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    ChunkLoad - Keep Chunks loaded!
    Version - 0.1
    1 - Introduction
    ChunkLoad allows you to keep chunks loaded, Helpful for growing wheat when your are away.

    2 - Download and source
    3 - Installation and configuration

    • Move the jar into your plugins folder
    4 - Usage

    Hopefully this is nice and simple: when in a chunk you want to keep active use /chunk (op only)
    if the chunk already is saved it will remove it from the list,Chunks are not saved into the txt file until the plugin is disabled, you can just use the /reload command to reload the plugin :D
    5 - Changelog
    0.1 - initial release

    6 - Epilogue
    Suggestions, Questions or bug reports: Post them in this Thread!
    When reporting bugs, there should be a error report that should appear,please just copy and paste that into this thread,with a discription of what you where doing when you got the error

    Plugins based of the source:
    [Mech]PerformanceTweaks v0.01 - Disc Usage Minimizer [740]
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    I love this plugin i just dont like running around typing '/chunk' all the time. i have now spent 2 full days typing '/chunk' and im starting to get anoyed of typing it, could you please as a command to add every chunk '/Chunk All' or could someone tell me how i can get a list of every chunk on my map so i can past the chunk coords into the 'ChunkLoadData.txt'


    @Drei Gyuu try this http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-evercart-v1-0-storage-minecarts-load-chunks-740.11460/page-2

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    Drei Gyuu

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    Just say'in, but /reload is used by Essentials and /chunk is used by WorldEdit.
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    hello everyone i just finished making a ChunkLoadData.txt file thats 400 chunks squared from 0:0 so if you have a map that takes up less than 400 chunks or a square map that is 400 chunks large than download this file and replace it with the existing 'ChunkLoadData.txt' file


    p.s: ive got a 120,000^2 chunk list being generated now

    this might help you, i made it today for my little servers

    ahh sorry that link is broken try this https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B8...TUtZWU2ODc2YjJhMTY4&hl=en_US&authkey=CPLulsUD

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    There is a plugin that does that
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    im going to use this plugin to see if it will help with air bug issue related to teleportation. ie unlocking locked chests :)
  8. well can you add an option to keep every chunk in the map?
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    Is this plugin fully working in the 860 build? I am running it on my server, no errors, but if no one is around my farms don't grow or anything. I do get the message that says Chunk Loaded when I do a /chunk.
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    @mtgeekman I'm running in on bukkit 860 and it works, i don't know if its working with multiworld but i still get the message 'chunk added' & 'chunk removed' so it deferentially still world like it did with the older versions of bukkit; you should try reinstalling the plugin properly
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    i got these error's (didnt want to typ it all so i made a screenshot)

    3.png I'm rather new to plugins so i dont know what is going on here

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    I love this plugin! Been hoping to have this kind of thing for a long while now.

    One issue I see is that while it works fine with MultiVerse, When you specify a chunk to stay loaded, it keeps that chunk loaded on ALL worlds. Not just the one you are in when /chunk is used.

    Since I have 6 worlds on my server this quickly starts to eat up large amounts of ram.

    @pieters2: That error message means it can't find the ChunkLoadData.txt

    The plugin *SHOULD* auto create it after the first run. So stop the server, and start it again. The error message shouldn't appear.
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    well i think he is developing it for multiwork, this is the conversation ive had with him

    1. would you be able to make the chunkloa plugin conpatable with multiworlds with a file systems like this


      and more worlds if nessasary
    2. 1337Plugin Developer
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      Jan 11, 2011
      Ok :D will do
      my plugins = Afk,Chat,Basic,WhichMob,Snowball
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    3. cproetti

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      May 24, 2011
      thanks you very much
    4. cproetti

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      May 24, 2011
      hey im just wondering if your still going to make this?
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    does it work for minecraft 1.7.2?
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    I love the idea of this plugin, but it's currently not working in Bukkit 953. Whenever I stray far away enough from my farm, it doesn't start growing until I return even after setting all four chunks that it's in to stop unloading. The console even says it's stopping the chunks from unloading.

    Do you have any plans to update this plugin for 953? Or maybe it's some other issue going on?
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    The command /chunk conflicts with one of my player tracking plugins (it tells me which chunk I am in), could you create an alias please?
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    Requesting remake, fork or update.
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    I've been tring to get rid of generated minecraft chunks to perserve my world and get rid of them for good so that when i got in the game it wont show mc chunks only mine will this plugin do the job for me?
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    boehser enkel

    ahs someone a plugins that works with 1.2.5?

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