[MECH] BoundaryKill v1.31z - Soft borders killing you softly [1060]

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    Borderkill - Soft borders killing you softly
    Version: 1.31z (2011/07/16)

    <font color="#ff0000">Bukkit 1.2.3? See <font color="#ff0000">OtherBounds</font> BukkitDev page for a compatible version.</font>

    This world border creates a circular "soft" border. When a player walks across the border they will start to lose health until they cross back. There is also multiworld support. The mechanic was inspired by the game Allegiance.

    * Circular borders
    * Damages players who crosses border
    * Multiworld support
    * Exceptions for admins
    * Players in vehicles
    * Prevents players from teleporting outside the border

    Download: Download | Source Code | Older Downloads

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    There is no ingame configuration. Everything must be done by editing the configuration file which is generated on first run and is updated to the latest version when required:


    version: 1
    ticks: 10
    outMessage: You have exited the boundary. Prepare to DIE!
    inMessage: You have returned to safer lands.
            radius: 300
            z: 0
            x: 0
                - croxis
            radius: 250
            z: 50
            x: -40
    health: 1
    ticks is the number of in game ticks before health is removed for players outside the border
    health is the amount of health removed per hit
    out and in messages are the messages sent to the player when the cross the border
    worlds is the name of the world, the x and z coordinates of the center of the border, and the radius of the border.
    exception is a list of players that you want exempted from the border.

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    Here's a <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * multiple boundaries
    * damage
    * exceptions (player list and/or bukkitperms)
    * circular boundaries

    Not working yet:
    * inverted boundaries
    * rectangular or region base boundaries
    * damagerate

    * this is not ready for active use (obviously just a pre-release) unless your players don't mind getting killed by bugs.
    * you probably want to put delay rate down to around 5 (that's the minium at the moment) - I left it at 40 for testing (checked the boundary every 2 seconds)
    * safeinsideboundary - set to true or false at your preference: if you have concentric boundaries set to false, if you have non-concentric set to true.

    Todo List:
    See GitHub issues page.

    Version 1.31z
    * Zarius takes over development
    * Fixed bug with players quitting
    * Excepted players still get informed about the boundary

    Version 1.3
    * Fixed damage code. Should now drop chests for Tombstone.

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    Version 1.2
    * Fixed teleporting to operate in a more sane manner
    * Updated to craftbukkit 617
    * Added support for vehicles
    * Added a per world exception list

    Version 1.1
    * Updated for bukkit 405+
    * Fixed a couple of nasty bugs

    Version 1.0
    * First release

    Original plugin and ideas by Croxis, many thanks for creating this great plugin - I hope I do it justice :)
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    @Zarius Your thinking about it the wrong way like you have a kill zone in a safe zone( i see this not working). I'm more after A safe zone in a kill zone. Such as Group1 can only move around in the middlezone, group2 can move around the middle zone and the second zone. Is this clearer?
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    That's exactly what I'm thinking of too :)

    In my previous example boundary 1 (B1) is inside of boundary 2 (B2). The effect that we want is that groupA can move only within B1 whereas groupB can move within B1 & B2 but gets hurt if outside of B2.

    My question is - how do we determine that we should be "safe" from the damage of B1 (for being outside it) when GroupB exits B1 but remains inside B2? Because we are "outside" B1 we'd usually get hurt.
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    This is why I didn't bother with having multiple boundary per world :p
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    Indeed - is quite tricky :D But I think my current solution isn't too bad (players choose if they want concentric ability or not) and with a "contains:" parameter it could be easier - I'm not going to worry about the corner cases too much, as it's still better than no multiple boundary abilities (for those that want it) :)
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    @Zarius update it for creative mode :)
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    How so? You mean that players in creative mode don't get hurt by the boundaries? I wouldn't want that for my server as the boundary is to stop my world getting too big regardless of creative mode.
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    Thats how im using it, to prevent the map getting to big, and mosly the TP since i have had a few players tp to insanly big coordinates. And yes Hurt the player when they mode outside. If not slay, maybe i timer that count down until slayed in Creative.
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    I don't see how that's different to how it currently works...
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    Now it doesent kill players. They can walk as far as they want outside borders.
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    Does the amount of damage increase the farther they go? I don't want to motivate an expedition competition, where someone takes a stack of workbenches and an inventory full of wheat and sees how far he can walk.

