[MECH] BreedWolves - Breed wolves and give them away! [1.1-R3]

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    BreedWolves - Breed wolves and give them away!

    Latest: 1.0
    A plugin that allows everyone to use bones on previously tamed wolves to change ownership to themselves.
    NEW FEATURE: Wolf-breeding is possible! Use any type of animalmeat on two wolves (except rotten flesh) and they mate! The result is a "wild" wolf (untamed).

    • Wolf-breeding!!!
    • Re-taming of wolves.
    Current project
    Check and see if breeding can be done for wolves in CB1.1
    EDIT: Dirty but getting there.
    EDIT2: Got wolves to love each other and follow each other (and kill each other)
    EDIT3: Done!

    • Wait for MC1.2 and CB1.2. No more! Breeding can be done right now!
    • Update.
    • Add Creeper-protection. (See next).
    • Add retame/untame for Cats for Cat Farms.
    • Rename Plugin to reflect those changes.
    Possible future features
    • Untaming by owner before tameable to prevent stealing.
    • Permissions support: untame, steal and admin override.
    • Configuration file to control above, and items required to tame and untame.
    Thanks to:
    • TankNast for help with some code!
    ---> DevBukkit <---

    • 1.0
      • Changed:
        • Renamed entire project.
    • 0.2b
      • Added:
        • Wolf-breeding!!!
      • Fixed:
        • Error in console.
        • Version number.
    • 0.1b
      • Release
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    why add creeper protection?
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    NopeDK Looks good, latest rb please

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