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    BlockDoor bukkit re-work/port! With ho0ber's permission and using parts of his code. Credit goes to him for the original concept and the original hey0 plugin this is based on.

    Single state door Tutorial Video: HERE

    Two state door Tutorial Video: HERE

    Hybrid state door Tutorial Video: Soon...
    or check the readme for basic info.

    Source: HERE

    Idea Video:
    HERE .......&...... HERE

    This is a port and re-working of the BlockDoor plugin originally created by ho0ber for Hey0 server mod. The basic jest of the plugin is to allow players to define and use "doors" made out of blocks. The term "doors" doesn't really cover all the possibilities a creative player might come up with though.

    • Player created doors made from blocks of your choosing in any shape or size
    • An admin editable item database
    • Many different ways to trigger doors: Clicking triggers, redstone, and different detection zones
    • Mapping of as many triggers and zones as you please to any number of doors you create
    • Multiworld safe
    • Permissions support with GroupManager 1.0 a5, permissions that GroupManager emulates or Bukkit permissions.
    • Permissions plugin is not a requirement. If no permissions available plugin defaults to Server OPs mode.
    Detailed Changelog

    So there ya go, enjoy!

    [​IMG] if you like this plugin and want to support me. Its much appreciated.
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    oh thnxs i didnt even notice i was putting the 1 in the wrong place. yeah gui's would be nice
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    I was in Holiday, so i could not test this new feature but i will test it now :)
    but your update was very very very fast nice work ;)

    I tested it and it works fine
    thx for the nice work ^^

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    can you make it to were admins can set who can open and close the door or if i can do that please tell me how
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    There is a limited way to set a door to only open for certain people. You could set the players permissions for toggle and toggle2 commands to blockdoor.player.toggle and blockdoor.player.toggle2

    That would prevent players from toggling other players doors via the /dtoggle or /dtoggle2 command.

    You could then create a /dmytrig that would then only be usable by you. Link that to a door and only you can use that door.

    That would also work for /dmyzone

    Additionally, there is an option in the latest beta posted near the bottom of page 2 on this thread for a /duzone which allows a zone to detect and trigger a door based on a specified entity. IE a player(based on player username) or mob.

    As far as specifying a set of players who are allowed to use a door. No not at this time. It may be some time before an option like that would be available as it sounds like it might require a rewrite of the trigger command structure and data storage. Maybe even a new trigger all together. I dont know.

    In any case, new features will have to wait till a version after then one I'm working on right now. I'll add it to my todo list for future investigation.

    I hope that answers your question.
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    Version 0.06 is now uploaded.

    Here are is a brief list of changes, (detailed change log link in main post)

    performance improvements
    fixed a few bugs
    added Selected Entity Zone /duzone
    Added commands: /dopen, /dclose, /dopen2, /dclose2
    added permission nodes
    added 'trig' and 'mytrig' as valid shortcuts for /dlink <triggertypes>

    Here are the specs for a /duzone

    /duzone uzonename johndoe
    /dlink uzone uzonename johndoe doorname toggle 1
    /ddel uzone uzonename johndoe
    /dlist uzone

    The /dlink needed to be expanded for the uzone to allow for the trigger. Since a uzone can have the same name but different triggers. Meaning that you could have a uzone named "myuzone1" that would trigger on johndoe. And you could also have "myuzone1" that would trigger on janedoe. But they would be different uzones to the plugin.

    So you must specify the uzone name and the trigger to use the dlink command for a uzone. No other dlink command has changed. Just specific to the uzone.

    Valid trigger types are as follows:

    CraftPig, Pig, CraftCow, Cow, CraftChicken, Chicken, CraftSheep, Sheep, CraftSkeleton, Skeleton, CraftZombie, Zombie, CraftPigZombie, PigZombie, CraftCreeper, Creeper, CraftSlime, Slime, CraftSpider, Spider, CraftGiant, Giant, CraftWolf, Wolf, CraftSquid, Squid, and Player Names. Player names are case sensitive. JohnDoe is not the same as johndoe.

    Remember: Linking a door with a uzone requires an additional argument. EX:

    /dlink uzone uzonename johndoe doorname toggle 1

    This would tell BlockDoor to link the single state door "doorname" to the uzone "uzonename - johndoe" and set it to toggle.

    This would cause the door "doorname" to toggle when ever johndoe entered the zone and only johndoe. Nothing else would trigger the zone.

