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    Drill - The Automated Drill ecofriendly fuel
    Version: v0.8

    My second plugin, this time i have made possible to build drills in order to dig tunnels and pits faster with an automated machines.
    You might guess "why?", because i think that even this if it's called "MINEcraft" this doesn't mean that players just dig tunnel to mine materials.
    Most of the players dig 1 x 2 tunnels in order to find diamond or iron thanreturn on surface to build their houses-castles, many buildings are built on the surface, players dig as less as they can. that's because digging is boring, nobody likes to dig, and nobody tries to dig huge chambers underground and build buildings there.
    My Drill plugin let players build drills, these will use sugar as fuel and will dig through blocks.
    The drill will stop to dig if founds bedrock, water, lava, or dungeon block,or it consumes all the fuel also it can't dig at a distance greater than65 blocks.
    To build a drill you have to put an Iron Block or a Diamond Block next to a furnace and click on Iron or Diamond block.
    Put some sugar in the furnace ( at the bottom inventory slot).
    Power up the furnace, the drill will dig 1 block in the Iron or diamond block direction.
    The mined block is dropped at furnace location.
    If an iron block is used, the drill will consume 2 sugar units x block.
    With a diamond block the drill will use 1 sugar unit x block.

    Video Tutorial by Chijinsan

    • My plugin let player build drills
    • Drill will dig blocks
    • Drill is build with a furnace block + Iron or Diamond Block.
    • WorldGuard and BigBrother supported.


    • Drill.Iron - let players build iron drills
    • Drill.Diamond - let players build diamond drills
    Download The Test Plugin
    Source Code

    Default config file:
    TypeOne: Iron
    TypeTwo: Diamond
    TypeOneId: 42
    TypeTwoId: 57
    Id: 353
    TypeOneFuelxBlock: 2
    TypeTwoFuelxBlock: 1
    MaxDistance: 65

    When you load the plugin it will create a config file with default values in plugin\Drill\config.yml .

    After that you can edit the config and then reload the plugin.
    How to edit config:
    TypeOne and TypeTwo are the names displayed when you create a Drill.
    TypeOneID and TypeTwoID are BLOCKS ID for each type of Drill. Use proper BLOCKS ID.
    FUEL ID is the id of the fuel i.e. 353 is sugar, you can put 352 to use Bones instead.
    TypeOneFuelxBlock and TypeTwoFuelxBlock is the amount of fuel used to drill a block.
    MaxDistance is how far a Drill can drill.

    As defaults, the "TypeOneDrill" is made by an Iron block ( TypeOneId 42) uses sugar as fuel (ID 353) , consumes 2 units of sugar per block and can drill at 65 block distance max

    Version 0.1
    • released
    Version 0.2
    • fixed a bug on diamond block break
    Version 0.3
    • Other bug fix..
    Version 0.5
    • Added cfg file
    • Configurable Drill Blocks
    • Configurable Fuel
    • Configurable Fuel Consume for each type of drill
    • Configurable max Drill distance
    Version 0.6
    • Drill can be broken by other drills, and db file is updated properly.
    Version 0.7
    • Breaking drill heads will break also the furnace
    Version 0.8
    • Added WorldGuard support ( see last reply )
    • Added BigBrother support (see last reply)
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    This looks great. Any chance of supporting worldguard protected regions so players cant drill where there not normally aloud to build or mine?
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    Might be cool if you add some screenshots or a video.
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    my pc is too crappy to make a video :(
    i put some screens later.

    i don't know hot to support world guard should check it ... can't you remove permissions in protected regions?
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    missing a changelog
    version should be in the post header
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    I'm trying to test this, but I have no idea what you mean by "power up the furnace". I right clicked the iron block and put the sugar in the bottom slot of the furnace. I get the confirmation upon clicking the iron block that the drill is set up.

    Edit: Seems it means redstone power.
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    you have to put a redstone wire near the furnace block and power it with e lever o a red torch
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    Red stone torch will only power it for 1 dig same for lever from what i saw. idk if that was intentional or not but easy way around it is to make a blinking red stone circuit and it will power it indefinitely.

    Love the idea of the plugin but needs compatibility with worldguard as others have said.
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    each time you power it up or down it drills 1 block, you can apply a clock to it .
    i am checking for WG...
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  11. +1 for WG support

    Also ideally configurable blocks, ty :)
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    hello, is this pluggin working at mc 1.6? (818 bk and higher)
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    domo arigato for the tutorial video chijinsan-kun =)

    The plugin works on 818, by the way i am working to resolve some problems related to the SQLite DB, and also checking for WG support with my server-admins friends Mahoon and Fusion..
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    ah, it should, it is probably fighting with mcmmo over the iron block. Would it be possible to add ability to change the drill blocks? i could use then a gold block and it could cooperate with the mcmmo better :)
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    after we fix the first 2 issues, we'll try to provide a config file in order to configure block types and other things..
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    Hello, i did tested the drill with a diamond block and still no sucess. If i click on it it will not write the "drill is set up" line... it is possible that the mcMMO destroys the event somehow? If yes, is it possible to create the drill in another way?
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    i am working on a config file and WG support...

    Added Cfg File

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    Looks good, any news on world guard support?
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    i have not figure out how to do that, basically i have to check if a block is protected by WG, the problem is that drilled blocks are replaced with air blocks, and it's not a player who do that but the plugin itself...
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    I can help you out, we have a plugin that functions similar to drill. I,ll pm you some code.
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    Hello, I love the idea of your plugin and I was trying to incorporate it into my server but, every-time I or anyone else clicks on the iron/diamond block the server has a message in the server dialogue box stating a bunch of stuff but, the part that stood out was something that said something like PLAYER_INTERACT with DRILL null point error or something along those lines. Is this a common problem and I'm being dumb or is it conflicting with some other plugins I'm using? (I'm not running Permissions.)
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    The plugin works with Permissions there is no way it can works without it.
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    Ok, thank you. Sorry for my stupidity.
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    np... i probably migrate to permission 3.0 and maybe i can makeit work withour permission check too....
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    can you somehow make a reverse?
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    what do you mean?
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    That'd be nice. At some point I'd like to add permissions but, I'm going out of town for a bit and don't have time to learn how to do it.
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    interesting plugin, but isn't there already a drill for move book?
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    Hello and thanks for this great plugin!!
    It's a party combined with craft/false-book and the clock sign!! Overall you can see dirt or stones :D It's very funny and I haven't got any bugs ( for the moment ;) ) NOW mining makes fun!!
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    thx =) by the way the only bug-related problem that can happen now is if a entity destroys a drill block.
    I think that block break event doesn't listen to that, so if a tnt explosion or a creeper destroys a drill block, that is not deleted from the database and that can cause Sql exceptions...

    Other issue happens when you put a row of drills like 8 drills, you turn them on once the drills in the middle are activated more times than once... i think that is because of how i check if redstone powereups a drill-furnace...

    Btw i forgot to mention that with the last update i made the TNT blocks set on fire if hit by the drill, and that will cause them to explode. And if you drill glass it will be broken without returning a glass block, i don't think anybody tried to drilled glass but...
    Other thing added, drills cannot drill chests blocks ... i forgot that in previous versions ...

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