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    EfficiencyExpert - Your Expert on Efficiency!

    Download EfficiencyExpert.jar -

    Download Source: 2.0/ 2.0/ 2.0/ 2.0/plugin.yml 2.0/README.txt

    Video Demonstration of EfficiencyExpert 1.0, Courtesy of Tahkeh:


    Through my Minecrafting career, I have built, explored, destroyed, and been lost countless times. But all of those things have one thing in common: they take time. Hours can be spent wandering around, or collecting supplies, or building structures. Introducing a plugin designed to try and make everything just a little bit faster: EfficiencyExpert (EE).

    The basis of this plugin struck me as a simple inspiration: it takes a lot of time to shuffle things around in your inventory. So, at first, I made it a plugin that automatically chooses the tools you use, based on the blocks in front of you, with some options attached to it. This is the basis for the plugin, but you can bet that there'll be updates in the future. My goal is to make certain simple tasks vanish for the players.

    Straight from the README:

    EfficiencyExpert - Version 2.0


    It's here! It's here! At long last, I've made the final updates and changes for EE 2.0. There will almost certainly be glitches, unsupported blocks/materials, and

    other necessary fixes to things I missed, so please just let me know if you find an issue, and bear with me as I work to fix it.


    - Automatic tool selection, with commands
    - Individualized EE data files, per player
    - Permissions support

    - Code made prettier (with help from @cholo7179)
    - Code made more efficient (with guidance from @The_Guest)
    - Command formatting changed (@cholo7179)
    - General multi-platform support and stability slightly improved (minor code additions from @cholo7179)

    - In-Game Content:
    o Auto-sword option (draw sword when living entities are nearby)
    o Auto-bucket option (draw bucket when looking at liquids)
    o Auto-minecart option (draw minecart when looking at minecart tracks)
    o Auto-flint-and-steel option (draw flint-and-steel when looking at Netherrack)
    o Auto-special-tools option (draw buckets when looking at cows, flint-and-steel when looking at pigs, and shears when looking at sheep)
    o Auto-wear-armor option (self-explanatory; wears strongest (and most-used) armor first)
    o Hot-bar slot option (when used, EE will switch any items in the slot while looking for the appropriate tool; all other slots will be completely ignored)
    o Auto-create-arrows option (if you're holding a workbench, feather(s), stick(s), and flint, EE will automatically convert them to arrows up to a maximum limit defaulted at 64 arrows. The conversion from raw materials to arrows is exactly the same as if you were to craft them manually.
    o Auto-stack-inventory option (automatically condenses inventory items to as few slots as possible)
    - Under the Hood:
    o Logical operations (generally) re-organized for more efficient short-circuit evaluation
    o Totally new, expanded, and improved save-file formatting - BE SURE TO GET RID OF YOUR OLD FILES, AND UPDATE WITH THE NEW FORMAT
    o Default save-file system as EEDefaultProperties.dat (automatically generated by EE when server is run; once created, file can be modified as a custom default for all new players on the server)
    o A lot of miscellaneous failsafes for file loading and saving
    o Tons of new commands for setting customization
    o Generally optimized code


    There are a LOT of commands - but don't feel overwhelmed. Most of them are very straightforward to understand and remember, and are formatted in a manner based on what

    you see when you type the command "/ee status".

    [boolean] denotes a need for a true/false value
    [integer] denotes a need for a whole number value
    [tool] denotes a need for a tool name (axe, pickaxe, spade, hoe, or sword)

    Commands with an asteric (*) after them are only useable by OP's; all others can be used by anyone with EfficiencyExpert permission ("efficiencyexpert.*").

    /ee on

    /ee off

    /ee status

    /ee save

    /ee saveAll *

    /ee toDefault

    /ee toDefaultAll *

    /ee resetDefault *

    /ee setAsDefault *

    /ee active [boolean]

    /ee chooseTools [boolean]

    /ee efficient [boolean]

    /ee useAxes [boolean]

    /ee usePickaxes [boolean]

    /ee useSpades [boolean]

    /ee useHoes [boolean]

    /ee useSwords [boolean]

    /ee useWoodTools [boolean]

    /ee useStoneTools [boolean]

    /ee useIronTools [boolean]

    /ee useDiamondTools [boolean]

    /ee useGoldTools [boolean]

    /ee useShears [boolean]

    /ee useBuckets [boolean]

    /ee useMinecarts [boolean]

    /ee useFlintAndSteel [boolean]

    /ee useSpecialTools [boolean]

    /ee autoStackInventory [boolean]

    /ee autoWearArmor [boolean]

    /ee autoCreateArrows [boolean]

    /ee autoCreateArrowsMax [integer]

    /ee useHotBarSlot [boolean]

    /ee hotBarSlot [integer]

    /ee useWoodTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useStoneTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useIronTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useDiamondTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useGoldTools [tool] [boolean]

    Upcoming Features

    - Option to draw a torch when in a certain light level
    - Default items (if you have this item, automatically set it in a specified inventory slot, such as torches to hotbar slot 9)


    So that's it! I've done a lot, and have some more to do, but it's mostly on you, the community, to give your feedback and ideas for EE to move forward further.

