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    ChunkLoad - Keep Chunks loaded!
    Version - 0.1
    1 - Introduction
    ChunkLoad allows you to keep chunks loaded, Helpful for growing wheat when your are away.

    2 - Download and source
    3 - Installation and configuration

    • Move the jar into your plugins folder
    4 - Usage

    Hopefully this is nice and simple: when in a chunk you want to keep active use /chunk (op only)
    if the chunk already is saved it will remove it from the list,Chunks are not saved into the txt file until the plugin is disabled, you can just use the /reload command to reload the plugin :D
    5 - Changelog
    0.1 - initial release

    6 - Epilogue
    Suggestions, Questions or bug reports: Post them in this Thread!
    When reporting bugs, there should be a error report that should appear,please just copy and paste that into this thread,with a discription of what you where doing when you got the error

    Plugins based of the source:
    [Mech]PerformanceTweaks v0.01 - Disc Usage Minimizer [740]
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    Thanks for the plugin, you're the man!
    Downloading and testing it right now.

    P.S. I think you should do some marketing (maybe few fullscreen banners on google.com ;) ) so people understand what possibilities this plugin gives.
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    Version number in title; I think you should improve the Usage, it's hard to decipher.

    I will check this plugin out, it is indeed very neat to select the chunks you want to keep loaded.
    Are the selected chunks persistent? Like if you restart the server, the selected chunks are still loaded, no matter if there are players online?
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    Ok, I've tested it using CraftBukkit build 740. I'm sorry to say, but it doesn't work for me. I've tried both underground fields with torch light and farms on ground. I went away till there's message in server log about stopping unload of a chunk then server was running for about 1 hour. After coming back all crops were in almost same state while after such time they should be fully grown.

    There must be something going on behind the scene, some crop block ticks or something that prevents farm to grow even if chunk is still loaded... At least in my case.

    I won't have much use of this plugin, but it's probably good for someone who has a lot of RAM and want to store his world in it.
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    Yep should do

    I will be rewriting the system to keep chunks active , this should fix it :D

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    by looking at the formatting? common sense :D
    But officially you got it in releases.
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    Thanks plague <3 you
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    This is an awesome plugin!
    Is it possible to have chunks loaded within a certain radius of you? For example, I'm at 0,0 and I say
    /chunk r 3
    and all chunks in a 6x6 box (or just a circle, I figure boxes are easier though) load (perhaps giving each one a second to load...) around 0,0, and then they are added to the list.

    Basically, for a server with massive memory!
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    i will have a look into that
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    This is an amazing idea, you did all the leg work but I am pretty sure I got a functioning plugin that just does the opposite of what you have it do. Seemed to work from testing, very minimal changes so please all credit to 1337.

    But basically it loads chunks into RAM then doesn't unload them unless you specify you want it to unload, which basically for servers with higher amounts of RAM this can lead to faster chunk loading times :D as well as all the other benefits the OP stated.

    P.s. this is the first thing I have ever done with Java so... there may be some newb things in my code but it all works as should! So that's a relief.

    P.p.s If you have a problem with this 1337, just PM me and ill take this down.

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    That would be nice to have another mod (or the same maybe) which would be dedicated to keep the seeds growing even if players are far away... without command. :)
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    But to have it constantly loading chunks, even when not needed. Defeats the purpose of the plugin right? Or am I not understanding you?
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    :D all works, want me to put it in the op? as a version that loads all chunks?
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    The purpose of this mod is "ChunkLoad allows you to keep chunks loaded, Helpful for growing wheat when your are away."
    So, yes it would automatically reloads chunks (or keep them loaded instead if possible) if 1 or more wheats are in them... but that would be nice I think.
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    Thats Difucult to do but i will see if it can be done
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    I like it as is, because it doesn't really consume (I assume, at least) CPU time this way. If it is checking up on things, then it starts to consume processor power.
    Just my 2 cents. Not that I would dislike that feature, I just don't consider it necessary.
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    Up to you :p Its all your code I simply inverted a few things and removed some unnecessary bits.

    Funny thing is though that last night my server we have 2 GBs of RAM and we had 23.5k chunks loaded, until it finally couldn't keep the RAM usage down and it crashed. It seems like its best suited for A LOT of Ram servers, or like 2-4 man servers where they are all gonna be in the same area anyways.

    However, I am gonna be getting a new server with MORE RAM, and I most certainly wanna see how this reacts with it :p
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    Approx how much RAM does it take for, say ten normal chunks?
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    96kb per chunk on the low end, with no entities. So yes this will take up a lot of RAM if used on a lot of chunks... but if you have the RAM to spare its worth it.

    Also as an update, me and LexManos teamed up with your code that you so generously provided source code for and added it to his auto save stopper. So now all those loaded chunks won't be incrementally saving to the file once per 5 seconds? Except we adjusted how it functions and everything.

    So it now loads chunks, and keeps them loaded for as long as you want then prunes the ones that weren't used in that time. Making it a little more dynamic loading and unloading so that high traffic areas are always loaded.


    Just wanted to let you know and thank you 1337 :p awesome job created a lot of inspiration.

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    Added to op
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    The ability to set a larger amount of chunks to remain would be very useful, or even around a radius of all logged in players. I've recently upgraded my server's RAM and would like to use as much of the 8GB assigned as possible.
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    How is this supposed to work? I tried it on a few chunks and they don't seem to behave any differently. The plugin didn't keep any animals loaded, didn't improve loading time for specific chunks (when teleporting), and didn't keep redstone current running.

    Maybe I just don't understand what keeping chunks loaded means :confused:

    I enabled the plugin, /chunked all over an area, and restarted the server to load the effects. Nothing appeared to change.
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    Is it possible that you did it too many times? If you type /chunk twice in the same chunk disables it from being kept loaded.

    I hope this works. I've been trying to get a redstone clock (a time keeping one) working, but of course when the chunk isn't loaded, the redstone stops working and it won't keep time correctly. Thanks!
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    There is a message that announces if the chunk was added or removed form the list. I carefully made sure that a large area of chunks were correctly added and not removed again... Tried it again on a different server set up, and got the same results.
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    This is lovely, but as a couple people have noted, it would be nice to be able to mark a group of chunks to stay loaded, say, a radius of X chunks from the current location. For example, I have a large castle in the sky on my server. I think it's about 64x64ish, and it would be great to keep it loaded so that it can be seen from far away , but to manually load all the chunks one by one would be a huge pain. (Is that how this works? If a chunk is kept loaded, will objects in the sky in that chunk be visible from farther away? Or is that all handled somewhere client-side? It's always bugged me that high elevation things aren't visible from long distances.)
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    Drei Gyuu


    I was reading through your plugin and I know this is a little bit unrelated but kind of ish related, Do you think it will be possible to keep Railways loaded, that way, you can send out carts even if the destination is far away it will still make it to the other end, good for transfering items from one town to the other.

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    does this work for automatically loading up the chunks of a world after restart? say you have a nether and normal world on your server, and you close down then restart and your in the normal world so the nether world hasn't loaded up yet. if this was added into such a server, would saving the chunks by the nether spawn make them load up on server start, and not just when you move to that world? tell me if thats a bit confusing, i think it is.

    i just tried it, and theres one problem I have with it. If i want to keep large areas saved, i have to run around and constantly type /chunk in that area. You should add a selection wand for selecting two corners of an area for it to save all the chunks within that area.

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    I love this idea, now I just need more memory =P

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