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    Kevin Forte

    ToughMelt: Get Rid of Stuff Faster
    ~Version: 1.7~
    Download: [JAR]

    A few weeks back, @retsrif was awesome enough to make a plugin for me that melts ice in a radius you specify. A few weeks later, he was awesome enough to help me (an understatement) allow you to type any item ID and a radius and destroy that item in a similar way. I took both of these, combined them, and added permissions, and this is the result.

    • Permission node that allows users to use simple melt (ice & snow).
    • Permission node that allows admins to melt anything.
    • Prevent ice from reforming. (An option in the config.yml in /plugins/ToughMelt)
    [] = Necessary Argument
    {} = Optional Argument
    • /melt [radius]
    This is the basic melt command. It turns all ice within the specified radius into water and melts all snow in the radius.
    • /melt [itemID] [radius]
    This is the admin's melt. It will destroy all of the specified item in the specified radius. Useful for wiping structures quickly without worrying about destroying your surroundings.

    • Try and figure out the bug that requires you to use the melt command a few times to get rid of everything.
    • I don't know, what else can be done with this?
    Permissions (Now Optional!):
    To allow users to melt only ice and snow:

    The admin node to melt anything:

    • New configuration options: Configure the max radii of melting ice/snow and all other materials. @wargamer2010: I didn't beat him to the next update.
    Show Spoiler

    • Prevent ice from reforming at all and prevent torches from melting ice! Thanks AGAIN @wargamer2010. I am going to beat him to the next update if it's the last thing I do... xP
    • ToughMelt no longer requires permissions. Thanks again @wargamer2010 for cleaning up after my stupid. :)
    • OP functionality added.
    • Permissions updated.
    • Basic /melt command now also melts snow.
    • Limited the radius to 30 to avoid the crash resulting from too high a radius.
    • Released the plugin.

    Special Thanks To:
    retsrif - For indirectly doing most of this.
    wargamer2010 - For making this plugin even better :p
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    PERFECT IM GONNA TEST NOW! I hope no errors comes up (I have latest RB 1.1-r1) And, please update!
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    I've been looking for a plugin like this, thanks a bundle.
  4. Good to hear, do post below if you run into any problems.
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  5. Updated it to 1.8 which will be compatible with R5 (Minecraft 1.2).
    For anyone who still uses this plugin, 1.8 can be downloaded here.
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    i see under your to do list you say i dont see what can be dome more with this ..I got an idea plz make it 1.2.3 ready with all these new updates i have snow in deserts and just everywhere on the map it wasnt before i use towny system lol and what was a swamp boime with a city now has snow..this is a plugin with very lil commands but one of the most used plugins i use to use thx

    well disregard all that i said thx a million

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  7. Wehn will there be a versiòn fro MC 1.24?
  8. For as far as I know the current version, that I posted a few posts above this one, has no problems running on 1.2.4.
    If you run into any problems, please do let me know.
    Download link again: here
  9. oh thx alot :) but /melt 100 don´t works like katana says above.
  10. Well, Katana actually said it "works like a charm" which means he had no problems with it.
    What problems are you having? Do get an error message?
    To be able to /melt 100 you will have to change the config.yml that is located under "plugins/toughmelt". It will have an option called "Max_Ice_Snow_MeltRadius" which you need to set to 100 or above for the /melt 100 to work.
  11. Thx :) /melt 100 works fine. Where is the limit?
    Is the ToughMelt.yml needed anymore?
  12. No, due to the update to 1.2.x the ToughMelt.yml is no longer needed :)
    The limit depends on your server so you'll have to find out yourself. Some people lag at 25, others can go up to 200.
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    Dino Filippini

    Broken link.
  14. Yes, the original Dev has abandoned the project. Which is why I'm keeping it up-to-date but am not able to edit the first post. The (working) download link to 1.8 is: here
  15. Can an Admin don´t make anything to help out with this problem?
  16. Well, if enough people are still using this plugin then I might make a new post and a Dev page.
  17. That would be nice. Thx!
  18. is it compatible to craftbukkit-1.4.7-R0.1? ThX :)
  19. It is. Just tested it with #2611 ;)
  20. ah, nice - thx!

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