    Thanks for the support!

    Your Friend in Minecraft,

    Special Thanks:
    • Thanks most of all to my friend @Tahkeh, who intermittently helped me learn how to code plugins, do small bits of coding, and debug this entire plugin, all within 4 days (check out his plugin, LoginMessage)
    • Thanks also to my other friend @pop2012, who helped me debug for about 10 minutes once
    • Thanks to @cholo7179 for cleaning up a little bit of code for me. It's now slightly prettier (I plan on further improving it on the next update), and is potentially more friendly to other OS's (I am a Windows guy myself)
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    I never modified the source or plugin. Ive tried redownloading.

    PEX now supports bukkitperms.
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    As for PEX supporting bukkitperms, that's excellent!

    As for the problems you're having, I need more information in order to try and help. What OS are you using? What plugins are you using? Which Bukkit server are you using? And what EXACTLY are you doing when you get the error?

    Hope I can help!
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    CB 1051, we have roughly 110 plugins, cent os 5.5 64bit, java 1.7. Im doing nothing, people didnt even know the plugin was installed yet.
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    ... alrighty. So, you're using CB 1050. I am still on CB 1000, the latest Recommended Build, and while this does not necessarily explain why EE isn't working on the newest build, it could possibly be the reason for it. Your massive list of plugins tells me that EE could possibly be in conflict with another plugin, and the two are somehow interrupting one another. I am not familiar with the OS that you are using, so sorry, but I can't be of much help on that avenue.

    The error that you are receiving I HAVE received before, and it indicates that the PlayerMoveEvent, I.E. the player moving, is not properly being passed to the plugin.

    I will try and look into the issue, and let you know if I discover anything. But, beyond that, I don't think that I can be of much help. Sorry, but good luck!
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    That's a lot of plugins you have there... :p Try to debug your problem.

    First, shut down your server or prepare another test server on a different port. If you are using the former, rename your plugins folder to whatever, like, plugins_ so you can find it easy. Then create a new folder named plugins.

    Put EE and your Permissions-related plugin/plugins in there. Now, start the server and run around in it, using its tool-switching features. Turn it on/off, toggle speed/efficiency, etc. Also, invite people who do NOT have permissions to use EE into your server, and have them do the same. If you got an error, it's probably your Permissions plugin. You can confirm this by removing your Permissions plugin. If it no longer has an error, it HAS to be Permissions-related.

    If you didn't have any errors, it's probably some conflicting plugin.
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    Sweet! thanks! ;)
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    Shot, thanks for your previous suggestion. Will surely do it that way =)

    I did pickup one thing though. When you look at clay, it switches to either your hand or non tool object and not a shovel. Might just add the shovel tool as preferred for clay.

    Once again. AWESOME plugin, especially when doing mining. Now I am able to do rapid mining ;)
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    This is going on my server asap! Thanks so much!
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    Oh, man, awesome plugin! This is functionality that needs to be enabled everywhere, and then incorporated into Minecraft itself.

    After using EE for an entire day, I've come up with three things that I'd like to improve:

    1) As noted a ways up the thread, it would be nice to select one slot , and tools are always swapped between inventory and that slot, leaving the other 8 alone. All of the tools that the mod switches are basically "left click to destroy this block", so you really don't need more than one slot. And it would make it so I don't have to / before I can build anything.

    2) I would like to be able to exclude certain tools from selection. This is for compatibility with other mods that may give special meanings to certain tools. For example, WorldEdit takes over the wooden axe for marking coordinates. I carry a wood axe when I'm doing large adminy things, and this + efficiency mode makes it difficult to chop down trees. :)

    3) BUG: If you're in (or looking through) a block occupied by a torch, then EE switches you to no tool, even if you're actually targeting stone next to the torch. Similarly, if you're looking through water. (this also makes working underwater basically impossible) In both cases, you should select a tool based on the block behind the torch/water. The easiest way to fix this is when you call Player.GetTargetBlock, change the first parameter from null to a hashmap containing {air, water, runningwater, torch} and anything else you want to be looking through instead of at.

