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    CraftBook adds a number of original gameplay elements to Minecraft from switchable bridges to elevators to gates (including flood gates)! It also has redstone support, allowing you to wire up pumpkins and use integrated circuits!

    Some cool stuff people made last year:

    • Mechanisms
      • Bridges
      • Doors *not yet ported*
      • Gates
      • Elevators
      • Cauldrons
      • Light switches
      • Readable bookshelves
      • Toggle areas (advanced toggle doors and bridges)
      • Hidden switches
      • Custom block drops
      • Apple tree drops
      • Bookshelf drops
      • MORE!
    • Redstone
      • Integrated circuits
      • Programmable logic chips
      • Redstone pumpkins
      • Redstone netherstone
      • Ammeter
      • MORE!
    • Minecart features
      • Booster blocks
      • Brake blocks
      • Reverse blocks
      • Ejector blocks
      • Chest-storage minecart transfer blocks
      • Station blocks
      • Sort blocks
      • Message announcer block
      • Minecart dispensers
      • Change minecart behavior
      • MORE!

    CraftBook is being developed again, although by someone else. Get the latest downloads here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/craftbook/

    [​IMG] (CraftBook is open source!)
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    Please how to make permissions i dont have any craftbook.properties in /plugins/Craftbook. Everyone on server can use it. Please help
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    All permissions are in /plugins/permissions/world.yml
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    I know omg! But all user on server can do everything with craftbook! I want that only admins can use craftbook
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    I'd be soo happy if just the minecart features would work...
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    The ic's arent working for me. when i create an IC like the [MC1230] it states on the first line DAY SENSOR, but the output never change, the same hapens with all the ic's. the output never changes
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    The daysensor only checks when its INPUT has a rising edge.
    If you want to make it check continues you need to use MC0230 which is self-triggered, but is not availeble yet.
    Or hook MC1230 up to a clock (like I did with my city gates).

    I use a slow clock with two full diode delays, it enables the MC1230 about once every two seconds.
    ('like' if it helped :p)
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    hey, i know this is abit off topic, but i wanna ask about the apple tree drops, can we configure that?

    nvm, i found the wiki page! :D

    hey, i dunno if this is normal, the hidden switches dont work for me, have GroupManager 1.0v5 & Fake permissions v.2.5.1 , have craftbook.* in all my groups and have craftbook v3.0 alpha2 , is that normal?

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    I installed the above fix but it changes nothin for me.. my Users still cant do nothing.. i as Admin can use Elevator Signs.. my Users getting no permission :/
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    @sk89q It seems that the NijiPermissionsResolver class isn't updated for Permissions 2.6, let alone any version since MultiWorld features were introduced in Permissions. All methods now require the world name to be provided.
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    Note: craftbook.mech.elevator will actually not work. use craftbook.mech.elevator.* instead.
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    When ever I try craftbook my player keep getting "You don't have permission to use this " and this comes up on any block they place break or enteract
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    My players are cloning item with [BRIDGE] - making on bridge, destroying items and taking, making off and again on... Can i make this not droping/destroying?
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    Is there a reason why when I right click on a sign for a gate, instead of triggering the gate it gives me an essentials protect message?
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    Chris Lewis

    Some of the minecart features dont appear to be working corretly.
    I.E. brakes, redstone activation, stations, reverse, eject.

    They kinda work, but not the way they are supposed to. This changed with CB 670, they were working with 556....
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    Requesting a build with working minecart features.
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    not sure but i think someone liked to change the current for bridges to toggle them, nearly all of the ones (at least all i checked for now) in use on my server now switch at the wrong current what is a real pain and a mess, some are at well not so funny places to dig around and fix this.

    And digging out a lot of redstone torches that were placed to have the current siwtched that the bridges got toggled at the right time is a bit ugly.

    Someone else having this problem btw.? Only to be sure it is not only me that is getting this problem for now.
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    pls bug fix CraftBookMechanisms.jar
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    Permmisions doesn't work for me:

    Permmisions: 2.5.6
    WorldEdit: 3.2
    CraftBook: 3.0.alpha2

    Everyone can use ICS, Bridges etc. a dont have it in permmisions file, so it means that they cant use it But they can.

    Please fix it.
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    does anybody see any progress?!
    BTW: For Minecart features try MinecartMania (much better)
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    Please note, I want to signal a major exploit found in CraftBookCircuits.jar, I found that creating "the item dispenser" you can generate a inifinite amount of any type of material.

    then i removed immediately to resolve this terrible CraftBookCircuits.jar exploit.

    I hope can you fix this.

    Regard :)
  25. This is the purpose of the Item dispenser, by simply removing access to it in your permissions file your members will not be able to create this IC.
    I recomend using these two permission nodes:

    craftbook.ic.safe - allows all the safe IC's
    craftbook.ic.restricted - allows the restricted IC's (mob spawner, Item spawner, Time changer etc.)

    I give my mods the restricted IC's and my members the safe IC's. Works fine on my server. So long as you remember the "craftbook.mech.*" node too.

    All this info, plus a list of the available nodes in this build, is available in the CHANGELOG.txt with the download sk89q released. I recommend checking it out :)

    Hope this helps.
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    I tried to do as you said it does not work, the exploit there ever. =(
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    My boosters working good but my stations is not working :(
    I have checked the block ID and tested running with no other plugins.
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    should there be a config file under "craftbook" folder...?
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    Everytime someone places a block, teleports, warps, or uses ANY permission node the server responds:
    "You do not have permissions to do that!"

    Even though they do have permission to do it!! Help!!
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    gates, elevators and bridges in alpha 1 only?
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    Is there anyway to toggle a region?
    Like a spleef zone, like you press a button and the ground restores?
    In craftbook, worldguard or worldedit?

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