    After some walking, the health should drop so fast that you burn through your all food inventory in no time.
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    If you look on page 2, you'll find a prerelease for "otherbounds" where you can use concentric circles to create boundaries that successively hurt more and eventually kill.

    Maybe all this experience with bukkit has made me lazy, but how do I install and configure the OtherBounds prerelease? I see no magical folder being created upon uploading the .jar restarting. Do I simply create my own folder with the same name, and upload the config in the .zip I downloaded? Anything else/different?
    Thanks for your work on this.
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    It should create it's own config file however I suspect it may not be creating the folder - try creating an OtherBounds folder in your plugins folder and running Bukkit, let me know if it creates the config ok.
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    The config is there, but only 3 lines present.
    priority: high
    usepermissions: true
    verbosity: normal
    I'll just use the complete one in the folder from the zip, and let you know if it works in game.
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    @Zarius Borderguard doesent block people trying to Tp so i want this one, but does it kill players in Creative mode?
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    Can anyone confirm/deny this still works with CB 1.0 builds?
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    I'm using this for my hunger games map!
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    Hey, I have a question.
    How do I make the config kill the player in 2 shots?
    I tried editing version, ticks, and health and It never worked
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    Not sure - I would have thought putting health at 10 or so would work. I've been too busy with other things recently but might take a look into this later and see how well it works with 1.1.

    If you're using the pre-release version it's a different config and I think the field is "damage:"
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    Did you think of updating it with Permissions enabled? Like if a certain group has the permission node, they aren't killed/affected and they dont have the message showing up. It would be so much easier to manage then a file with all the names.

    thx for the plug in!
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    I haven't really been doing much on this for ages - got stuck on how to work out multiple overlapping borders and then focused on my other plugin OtherDrops. There's a pre-release (which I've just copied into the top post - see the "pre-release" spoiler section) which allows for using permissions.

    I might work on this again in the future if someone sees a use in it that other border plugins (WorldBorder is fairly comprehensive) don't have but I have a couple of other big projects to finish up first.
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    Update please :3.
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    I use this plugin to make a sort of "Guest" area. Basically, it's to avoid greifers that can attract creepers to buildings (they have build to false). They can walk around but only a certain radius, without harming our buildings that are beyond the limit. And personally, I prefer to kill them slowly if they dont listen then just putting a wall :p And all the "Border" plug ins I've seen is for all players, no exceptions. If you know a plugin that would provide exceptions like yours, go ahead.

    Thx again for the reply though!
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    TheJSeb - try out the ModifyWorld plugin that is part of PermissionsEx - it'll let you set fine-grained permissions so your guests can walk around but not destroy anything and you can set creepers to ignore Guests :)

    ShootToMaim - do you have a specific feature in mind that WorldBorder or other plugins doesn't fill?
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    You could a feature where you can adjust the height at where the border covers. For example, if you run a Prison Server, you might want to let your players escape by digging!
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    Zarius, this is an awesome plugin but how do you set the middle of the zone for you to be able to set the radius around it?
    Please help thanks!
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    In the original BoundaryKill it's "x" and "z" in the configuration (see the config example in the top post). In OtherBounds pre-release it's "center-x", "center-z", see this example:

        radius: 150
        center-x: -156
        center-z: 85
        world: ALL
        damage: 1
        except: [player1, player2]
        exceptpermissions: [mainBoundaryOverride]  # give players otherbounds.custom.mainBoundaryOverride (note, cannot include _ characters)
        messagedanger: You must be a member or moderator to pass this border.
        messagesafe: You have returned to safe zone.
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    No new features but have released a <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    [quote uid=29094 name="Zarius" post=985423]No new features but have released a <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Long time no see, I've been pretty happy with the same old BoundaryKill plugin from 1060 oddly enough, i'm just popping back in to ask if any worries are abound for the extended Y values in 1.2? Does BoundaryKill even take Y into account, or is it as the config seems to imply, that Y is completely unaccounted for?

    Thanks for any response.
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    Glad it's been working well for you :)

    You're correct - BoundaryKill/OtherBounds ignores the Y axis so the extended height shouldn't be a problem.
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    Ok, thanks for keeping things smooth for me, I'll let you know if anything makes me stumble at all.
    PS your otherBlocks/otherDrops plugin has piqued my interest... Great more time not spent on classwork.

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