Inactive [MECH] EfficiencyExpert v2.0 - Makes Minecraft More Efficient [1.0.1-R1]

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    EfficiencyExpert - Your Expert on Efficiency!

    Download EfficiencyExpert.jar -

    Download Source: 2.0/ 2.0/ 2.0/ 2.0/plugin.yml 2.0/README.txt

    Video Demonstration of EfficiencyExpert 1.0, Courtesy of Tahkeh:


    Through my Minecrafting career, I have built, explored, destroyed, and been lost countless times. But all of those things have one thing in common: they take time. Hours can be spent wandering around, or collecting supplies, or building structures. Introducing a plugin designed to try and make everything just a little bit faster: EfficiencyExpert (EE).

    The basis of this plugin struck me as a simple inspiration: it takes a lot of time to shuffle things around in your inventory. So, at first, I made it a plugin that automatically chooses the tools you use, based on the blocks in front of you, with some options attached to it. This is the basis for the plugin, but you can bet that there'll be updates in the future. My goal is to make certain simple tasks vanish for the players.

    Straight from the README:

    EfficiencyExpert - Version 2.0


    It's here! It's here! At long last, I've made the final updates and changes for EE 2.0. There will almost certainly be glitches, unsupported blocks/materials, and

    other necessary fixes to things I missed, so please just let me know if you find an issue, and bear with me as I work to fix it.


    - Automatic tool selection, with commands
    - Individualized EE data files, per player
    - Permissions support

    - Code made prettier (with help from @cholo7179)
    - Code made more efficient (with guidance from @The_Guest)
    - Command formatting changed (@cholo7179)
    - General multi-platform support and stability slightly improved (minor code additions from @cholo7179)

    - In-Game Content:
    o Auto-sword option (draw sword when living entities are nearby)
    o Auto-bucket option (draw bucket when looking at liquids)
    o Auto-minecart option (draw minecart when looking at minecart tracks)
    o Auto-flint-and-steel option (draw flint-and-steel when looking at Netherrack)
    o Auto-special-tools option (draw buckets when looking at cows, flint-and-steel when looking at pigs, and shears when looking at sheep)
    o Auto-wear-armor option (self-explanatory; wears strongest (and most-used) armor first)
    o Hot-bar slot option (when used, EE will switch any items in the slot while looking for the appropriate tool; all other slots will be completely ignored)
    o Auto-create-arrows option (if you're holding a workbench, feather(s), stick(s), and flint, EE will automatically convert them to arrows up to a maximum limit defaulted at 64 arrows. The conversion from raw materials to arrows is exactly the same as if you were to craft them manually.
    o Auto-stack-inventory option (automatically condenses inventory items to as few slots as possible)
    - Under the Hood:
    o Logical operations (generally) re-organized for more efficient short-circuit evaluation
    o Totally new, expanded, and improved save-file formatting - BE SURE TO GET RID OF YOUR OLD FILES, AND UPDATE WITH THE NEW FORMAT
    o Default save-file system as EEDefaultProperties.dat (automatically generated by EE when server is run; once created, file can be modified as a custom default for all new players on the server)
    o A lot of miscellaneous failsafes for file loading and saving
    o Tons of new commands for setting customization
    o Generally optimized code


    There are a LOT of commands - but don't feel overwhelmed. Most of them are very straightforward to understand and remember, and are formatted in a manner based on what

    you see when you type the command "/ee status".

    [boolean] denotes a need for a true/false value
    [integer] denotes a need for a whole number value
    [tool] denotes a need for a tool name (axe, pickaxe, spade, hoe, or sword)

    Commands with an asteric (*) after them are only useable by OP's; all others can be used by anyone with EfficiencyExpert permission ("efficiencyexpert.*").

    /ee on

    /ee off

    /ee status

    /ee save

    /ee saveAll *

    /ee toDefault

    /ee toDefaultAll *

    /ee resetDefault *

    /ee setAsDefault *

    /ee active [boolean]

    /ee chooseTools [boolean]

    /ee efficient [boolean]

    /ee useAxes [boolean]

    /ee usePickaxes [boolean]

    /ee useSpades [boolean]

    /ee useHoes [boolean]

    /ee useSwords [boolean]

    /ee useWoodTools [boolean]

    /ee useStoneTools [boolean]

    /ee useIronTools [boolean]

    /ee useDiamondTools [boolean]

    /ee useGoldTools [boolean]

    /ee useShears [boolean]

    /ee useBuckets [boolean]

    /ee useMinecarts [boolean]

    /ee useFlintAndSteel [boolean]

    /ee useSpecialTools [boolean]

    /ee autoStackInventory [boolean]

    /ee autoWearArmor [boolean]

    /ee autoCreateArrows [boolean]

    /ee autoCreateArrowsMax [integer]

    /ee useHotBarSlot [boolean]

    /ee hotBarSlot [integer]

    /ee useWoodTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useStoneTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useIronTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useDiamondTools [tool] [boolean]

    /ee useGoldTools [tool] [boolean]

    Upcoming Features

    - Option to draw a torch when in a certain light level
    - Default items (if you have this item, automatically set it in a specified inventory slot, such as torches to hotbar slot 9)


    So that's it! I've done a lot, and have some more to do, but it's mostly on you, the community, to give your feedback and ideas for EE to move forward further.

    Thanks for the support!

