Inactive [MECH] Custom Drops v2.0.5 - Return Glass and Glowstone [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    Custom Drops
    Returns broken glass and glowstone​
    NOTE! This page will no longer be updated, please refer to the Bukkit Dev page for updates and more detail.
    Custom Drops(GlassDrops) was my first plugin that i made. It is just a basic plugin that allows users to retrieve glass, or glowstone(Broken, working on) they have broken after accidentally breaking it or placing it in the wrong spot.​
    Source: GitHub
    Downloads (Latest):
    Bukkit Dev: Download - Preferred​
    DropBox: Download
    • Allow glass and thin glass (panes) to be dropped
    • Commands to enable and disable the drops
    • Permissions support
    • Config File
    • Is compatible with all versions of CraftBukkit from 1.1-R1 onwards
    • Supports Grief Prevention and Factions
    /drop - Drops the item
    /destroy - Destroys the item

    customdrop.toggle.* - Allows toggle of all blocks - Toggable glass only
    customdrops.toggle.glasspanes - Toggable glasspanes only
    customdrops.* - Permissions to everything - Access to help menu

    By default, OP's have access to everything

    • Added unlimited world support
    • Changed commands and permissions - More control over what can be dropped
    • Changed config - Old one will HAVE to be deleted upon update from 1.7.2-1.8
    • Added a help page
    • Added Grief Prevention Support
    Special thanks to dadaemon for all his help with the config! :D

    Changelog (open)

    1.7.2 - Reversed toggles, glass is now dropped by default on server reload/start
    1.7.1 - Fixed issue with factions where glass could be broken in protected areas
    1.6.5 - Fixed "[SEVERE] Wrong method arguments used for event type registered" error in log
    1.6 - Fixed a bug with regards to drop chance! Please update!
    1.5 - Added a config file!(More info on Bukkit Dev Page)
    1.1 - Complete recode after accidentally deleted the original version :S Please report any bugs
    1.0 - Updated for RB 1.1-R3 (Thanks to all here)
    0.5 - Added permissions
    0.4 - Added thin glass (panes)
    0.3 - Added commands
    0.2 - Added stability
    0.1 - Initial Version
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    Deleted user

    1. Make a Bukkit-Dev page.
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    Thanks, and added :)
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    Deleted user

    No problemo! Btw, next time you want to reply to anybody else's post (including mine), please press the "reply" button on the right-bottom corner of a post! This way, Bukkit will send an alert to us.
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    Ok, i normally only do if there is more than one person talking in the forum... But will do it from now on.
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    thanks for this plugin, works like a charm
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    No worries, happy it works... Just let me know if you encounter any bugs
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    Is that needed or recommended? Also, i don't really plan on doing too much unless more people see it, or it is approved... So far only two people have downloaded it :p

    Updated anyway

    One thing though... Is dropbox used because when you update the same file, it keeps it stored, but uses the same link for the updated version?
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    1. A downloading service that provides instantaneous downloading is mandatory. Whether it's DropBox or some other service, a change from MediaFire would definatly be required.
    2. DropBox is used simply for instant downloads, as previously mentioned. Because it does save the link for your file (as long as you don't rename it or keep all of the versions in your public folder), it makes the overall process of file management very efficient, though I don't think that plays a major role in it being the most recommended file hosting service for the Bukkit forums (aside from BukkitDev, of course! :p).
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    I love this plugin's idea! But PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEAAAAASE add permissions like glassdrops.dropglass & droppanes so I can use the nodes as donator rewards! :D

    EDIT: Aaaaaaand the download link returns a 403. Mediafire link pl0x?
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    I added the permission glassdrops.toggle, allowing the player to use both commands.

    As for the download link, i don't get an error? Will post a second link somewhere now
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    Link is down...
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    Fixed... Hopefully :)
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    :D Thanks
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    if you would like me to i could make a video of this plugin for you
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    I personally don't mind... But i suppose if there was a video it could give people something to see how it worked.

    I can make it, but you could also if you really want.
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    This plugin prefect,I was looking for a plugin so long ago
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    Just thought i would metion that a config has been added!

    Information above about it, and more on Dev Bukkit page.

    Bare in mind, it MAY contain bugs.
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    dropbox appears to be an old version
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    It is the latest version, just tested it.

    EDIT: Updated the link anyway.
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    strange i ended up with 2 different version, possibly caching somewhere ?
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    I re-uploaded the same version back to DropBox, not too sure what caused the error though.
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    Approved.. finally we get the glass back : :p
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    Posting here for those that don't read bukkit dev. The fix for factions didn't work so I advise not downloading it if you use factions (and maybe other protection plugins) because people will be able to break through glass to get into places they shouldn't be in.
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    Thanks for that, will put it in OP.


    I have updated AND tested it with Factions (Although i only tested with a quick territory) and it worked.

    The new upload is ONLY on dropbox if people want to try it.


    Now works with Factions!

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    Can you make this work with glowstone and the redstone lamps?

    I wouldnt care about glowstone and redstone lamps if you were given back all material to make them (4 glowdust instead of just 3) but since they don't it is rather annoying when I want to move the glowstone and redstone lamps to see if I like them better in a different location and I am forced to go mine more just because I moved them.
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    Sure, i will add them do it, convert it all into one and change the name and details. Should have it done soon.

    EDIT: Tested it on vanilla server and redstone lamps already drop in whole.
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    Glowstone still seems to break for me. Am I still waiting for another release?

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