      -orientation of levers, buttons, torches etc. is now stored (can still be glitchy, cause multiplayer servers always have problems with that)
      -fixed many bugs for the blocks built on the elevator
      -elevator blocks can be safely removed by iStick, Superpickaxe and others now
      -improved the movement system for liquids (enables lava doors and more!)
      -improved the movement system for all entities (creatures and minecarts will also be transported now)
      -elevator movement is now much smoother
      -improved floor search for up- and down-blocks when the elevator got stuck
      -changed the entire storage system
    • Version 1.2:
      - enabled building on the elevator.
      - created redstone outputs
      - fixed server crashes
      - made compatible to CraftBukkit 289+
      - improved handling of breaked blocks
      - made plugin thread-secure
      -fixed path problems on mac + linux
      - and maybe some others...
    • Version 1.1:
      - made the creation a bit easier.
      - fixed some bugs
      - increased the maximum size to 5x5
    • Version 1.0:
      - Release
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    What do you mean by "outside"? Do you have an enclosed shaft or an open one? If it's enclosed, you can just hide it in the wall. The levers have to be within 2 blocks of the elevator. That's the only requirement. If it's on the outside, it shouldn't fall off, because it shouldn't be moving. Unless you're attaching it to the side of the platform.

    If you need it to activate on each floor, just put a redstone out hidden somewhere on each floor Otherwise you could just use a redstone torch to power dust on each floor as it arrives. More details about your specific build would be nice if this doesn't answer your questions.
    He did state he was using redstoneout, and redstoneout requires levers to work.
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    oh whoops, my mistake
    well its kinda late here so hope you forgive me this one :p
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    would it be possible to add a capability of making elevators that move horizontally? :)
    like moving platforms?
  5. Offline


    Worked perfectly, thanks !
    it's just hard to synchronise the elevator mouvement with the cart.
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    Is it possible to make shaftless elevators? Building the elevator with shaft and then removing the shaft?
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    As in a free-floating elevator? Sure, I made a test elevator that consisted of a floor and two free-floating platforms, an open frame to indicate the shaft and a ladder connecting the platforms on one side. I see no reason why the elevator couldn't be completely free.
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    Just tested it out, it sure works, thanks :) I thought that the plugin couldn't tell the platform from the rest of the world if there was no shaft, obviously I know nothing of plugins
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    I built the elevator like this.

    XMMMMR -------WIRE
    X is the shaft, M the platform, R the lever (redstoneout) which is attached to the side of the platform. But everytime the elevator moves it just falls off...
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    Gotcha. Yeah, that's not going to work. Put the lever on the shaft itself. When the elevator gets to that floor, it'll flip it to on. Then just do the same at each floor you're wanting something to happen.
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    More materials for doors are on my todo list.
    Direction is necessary, because you can specify a floorname before.

    BTW, I'm back :D

    That is not the intention of an elevator, and is, therefore, not planned. If everything else had been improved, I will think about it again ;)

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    Hey, I run a small private server with a few friends and recently decided to implement the permissions mod in case we decide to open the server to the public at a later date.
    Before I added the permissions mod your elevator mod worked perfectly but the only problem was that I couldn’t set it so only a few people had access to its commands.
    After installing the permissions mod I can no longer run any of the commands. I have set myself as Op and with all commands (‘*’). When I type any of the elevator commands it just lists all the possible commands in chat but doesn’t execute any of them.

    As I have set it so I have every command I’d of thought I’d be able to use it at least but it does the same for me, I’ve even used the three nodes stated but to no avail. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? I’m pretty sure I’ve installed the permissions mod correctly as its working fine with all my other mod installed.
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    do you use any other plugin then Permissions? like groupmanager?
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    Works now. Thanks a lot ;)
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    I just wanted to explain my idea with named elevators again to make sure you don't get me wrong.

    I think it would be nice if you could name elevators (or give them IDs). That way, you could specify the elevator name/ID when creating new floors (or making glass doors, or ...). This would be like:
    /elev create elev1
    ^ create elevator named 'elev1'
    /elev floor elev1 ground
    ^ add floor 'ground' to elevator 'elev1', then right click call block
    Then you could remove the 'existing elevator nearby-check'. This would allow for many elevators to be built next to each other.

