[MECH] BlockRespawn v0.1 - Create blocks that respawn after a certain amount of time [1000]

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    Create blocks that respawn after a certain amount of time!
    Version: 0.1

    This will make it so you can turn ant block into a respawning block that will respawn after a certain amount of time after breaking it. This could be used for a tutorial on the server where someone can break a block and it will reset its self for the next person. There are many other uses i just haven't thought of.
    If you use this plugin on your server, tell us where or how you used it to give others ideas for their own servers.

    To install, simply put the jar into your plugins folder and restart or reload your server.

    • Create blocks that respawn after a certain amount of time!
    • Permissions 3 support
    • Customizable


    The config file under plugins/BlockRespawn/config.yml is ONLY for storing the positions. It's not an actual config, though if you want to change anything in the file, you can.

    • Type: /brs create <name> <delay in seconds>
    • Then punch a block.
    • Prosper!
    Permission Nodes:
    • blockrespawn.create - Allows you to create respawning blocks.

    If anyone has any media (video, pictures, etc.) of BlockRespawn in action, contact me on here and I'll add it to the post.

    • Suggestions welcome! [diamond]
    • Blocks that disappear after a delay of placing them. Not sure if it would be block id based, or location based.
    • Add PEX support.
    • None that I found in testing.
    Change Log:
    • Initial release
    Idea from this thread

    The formatting on the OP is screwed up. Not sure why though.

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    hmm, I wonder what i can use this for... o:
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    I wrote this for someone else, and realized it was perfect for one part of my server, I'm sure there's tons of things that would be handy.
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    Thanks so much! I'm going to use this for a tutorial spot where blocks can reset themselves for the next user!
  5. Is it possible to disable the item drops? If you would make a tutorial which includes different types of ores, it would be a cheap and easy way to farm diamonds if the blocks drops items.
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    Sure, that would actually be useful for me as well. I'll get on it after work.
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    Hey, this is a great plugin. I noticed a few bugs though, I'm not trying to be a douche, but instead I'm just trying to help.

    1. Using superpickaxe or MegaDrill from mcMMO will disable the block to respawn.
    2. Naming 2 blocks the same will only let one of them respawn (I'm pretty sure this is unfixable, but I put it here just in-case)
    3. If you do a command wrong, it messes up the plugins and weird bugs occur.
    4. If a creeper or a ghast explodes the block, it won't respawn.


    Also, I only included iron and coal in the mine :p

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    1: Don't use super pick on the blocks.
    2: Don't name them the same, duh.
    3: I'll add more checks on the commands.
    4: I'll look into fixing that.
  9. Great! :D
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    Any command for removing the blocks? Explotions seem like a not so practical way of removing them.
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    @crazyish As a temporary solution, you can go into the config file and manually remove the block entry, but I really do need to add a removal system/command.
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    Yeh i found that sollution. Now i'd like to use this system on a spleef arena. So i can add this to the guests area of my server, i'd like to be able to protect the walls of the arena, f.ex by setting them to respawn in 0 seconds. But i'd like the snow blocks which will be placed over lava, to be breakable and respawn in 60+ seconds. Doing this when each block must have a unique name will take a very very long time hehe. Could a block group system be implemented somehow maybe? like when you activate the command, each block hit untill you use an end command will belong to that group? Maybe using a particular tool to make it work? Just throwing ideas out there. :)
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    I was already thinking of adding cuboid support or something like what your proposing a sort of mode where everything you hit goes into the file.
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    if yo makes it cuboid supported we all will love you thats a plugin that almost every server needs ! :) [diamond][diamond][diamond]
    Dont you dare stop continue on this plugin! we need cuboids support!

    and also could you make so you can like the cuboid to a sign that tells when the mine resets ? :)
    Mine will be
    in x amount of seconds

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    Nice plugin but idk how to set it up...
  16. Could u have an option for it to send out a custom server message to everyone? would be awesome to spawn an diamond block in the center of an arena every hour, and have ppl fight over it.
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    ... How do i even run it.. there is no jar file.
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    yes there is 1 jarfile -.-
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    ... where?

    Im sorry guys but i cant find the jar file.. only zip and rar files. and when i extract they become into class files... so i cant find any jar ones. and even if i do convert the rar files into jar then the plugin doesnt work.

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    Is there a way to make is so the block respawns if it pushed by a piston? This is a great plugin!! Thanks!
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    I think this plugin is great for a respawning stone quarry for my prison server. Of course, it'd be a pain to set up without an way to "mass produce" respawnable blocks, but still, it's awesome. I look forward to using a new updated version with that feature :)
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    I started school recently and haven't been able to do any developing. Ill get the cuboid support out as soon as I have time to make it.
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    TNT that has been activated does not respawn
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    The only event I checked on was the block break event. Ill figure out tnt explosions and other environmental stuff at some point.
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    Will you please add a command to stop a block from respawning again, also could you please add the option to not get a drop? im trying to make it so i can make my house not destroyable by anyone! Thanks!
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    I'm not sure if this runs in the same category, but I'm building an adventure server and it would be useful if the loot inside chests could be replenished for the next adventurers that wander through
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    Look for PhatLoots. That will do what you need.

    If you want something to be indestructible, just use worldguard or a similar alternative.

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    The zip is a jar file..
    From certain servers, IE chooses to save jar files as zip (it basically is a zip file)
    Simply rename it to jar
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    im using this for a block doubler im going to make a bank and players will need to apply for a vault and they can put blocks in it (like iron block gold block and diamond block) so they can invest there iron gold and diamond blocks
    so if you place a diamond block in your vault and get rid of it it takes about 2 weeks before it respawns but for gold blocks it take 1 week and iron block will take 5 days thanks for reading this.
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    Hi, thanks for this amazing plugin !
    I have a problem : when TNT was activated (with Redstone) she don't respawn ! I know, a personn have the same problem, but can you fix it ?

    Sho I have two ideas :
    • Make a block respawn when he was broken with Redstone
    • Add a command for deleting respawn blocks (Like /brs remove <name>)
    Thanks !
    PS : Sorry for bad English, I'm French.

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