[MECH] BlockDispenser v2.0.0 - Makes Dispensers place blocks [1337]

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    BlockDispenser - Makes dispensers place blocks!

    Version: v1.2.2

    This plugin changes the activity of dispensers by making them place blocks when there is space ahead of them.
    No configuration or setup required, simply use the dispensers as normal.
    Tip: Useful in combination with with pistons. ;)

    • Dispensers place blocks (or minecarts) in the direction ahead of them, but drops items normally.
    Download (Source Included): https://github.com/Aeodyn/BlockDispenser/raw/master/BlockDispenser.jar

    Github: https://github.com/Aeodyn/BlockDispenser

    Version 2.0
    • Added support for removing blocks. When "Removes" in the config is set to true, dispensers will pick up the block in front of them when they lose power.
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed bug with placing minecarts or buckets.
    • Added debug mode.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fully disabled pushing and item use, since they are still in dev.
    Version 1.2
    • Added full minecart support
    Version 1.1
    • Added full bucket support
    Version 1.0
    • First Release


    • Dispenses in sequence, not randomly, perhaps?
    • Config for certain features.
    • Add "throwing" of blocks.
    • Add using of items.
    • Add picking up of items.
    • Add more config.
    • Add blacklist.
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    Really? It's working perfectly for me... are there any errors? does placing any other block work?
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    No errors, yes it places blocks without hussle! =)
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    That is sooo weird. Hmm... Hopefully I'll fix it! BTW, is anyone else having this problem?
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    I certainly am. This plugin was what I hoped would save my ass. Hopefully you fix it soon.
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    does this work with 1.7?
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    I can confirm that this works on 1.7 as far as placing blocks goes. It seems to have stopped working for placing minecarts and buckets. Really useful for piston contraptions!

    The only thing that I request at this point is that when it cannot place a block in front of it, the dispenser should just not do anything. I don't like that it starts spitting out the rest of what's inside it like normal when it can't place a block, it just wastes resources.

    Otherwise great addition!
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    Is there anyway to make the dispencers place redstone in the front of it? Im tryin to make a piston staircase that opens and closes on both ends and i thought up a way that requires this if its possible will i do this as a request or point in the direction that i can make this possible
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    Yes, but it needs to use the Block version, ID 55.
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    thatll be fine
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    It seems your last commit on GitHub is from May 18th and that doesn't include minecart process. If it's not the case, could you upload a newer version of your plugin ?

    Thank you.
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    Well, I now know why the newest version wasn't working! Darn github...
    As soon as this next version is done, that will be fixed.
    Currently, adding the option for dispensers to remove the block in front of them when redstone power is lost.
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    It correctly dispenses blocks, like sand; I need it to dispense a minecart. Hope you can get this working soon

    I can't use mincar-mania, becaus I uuse craftbook; but I found a way to dispense minecart and collect them at the end of the track


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    If minecarts are already added why not go on and make it place boats.
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    Yes will it work if a dispenser is placed underwater and loaded with boats will they pop out and float to the surface?
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    Can you please add permission nodes :D ?
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    Can you please add permissions?
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    Hey, will the "pushing of blocks" also include water???
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    Sorry about the lack of news, i have been trying to develop this, but school has been in the way. I am currently adding it so that dispensers can also "pick up" blocks, and put them into its inventory, but i am having a couple major issues. I have also gotten rid of the pushing code, because that was greatly increasing the size of the jar, and the same effect can be made with pistons.
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    why doesent minecart placment work

    i realy need that
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    I think that the version that was uploaded is an old version, so you will have to wait for this next release. In the meantime, i think that both falsebook and minecart mania can spawn carts.
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    plz ad permissions?
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    How would you have me implement it?
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    Idk lol i dont want people non ops going around using this only us
  27. its a real shame minecarts don't work(can you please fix it), also you should add a config file to it. maybe mine cart dispensing: true/false, block dispensing: true/false, boat dispensing: true/false and a list of blacklisted blocks. just a thought.
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    Works great! Nice plug-in!
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    If i put in a stack of blocks the dispenser dumps them all and then all those blocks are just gone can you fix that?
    because now it can only dispense 9 blocks and then i would have to refill it.
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    Yep, Noticed that, working on it right now. Will be fixed soon.
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    Looking forward to an update!
    Bukkit - 1597
    Latest blockdispenser
    A few errors:
    Let it place a sapling and use bone meal on it. The spaling disappears.
    When i feed the dispenser 64 tnt and activates it it will place one tnt infront of it and delete the 63 other tnt :(
    Would be nice if a button could activate it so that it wont take the items back - or something similar :D for a tnt cannon.
    It is hard to redstone wire it. It is like it wont take all "normal" redstone power...

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