    Long story short: add a name parameter to all commands. So it would be like "see, this button belongs to elev1, don't try to make it belong to elev2"
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    Okay I have a quick question. I set up the elevator everything is fine. Then I go to set up an extra floor "Basement 1" and I have to destroy the blocks currently under the elevator. But now when I call the elevator to the main floor it stops two blocks down and not where it was stopping before so I could get on and off without having to either break a block or use the "/home" plugin.
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    I just tried this mod and am already having some trouble. I create the elevator and it says its been created. i create the buttons call then up and down but when i press them nothing happens. its says everything has been created but it just doesn't respond.
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    Getting this in server log often (and server stops serving connections until restart):

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    Any update on the dupe items glitch?
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    I host about a hundred servers Minecraft and since the move to 1.4.2 (Bukkit 670), we encounter a problem.

    Indeed, we do not have a classical hierarchy level maps:

    We use /map/world
    instead of

    This allows us to manage multiple backup level maps.

    The error we get is the following:

    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] java.io.FileNotFoundException: /map/Norion/elevators/114_114_41_31.properties (No such file or directory)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at java.io.FileOutputStream.open(Native Method)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at java.io.FileOutputStream.(FileOutputStream.java:179)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at java.io.FileOutputStream.(FileOutputStream.java:131)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at de.NTcomputer.util.IOHelper.SaveMaster(IOHelper.java:246)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at de.NTcomputer.Elevators.ElevatorsStore.WriteWorldStore(ElevatorsStore.java:357)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at de.NTcomputer.Elevators.ElevatorsStore.WriteStore(ElevatorsStore.java:345)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at de.NTcomputer.Elevators.ElevatorsStore.AddElevator(ElevatorsStore.java:440)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at de.NTcomputer.Elevators.Elevators.CreateElevator(Elevators.java:243)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at de.NTcomputer.Elevators.Elevators.AnalyzeCommands(Elevators.java:143)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at de.NTcomputer.Elevators.Elevators.onCommand(Elevators.java:106)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(PluginCommand.java:35)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(SimpleCommandMap.java:80)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(CraftServer.java:254)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.c(NetServerHandler.java:596)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.chat(NetServerHandler.java:559)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:553)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(SourceFile:24)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(NetworkManager.java:198)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:72)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:368)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:283)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:375)
    2011-04-18 19:38:16 [WARNING] Elevators - Store - saving elevator data failed!
    Can you help us find the solution? Thank you :)
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    Sorry for the time being away, I had been too busy in RL. Hope I have more free time now ;)

    I understood it this way. I will also implement it like this when I start developing again ;)

    I will have a look at these errors.
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    dont wanna bug you or anything but...its a little bit broken in experimental craftbukkit 703 which allows minecraft 1.5 client to work.

    going up and down still work, however, when calling for the elevator, sometimes one block of glass stays behind and at other conditions the glass does not go up at all.
  23. Offline

    Adam McFarland

    I have the same issue as Gabriel, Elevator works fine, but glass doors are broken, mine close fine, but only open 1/2 way. I noticed that when I push the button to send the elevator away, the glass door will then open all the way, and then shut like it's supposed it.
  24. Offline


    is there a video tutorial anywhere?
  25. Offline


  26. Offline


    Okay i updated to bukkit 709 and the elevators are back to normal :)
  27. Offline


    I am implementing the plugin handler for Permissions as it is provided and try to keep the link up to date. More I can't do. Don't know, why this doesn't work for some.
  28. Offline


    Hey, firstly love the mod, kudo's to you. Im running the new build, just to see if i can help with bugs etc. When i place a button to go down above the platform it takes the button down with it. Its not an issue as the lift works its just weird and i thought you would like to know.

    Bug Reported :)
  29. I had that issue, but the fault was mine - I had the button overhanging the lift shaft ....... Once I moved the button back so it wasn't overhanging the shaft, worked great. I presume you've checked for this ?
  30. Offline


    Yes i have, however when i have button overhanging, and i go to level above button, i get no blocked shaft message it just goes up. Strange. I always have button 1 bcak form elevator anyway. its just this once i thought i'd test the plugin. Thats the only issue i found. And to be honest that can be put under the rug.

    Great Plugin, very usefull ---Costen Rating of 7/10
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    Can I use it with Bukkit 714?
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