    Valid permissions nodes are as follows:

    info for /dopen, /dclose, /dopen2, /dclose2

    These accept the same arguments as /dtoggle and /dtoggle2. Their functions are self explanatory :)
  7. wait what is the idea of this? i dont get it :D
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    Really nice ;D

    But could you make a tutorial about this WINDMILL ?

    i will make this better ;) But i can't do this :confused:

    Sry for Bad english ;)
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    Thank you very much i was looking for this for ages, until no other plugin is capable of the functions this plugins has! Keep it up!
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    2011-08-02 20:04:30 [WARNING] Task of 'BlockDoor' generated an exception
        at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.checkForComodification(
        at java.util.ArrayList$
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftWorld.getLivingEntities(
        at plugin.arcwolf.blockdoor.BlockDoor.getEntityList(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    This come Sometimes and then all Doors etc. does not work anymore
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    Give this version a try and see how things go.

    --file removed--
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    i'm trying this :)
    no Errors since this ...
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    It all works good. But it spams my console with [SEVERE] Messages like no other making console work nothing but impossible.

    Edit: Nvm, after I restarted server it all works fine lol.
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    Hi, Can I add black glass to the mod, Im using the mod stained glass.
    If I can how should I do it ?

    best regards eddy69
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    You would need to edit your items.txt in the blockdoor directory. Add the black glass item id and a name for it. Follow the example in the items.txt file and it should work.
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    it doesnt seem to be compatable with bpermissions.
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    whats bpermissions?

    Its been tested with Groupmanager, or any of the niji based permission clones out there and Bukkit permissions.
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    when i try to make a block door i get this error DOOR DIMENSIONS REJECTED for: '(name of mu block door)'
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    What does your config look like?
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    #Max size for X Y Z
    # -1 to override
    #Advanced Users
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    #Max size for X Y Z
    # -1 to override
    #Advanced Users

    That is what I am using for my test server right now.
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    Ok thanks :)
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    hah, this was my favorite hey0 plugin :D
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    Thankyou arcwolf for re making this, was my fave hey0 plugin and i cant believe it took people this long to realize how amazing it is!
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    When will you upgrade to 1185?
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    If you feel like compiling it your self its already updated on my git hub. However, 1.9 is out now and with all the changes for the new blocks I need to put in and mobs, 1185 is pointless. Besides there wasnt much changed in the way of functionality for 1185. Basically, BlockDoor should function ok and wouldnt need updated specifically for 1185. The only real change was Enderman block pickup protection for twostate doors and the three new mobs for zones. But thats not really that big a deal. Silverfish are uber rare and enderman ... eh :) lol

    If you really want a release and cant be bothered to compile it I'll see about putting a new jar out this afternoon.

    1.9 CraftBukkit RB I will be updating specifically for. Because of the netherwarts and additional non rare mobs.
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    Blockdoor has been updated, Minecraft 1.0 woot! :D

    Whole boat load of updates from 0.06 to 0.07 ... New door type, effeciency updates to saving and to zone detection. Bug fixes and updates... just a total rewrite on most of the mod. Lots of work...

    If you enjoy this mod. Fire off a donation as a nice christmas gift... or even a birthday gift... 17th is my big day... :cool:

    Anyway, enjoy. It was fun fixing this baby up. I've learned alot.

    Just an FYI, this mod I consider feature complete. Its only in maintenance mode now.

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    this is a wicked plugin this should have more views much more :) Great plugin actually awesome plugin:D i use it alot. keep up good work
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    thanks :cool:
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    um can you help me when i make a door and do the trigger and that my other players cant open it only me how do i make it so all can open the doors pls reply :)
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    Not to be a grammar nazi or anything but that sentence made my eyes bleed ... anyway, I'm not sure I completely understand what you are asking.

    I'm guessing you want to know how to link to pre-existing doors. I'm also making the assumption that you are using /dmytrig to link to the doors. If you want other users to use that door then you will need to do one of two things.
    1) create a new trigger using /dtrig and link to the door. Users will need blockdoor.usetriggers set in your permissions plugin or have ops.

    alternatively (* if you dont want to mess with permissions)

    2) Use /dredtrig and link that to the door. There are no permission checks for redstone triggers.

    If you are asking about how to allow users to use a /dtrig created trigger then the permissions are blockdoor.usetriggers or give the user ops.

    Thats about it. Unless you can clarify you question a little. Hope that helps.

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