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    CraftBook adds a number of original gameplay elements to Minecraft from switchable bridges to elevators to gates (including flood gates)! It also has redstone support, allowing you to wire up pumpkins and use integrated circuits!

    Some cool stuff people made last year:

    • Mechanisms
      • Bridges
      • Doors *not yet ported*
      • Gates
      • Elevators
      • Cauldrons
      • Light switches
      • Readable bookshelves
      • Toggle areas (advanced toggle doors and bridges)
      • Hidden switches
      • Custom block drops
      • Apple tree drops
      • Bookshelf drops
      • MORE!
    • Redstone
      • Integrated circuits
      • Programmable logic chips
      • Redstone pumpkins
      • Redstone netherstone
      • Ammeter
      • MORE!
    • Minecart features
      • Booster blocks
      • Brake blocks
      • Reverse blocks
      • Ejector blocks
      • Chest-storage minecart transfer blocks
      • Station blocks
      • Sort blocks
      • Message announcer block
      • Minecart dispensers
      • Change minecart behavior
      • MORE!

    CraftBook is being developed again, although by someone else. Get the latest downloads here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/craftbook/

    [​IMG] (CraftBook is open source!)
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    i place shit and it ses you f=dont have permissions to use this its not my other plugins it is definitly yours also it mite just mite be permissions but when i take your mod out it stops and also the thing i place still gets placed but that meg is so dam anoying it didnt happpen right away it happen when i made the default group in permissions build to faulse cuz i griefed and was fed up with it so i just made it so ppl had to be promoted before they can build

    f= was not supose to be there

    plz fix i love this mod and i also like my world not to be griefed thx

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    Can anyone let us know if there is another plugin, thats does work with permissionsbukkit, that does the same as this one with gates and bridges? Thats all I really use it for.
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    Permissions please >_>
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    When i make a bridge it sais bridge created but when i right click the sign nothing happens :/
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    Ey man why players cannot use elevators?
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    because you need to give them permissions:
    • craftbook.mech.elevator - Allows creation of elevator signs
    • craftbook.mech.elevator.use - Allows use of elevator signs
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    Ok I'm having a bit of a problem. My players have the permission to use the bridges but they can't use it. It says they don't have the permission to use it. put in the permission group file they have the permission
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            default: true
                prefix: ''
                build: true
                - 'factions.participate'
                - 'factions.create'
                - 'factions.viewAnyPower'
                - 'ChestShop.shop.buy'
                - 'ChestShop.shop.sell'
                - 'craftbook.mech.bridge'
                - 'craftbook.mech.bookshelf.use'
                - 'craftbook.mech.elevator.use'
                - 'craftbook.mech.bridge'
    That is my permission file. Why can't they use bridges or Gates?
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    OK, which "NEW PERMISSIONS" plugin "DOES" work with this plugin?
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    Pretty sure it works with all of them if you use a dev version of worldedit. It certainly works with pex and any superperms plugin at any rate.
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    We run worldedit, worldguard, essentialsl, and this, just looking over making the switch to PEX.
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    Samuel Greaves

    At this time, is it better to use craftbook, or falsebook? It seems like falsebook has more stuff working.
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    does it work on 1.7.3 ?
    it dont run on my server
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    Any news on the permissions fix? As all members of the server I am admin on can create signs such as item dispenser and mob spawners...
    Does any permission plugin work with the new version of Craftbook?
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    Is there a bug with permissions nodes for craftbook circuits & bukkit/super perms? I am unable to grant wildcard "*" or "allic" permissions to my users. I have tried various permutations. However, when I itemize MCXXX permissions, it works. I'd rather use a wildcard or allic perm. Any suggestions?
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    Don Redhorse

    @sk89q any news when craftbook will support again the full functionality it did have before?

    I don't mind all the minecart, gates, bridges, cauldron stuff as there are a lot of other plugins doing those things.. the redstone stuff is still limited to craftbook and falsebook and it looks like BOTH are dead.

    I just looked at your http://build.sk89q.com/job/CraftBook/changes page and there have been almost no changes since end of june.

    You stated you don't have time anymore, perhaps it is better to officially hand of to somebody who will take it over.

    I would highly welcome an official statement about what the state of this plugin is.
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    I don't do much modding for MC anymore (and until 1.8 hadn't played MC for 2 months), so it's definitely not going anywhere soon. My other plugins have people who are willing to help out, but no one has been interested in CraftBook. The old code was an absolute nightmare to maintain but it was really easy for anyone to pick up. The new code is really easy to maintain but it scares most programmers off. Anyone who is interested in working on CraftBook quickly gives up.

    But I still use CraftBook on my server. Everything that we care enough about works, and with that in mind, I keep CraftBook sufficiently up to date so that it's usable. I don't add features however, and if I do, it's never in release state. The cycle of update coincides with the cycle of updating for my server, which is fairly rare (I don't update to RBs -- I update whenever it's fitting for me). So that's the official status.
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    Don Redhorse

    Thanks for that information, I can understand it.
    I think it would be more easy to just focus on the RedStone IC part as almost all other parts are already been duplicated in one way or the other from other plugins.

    Unfortunatly it looks like falsebook the only other plugin to have "small" redstone ICs is also dead, but without the source code even.

    Would you mind if I try to find somebody who would take over Craftbook IC part? Are there any dependencies?
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    Many of the other parts have been obsoleted by new features in Minecraft (pistons, fence gates, etc.) too and even we don't use them anymore. They were great back then to put us through the "dark times." FalseBook is directly based off of the old branch of CraftBook code. We use CraftBook pretty much only for ICs now.

    You're free to find someone to maintain the IC part. There's still some activity with CraftBook occasionally. Lately someone has been finishing up the features actually, though I don't know his current progress. All the dependencies should be handled by Maven, the build system CraftBook uses. The IRC channel for discussing with other devs that work on my plugins is #sk-dev on Espernet, though be aware of wiz -- he is an angry man.
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    Don Redhorse

    thanks... I will look into it... I agree... we had craftbook before bukkit... than we needed a long time migrating and finally went with falsebook and minecart mania.. (we never switched over really) as the updates just kept coming.. we now ditched the old stuff and I redid the full server, almost replacing 50% of the plugins as the developers went "awol".. most notable elevators :(

    But the IC stuff was always the greatest for the freaks among us... I hope I can get that pushed further again..
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    I am wondering since craftbook apparently has readable books, I run plugins Bookit and Bookworm(plugin for bookit) on my server, what will I have to change around in craftbook to make these compatible with each other?

    Also, when you're referring to needing the developmental version in your description, are you referring to craftbook itself, or needing a developmental version of worldedit?
  23. Can you just read two posts above please?
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    Ok... There's nothing relating to my question about bookit exactly 2 posts above, but a little above that shows a permissions for it, so pretty much I just avoid this permissions to avoid the conflict between the 2 mods?

    As for my other question right below the bookit question, I pretty much got it, dev version is craftbook.
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    dose it work for 1.8.1
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    Aren´t there permission notes? Cause without Admin rank , the players can´t use gate etc ....
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    So is the conflict with bookit the permissions nodes or not? Does craftbook even work conflictless with bookit?
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    I've been a supporter of CraftBook but as you said it isn't being maintained. They are the same thing just Falsebook has IC's, doors and a few other things
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    Is there a way that you could put up 1 command explaing how to do everything for people over 3-4 pages of the help so i dont have to keep showing and explaining all my admins that i keep recruiting :L cause it's really getting on my nerves or atleast the link to the wiki.craftcook site :D

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