    I looked at the code, and I can give you a patch with these fixes if you don't have time. I don't want to duplicate effort, so if you're already working on this, let me know.
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    All of these changes are planned and in-progress. =D I believe that, if they and the others listed above are added, EE will have much more versatility and usefulness with servers and other plugins.

    As for your suggestions 1 and 2, I should be able to relatively easily implement those changes (hopefully without glitches =D). As for number 3, I HAD noticed some peculiar behavior to that end, and I REALLY appreciate your input on how to get around it.

    I'm pretty sure that I can get all of the changes working within a week or two on my own, but if you want to work on it your own, feel free! Thanks again!
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    Hi, everyone! Today, I have completed a minor update to the code, and it will be posted momentarily (hopefully). I implemented some changes, suggested by @cholo71796 and The_Guest, which include prettier code formatting, slightly more efficient code-usage, fixed a little issue with mining clay, and, most importantly, implemented a new command format (see the top of the thread for additional information). This is NOT a significant update, so don't feel obligated to update EfficiencyExpert.jar if you don't want to; I simply made this minor update as a stepping stone into the next major one. Cheers!
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    This is a great plugin! Thanks for creating it :p I don't want to nag you, so I'll ask this only once and hope for a response :p Are you going to add permissions support of some sort? This is what I would like; a separate permission node for each type of efficiency enhancer. So mining gets a node so on and so forth.

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    Absolutely; this has more or less been a significant part of my plan since I began. As EE only has the tool-selecting feature, that kind of Permissions support would have been silly; but, as more individual features are added, yes, individualized Permissions will, too. Thanks for the post!
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    My thinking in adding individualized permissions for different tools is maybe a bit unsteady reasoning. My thinking was this, I sell the efficient mining perk. This would include the pickaxe, and shovel so on and so fourth for the rest of the packages. I think this could be used as more of a "core" game feature instead.
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    Good news: EE 2.0 should be out soon, probably within a week! Today I had time to work on it, and I completely revamped how data are loaded, maintained, and saved, which will allow me to have space for all thr features I want to add! I can't guarantee that every addition will be included, but I'll do my best!
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  17. great plugin, excellent donator perk
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    Past, Present, and Future EE Users,

    I am sincerely sorry for the long wait for the next update, but I am VERY busy right now, and there are a LOT of features that I want to implement and will need to test. I hope to be able to have time to work on it sometime in or around the beginning of November, so hopefully the update will be out before December. I apologize again for the wait, and simply ask that you bear with me, report any bugs with the current version, and suggest any cool new features you've thought of for the update.

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    We'll wait! ^_^
    Suggestion though, you might want to take a look at Spout if you haven't done so. It may help you out or give you new possibilities for you to accomplish.
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    How goes the progress? :p
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    Veeeeeeery slow. Just due to having little free time. I have many plans made, though, so when I get some time in the upcoming weeks, I'll be sure to try to implement them.
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    Tra lalalala *not wondering in the least about how the development is going* lalalala
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    As you are one of my favorite Bukkit members, here's what I can do: next week, I will take 1 day and try to get out an EE 2.0 Beta, if you will. No promises, no guarantees, but I'll get out what I can of the new features. How's that?
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    That sounds fantastic. Thanks so much! :p
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    Past, Present, and Future Fans of EfficiencyExpert,

    Today is the day. I have some other things to do at certain times today, but I will finally have some time to work on EE like I've been waiting to do. I probably will not finish everything that I want to; the list of features is about an entire piece of paper long, at the moment. But, I'll do what I can, and try to release a "Beta" version tonight, God-willing. Looking forward to some positive feedback! =)

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    To those who are/were waiting with bated breath,

    I'm sorry for not getting out anything last night, but I got the worst headache of my life and couldn't concentrate enough to keep working. But, today I should certainly be able to get out what I got done as a "Beta" version. Looking forward to it!


    I THINK I'VE DONE IT. Working on getting it posted on GitHub. Will post it when it's ready for you all!

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    AWESOME! Thank you so, so much! I have to figure out how to embed my heart onto the WWW and then send it to you!
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    That's it, everyone! The links are in the main posting of the thread! Be sure to read the section labeled "EE 2.0 Beta"!
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    I believe this is missing stone bricks

    also, swords are fastest for fences
    pickaxes are fastest on stone brick | cobblestone stairs
    swords are possibly faster for wood stairs
    swords are fastest for cobweb

    also also, when I use /reload could it not spam everyone with their settings?

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