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  1. Well thank you :) Stuff like that really motivates me to keep developing.
    But I didn't really mean to abandon this plugin, I just stated that I pretty much didn't do any coding on it for quite a while. And all the posts of the last semi-month were invisible for me then (still stunned about why ...).
    Now that I see how many people showed interest I'm eager to continue work ;)
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    Thanks for replying, yes I can confirm that I get these messages as per following:
    [INFO] [DeathControl] Version 1.1 is enabled!
    [INFO] [DeathControl] Detected economy plugin: iConomy 5
    There is nothing amiss in the logs, but it simply does not deduct any amount from my iconomy balance when I use the command. Very strange!
  3. Okay, then the only 2 things I can say are those: Make sure you use the newest version of the plugin (v1.13 at the moment). However, I didn't change that much about money stuff, but I still highly recommend to update.
    And please ensure that you have the correct permissions set! People should have deathcontrol.use (which they seem to have, since at least something happens), but make sure they don't have deathcontrol.free! That would lead to the exact behavior like yours.
    Maybe it's implied by a deathcontrol.* or something?
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    Is it possible to set it so items drop on ground if they don't have the money?
  5. That automatically happens when you specify the "cost" parameter. If the player does not have enough money to pay, the plugin won't do anything and all items will drop.
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    Didn't work when we tested this, items were just gone. Ill post my config in the morning.
  7. Jeez, that looks like a bug on my site. Thanks for reporting it, will be fixed in the next update!
    Sorry for that.
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    Great! Looking forward to it :)
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    My players and I love this plugin and I have a request. Can you add a list of items that never drop? I'd like to make it so tools are never lost, and a % of the other items are dropped.
    Along the same vein, perhaps you could make it so there's a list of items that always drop. Though I think this functionality could be achieved by layering the existing whitelist and a never-drop list.
  10. Thank you for your feedback. Great to hear that my work is apreciated :)
    @Tauryuu already suggested your wanted features, and I took them onto the To-Do list. So yup, always/never dropping items will be implemented - via the new list system (sneakpeak below :p).

    Sneaky spoiler for the future update ;)
    Top secret! (open)
    I already finished the concept and the implementation of the new lists. You can now define lists in a seperate file called lists.txt. Each list is just an enumeration of items/blocks (names or ids). They have names, and you only write down the names of your lists in the config file.
    Multiple lists for one cause are supported! I have whitelist and blacklist finished, the rest will follow!
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    Does this work with PermissionsBukkit?
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    hi, i realy like your plugin and so do the people on my server

    i got disconnected.endOfstream
    and deathcontrol said
    Dropping saved items of *****
    because he left the game

    what cause is this?
  13. Not yet, but I'm already working on it.

    @lolhoofd That's the regular behavior of minecraft when you died and you stay on the "Game Over" screen for some time. Then you get automatically disconnected with an "end of stream" message. When that happens and DeathContol saved items for the player, it drops them at his death location so they aren't lost for good.

    There is no death cause for that because it happens after the death. The cause always depends on why you died, and you get disconnected after you died for whatever reason.
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    Hey, I don't use permissions, and I was wondering if you could put a OP only true/false in the config, that would be really really awesome!
  15. What do you mean? Right now, Permissions aren't required. If you don't have the plugin, it automatically defaults to the op-system. Meaning everyone will be able to use the plugin, but only ops can bypass the cost (which is what deathcontrol.free does) - exactly as stated in the op. I can't imagine what you could configure there :)
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    Great Plugin! Gonna use this for my Borderlands-style server. Could you please implement a feature that lets us subtract a percentage of the player's cash? Thanks!
  17. Thank you :) Cost percentage is already on the to do list, so yes, it will be implemented :)
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    Is there a simple way to set up this plug-in so that ALL DEATHS are treated the same way?

    Request: a /death reload option would be very useful for testing instead of having to stop/restart the server each time (particularly when there are 20 people on the server). :)
  19. Currently, you have to copy the settings for every single death cause. I'm working on a solution to have a more comfortable way to do that (maybe a default-cause).
    That bugs me as well. I already coded that, will be in the next update for sure! Now I know at least one guy wants that as well ;)

    EDIT: tested against new RB 1060. Updated title
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    I like that idea. A catch-all. If it's not defined elsewhere, the default applies.

    Another useful approach would allow grouping of death types, for example, something like this:

        keep-inventory: true
        method: auto
        Cost: 100
        Loss-percentage: 40
        timeout: 30
        whitelist: [276,277,278,279]
  21. @sleite
    Great idea. I thought about adding a "copies" property to copy the settings of another death cause. But that looks very simple and easy! Will do ...
    By the way, "Cost" and "Loss-percentage" should be lower-case ("cost", "loss-percentage").
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    >_< yeah sorry about that, that was my bad, I misunderstood when it said it would revert to OP only, sorry about that, I'm a turd.
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    Hello! Thanks for a great plugin :p

    I have a request an idea for you :p I think it will be nice to add different drop-rates for different groups - like guests drop 75% of items in PvP, while members drop only 50%~
  24. @LingYun I think that would really overcomplicate the config file. There would be no really easy way to configure this, you would have to map permissions to a number.
    It would be really unhandy - unless someone comes up with an easy solution for that.
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    I have used this plugin for quite some time, i noticed you signed off this was CB1060 ready, But the way projectiles are handled was changed between 1000 and 1060 and now if a skeleton kills you with an arrow you drop all your stuff even if entity is enabled.

    Very irritating bug on my server cause we fence EVERYTHING so skeletons are the mob we get killed by when we arent hunting mobs down.

    Thnx in advance.
  26. @meizme Good point, I didn't test that. Thanks for reporting, will be fixed.
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    any ETA bone? not rushing just wanted to let ppl know a rough est. on the server. hope its not to big an issue Good Luck.
  28. It is actually a pretty easy fix and I already got it done. But due to the major changes the plugin is not in an releaseable state at the moment. I need to get stuff finished to have it completely working. I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks starting from Monday, so the update should be coming tomorrow since I don't want you guys to wait for it another 2 weeks.

    Finished features are listed green on the ToDo-list, along with some other ones not mentioned.
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    woot! thnx boss.
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    Multiworld support would be awesome!! Make it so in some worlds it does do that but then in like a hardcore pvp world, it doesn't!

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