    Your Friend in Minecraft,

    Special Thanks:
    • Thanks most of all to my friend @Tahkeh, who intermittently helped me learn how to code plugins, do small bits of coding, and debug this entire plugin, all within 4 days (check out his plugin, LoginMessage)
    • Thanks also to my other friend @pop2012, who helped me debug for about 10 minutes once
    • Thanks to @cholo7179 for cleaning up a little bit of code for me. It's now slightly prettier (I plan on further improving it on the next update), and is potentially more friendly to other OS's (I am a Windows guy myself)
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    Yes, finally published! Great plugin that works great as well. ^_^
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    I love this .. could you make, that you don't need commands?

    I mean that all players have / if they come online .. and i can set this in the config, that would be cool.
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    Suggestions for animals:
    Sheep: Shears
    Cow: Empty Bucket
    Pig: Flint & Steel
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    your missing a changelog in your post.
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    Really nice plugin you have there !
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    I like that idea! Currently, the defaults are set to EE being off and in efficient mode. But, I could certainly make a config file that allows a server user to set the defaults, like what you suggested. I will include this in a future update.

    Thanks, I will begin one at once.

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    This looks fucking fantastic.
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    Pure 100% concentrated awesomeness :D
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    Thanks to anyone and everyone who viewed and commented on this plugin! Thanks to you all, and the Bukkit Moderators, my plugin was moved from Submissions to Releases in less than 17 hours. This is considerably more than I ever bargained for. I look forward to continuing development!
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    This is brilliant.
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    Love the plugin but unfortunately the permission doesn't work for my normal users.
    - efficiencyexpert.*
    Doesn't work as it should for those in the group but works perfectly fine for me (OP).
    Using CB #1000 with PEX
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    Unfortunately, the permissions plugin you are using appears to be incompatible with EE. My plugin uses the permissions system built into CraftBukkit. Other permissions plugins such as PermissionsBukkit ARE compatible with the permissions integrated into CraftBukkit, and so work perfectly with EE. The other solution is to set other players to OP's. Hope this resolves your problems!
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    Any chance to support pex, or any other form of permissions. Sorry but right now CB's built in permissions are awful. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. I doubt any serious server owners are using CB's built in permissions.
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    Over the past few days, I have been learning how permissions work (I am very new to plugin development). What I have learned is, it doesn't matter that CB's permissions system isn't as advanced as the permissions of other plugins. What matters is the permissions PLUGIN that is used to read each player's permissions into the server. The permissions plugin itself sifts through the permissions set by the Server admin (in the plugin's permissions file), whether they are for players or for groups, and the plugin then sends those permissions to the appropriate players in CB, using CB's permissions system to do so. Therefore, I would highly suggest you switching your permissions plugin to this: PermissionsBukkit is the standard for permissions plugins, and works flawlessly with CB's permissions system (and with EfficiencyExpert, too!). Good luck!
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    First off, this plugin is amazing. I'm surprised nobody has ever thought of it before! It works perfectly and smoothly. My only complaint (albeit a poor excuse for a complaint) is that I like an organized hotbar. I think in the config in future updates, there should be an option to have only one slot in the hotbar for the mod. By this, I mean that every other slot (say 1-9) is unaffected by the EE plugin. Then the 10th slot is reserved for it, and pushes non-tool items out of the slot.
    Of course, I'd be perfectly happy keeping the functionality as it is. I'm just offering some food for thought. Again though, awesome plugin!
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    Haven't tried it, but the concept is amazing. I constantly have to shuffle around in my inventory in chests getting all the stuff I need, then putting it in order, then getting my hotbar right, then constantly swapping out tools (I always use stone if I can). This would cut out 2 of those steps and even make building more convenient because all you need is one open slot for your tools to pop into, so you can keep more stacks and blocks on your hotbar.
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    That is an excellent idea! I was considering doing such a thing at first, but the way you put it was simple and concise. Expect it in the next update =)
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    Olof Larsson

    Why do you in the end of the OP say that this is your source and your plugin? Why is that even implrtant to you? :) Why I code plugins i rather inform on how the plugin is open sourc and how anyone is welcome to fork me and send pull requests on github. Se all want awesome plugins for bukkit. Lets cooporate and do it together :)
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    You know what? You're right. People should be able to use this plugin however they can, even if they use bits and pieces of it. Thank you. =)
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    Olof Larsson

    Wow that's a cool answer :) I assumed you would get all defensive and stuff :)
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    I decided to make this plugin because I like programming, I thought it was a good idea, and I wanted to help people who would be interested in using it. You helped me realize that not being so selfish was even more of a help to those people! I am willing to try and help anyone who is willing to ask for it :D.
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    This is genius. Can't wait to try it out.
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    Great plugin, but make a version without permissions too. I don't know why anyone would want this tool kept away from its user base. I already edited the source for my server, but perhaps you should also release a "no-permissions" version for the reason stated above.


    Also not to call you out on anything, but what is your programming experience like. I'm looking at your src, and am wondering...
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    I can certainly consider releasing a non-permissions version, I don't see why that would be an issue. =) I DID put in permissions just to have the option, for whoever wants it.

    For the question of my programming experience, I have 3 solid years of school instruction, plus some that I have taught myself. Why do you ask?
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    I would include this on my server once the single hot bar location feature gets added (if it gets added). It would be a great tool to use!
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    All links are currently broken. Also, have you considered using GitHub?
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    Crap. Link is down. I really want to try this on my server.
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    @cholo71796 @mugabuga sorry about that, moving to GitHub now. Give me a couplea minutes, if you would.

    Edit: Alrighty, crisis averted.
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