[MECH/CHAT] WorldIsolation v1.0 - Isolate worlds from eachother [1.1-R8]

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    WorldIsolation - Isolate worlds from eachother:
    Version: v1.0

    This plugin isolates worlds so good that it looks like those worlds aren't even there.
    Please leave some feedback, if you use it or not, please do :)

    • Isolates chat messages sent by players
    • Hide players in other world from online list
    • Isolates join, quit and death messages
    • Respawns in the same world
    Download on BukkitDev
    Source Code


    • Hide /me for other worlds
    • Only allow these commands on players in the same world otherwise say that they are offline: /tp, /tell, /list, /gamemode, /give, /xp (console = global)
    • Make /say only broadcast in the current world (console = global)
    • Make a config to enable server admins to toggle every feature on or off
    • Per world operators and /op and /deop only broadcasted in world
    Version 1.1
    • Added compatibility for group conversations across worlds.
    Version 1.0
    • First release
    • Added chat isolation
    • Added online list fix
    • Made join, quit and death messages local.
    • Added respawn in same world
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    Good plugin!:D
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    Thanks :D
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    Looks good, what about inventory isolation? ie: creative spawning worlds/survival legit world

    Also don't make the mistake multiinv made and make sure that if you do per-world invs, the inventory change is triggered on teleport and on death/respawn :p

    Is it compatible with herochat? (I know herochat is a bit horrible but it has some cool features like private message conversations which I'd not want to lose)
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    You can just search for a plugin that splits inventories per world like MultiInv :)
    Also you respawn in the same world when you die ;)

    And it's compatible with EVERY chat plugin, I took that compatibility in account :)
    However, global group chats will be affected...

    Please let me know if you use it and maybe let me have a look in your server :)

    I am making it now so private conversations work, I have a great idea to accomplish it :)
    I am on my phone right now, I will update the source but update the jar v1.1 tomorrow.
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    Sounds great! Good luck with the development process. :D
    If you're making stuff like chat channels, can I suggest the following?:
    • Change text colour in certain channels (e.g. "mafiaSecretChannel" has all its messages in light blue)
    • Password protected channels
    • 'remember password' feature, so you don't have to re-join channels when you logout/login and re-type the password, etc.
    • auto-join, remembers your active channels when you disconnect & re-joins when you login (maybe check that the password hasn't changed since you disconnected?)
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    You can use any plugin you like to do that in v1.1
    Check again in like 24 hours and it's ready to use :D
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    I updated the thread's changelog, I kept my word, go ahead and check the upload date on BukkitDev of v1.1 ;)
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    Great plugin.
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    Thanks, you've made me really happy by just commenting with those two simple words :D
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    There's nothing less to say. It do what it's suposed to do and it just awesome.

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    I am using this to have a world for people who have done something bad and here they have to PAY FOR IT! :p
    What I mean is that they get a task, like: "Get us 4 stacks of log" to get out of prison :D

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