[MECH] BigCatch v0.7 - making Fishing more interesting. [818]

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    BigCatch - Fishing, Made fun:

    I dont have much time for MC, or coding for fun. So i am going to have to throw in the towel. Anyone is welcome to Pick up the plug-in if they would like. I am just to busy for this kind of work. Here is the source <3

    by: Spoonikle
    with special thanks to...
    Yurij - great code
    FullWall - Good advice, and spotting big problems before they hurt my head
    darknesschaos - Words of encouragement
    Edward Hand - great code
    and to Samkio - For his Tutorials and helping me when my head hurt
    the most.

    Version: v0.7

    BigCatch, adds to the Fishing mechanic in Minecraft. With random catch events, and making it easier to get a fish, even when the server is laggy. Using the plug-in is simple, just throw it in your plug-in folder. when ever a player starts fishing, its working!

    All events are simple, there is no gold - or unobtainable items - in fact most of the fishing events created in BigCatch are well balanced for any traditional survival server.

    BigCatch Makes a great and FUN addition to any server!

    • Added random events, such as catching a leather hat, with a fish inside.
    • Added the BIG CATCH, where a player gets 4 fish for the price of 1!
    • Events range from Saving a drowning Pig, to catching a Squid!!
    When a player has been fishing for 10 seconds, and fails to catch a fish he is then given a 45% chance to catch a fish, and then a range of other random events.

    but, if a player has been fishing for 5 seconds or more, and catches a fish, they will receive a BIGCATCH - 3 additional fish.

    The Drop Table (open)
    "item" - "chance"
    dirt and failure - 2 in 30
    Leather boots - 1 in 10
    leather boots and a fish - 2 in 30
    a fish - 5 in 40
    a leather hat - 1 in 10
    a leather hat with a fish - 1 in 30
    a fish and a bone - 1 in 30
    a fish and 2 bones - 1 in 30
    BigCatch (3 fish) - 1 in 90
    nothing - 1 in 10
    a squid - 2 in 60
    a squid with a fish - 1 in 90
    String - 2 in 30
    A skeleton - 0.333%
    a near miss with a skeleton and broken bones - 2.997 %
    a pig - 0.666%
    The pig drowns and you get a piece of pork - 2.667%

    Planned additions:
    • More random events.
    • Configurable parameters
    • Configurable events, and event messages
    • Even more, cooler Fishing events! Keep sending them to me!
    known bugs:
    • Event catches involving mobs do not work properly (minor)
    Download BigCatch! v0.7 for Craftbukkit!

    Source Code


    Version 0.7
    • Made the migration to latest CB-RB
    • Ate your Cake, it was delicious.
    • fixed DropFish bug - again
    • increased the distance away water can be from a players cross-hair and still be considered fishing. (now = 20 blocks)
    • reduced time required for BigCatch and Catch Event calculations
    • Fixed bug that stacked 3 fish in the inventory instead of 3 separate fish during a BigCatch
    • Tested method of catching radioactive woolly Mammoths with new quantum entanglement tangle angler and uranium 238 tackle box, to make space holes - failed
    • redesigned the Miscast, improper fishing line use, check.
    • Conformed to new ItemPickup standards
    • Ignored government regulations that apply to human testing
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed a bug where players fishing at the same time, would interferer with each-others event calculations.
    • Fixed a glitch that would occur when you cast a line at dirt, then reeled in facing water.
    • Fixed a glitch that would allow the generation of an insane number of timer threads by anyone with a large amount of fish.
    • Added miss cast checks to the fishing rod.
    • increased the overall efficiency of the program
    Version 0.4
    • Major Bug fix, warranting new version number. Fixed Major exploit.
    • Added wooden Bowls and gold to the table. (A tribute to my new plug-in project)
    Version 0.3_1
    • Fixed minor bug - Skeleton spawning instead of a pig :p surprise!
    Version 0.3
    • Removed TSLPC
    • conformed to new Drop item event standards
    • BigCatch! event confirmed to be 100% operational!!
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    does not generate the config file if it does not exist. Please link to it or make it auto generate.
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    In its current state the program is not configurable. (I am java nub)
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    Saw v0.7 and downloaded 1min ago, but when starting the server it still says "Big Catch version 0.5 is enabled". Am I too quick on hitting the download link? lol
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    This is great, fun, and I'll certainly install it, however, I have a question.
    Why even bother having greater chances use complicated numbers? Instead of 5 in 40, just use 1 in 8; 1 in 15 instead of 2 in 30, etc. *shrug* Not really anything important, but i'm just curious.
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    I never reduce my fractions.... they all look the same to me. 1 in 8 IS 5 in 40 to me, so i NEVER reduce, its kind of a waste of time. its not like a computer would make a mistake, and many people don't get fractions and with the majority of the odds being 1 in 30 or 1 in 15 i just kept the numbers as close to X in 30 as possible to make them as close to each other for less MATH minded people.

    and the plug-in uses a random number from 0 to 29 +1 to compute the odds.

    Reasoning this out doesn't matter, as reducing doesn't matter, 1 in 8 will always be = to 100 in 8000, reducing is a useless formality, only helpful when i have to do math with the numbers.

    You sir are the math teacher who marked my shit wrong for not reducing my perfect fractions. :p
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    With a bit of work, this could become EPIC!:eek:

    Ooooo your online (HAI THERE)

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    No, thats my bad, i always forget to fix that.

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    Yay, says v0.7 now. Going to have a play around with it :)

    Edit: Messed around for 10mins, everything seems all good, no errors on console output. (#766).

    Only thing I noticed is that "BigCatch" triggers a little too often, seems that whenever the lure bobs down into the water (normal MC trigger for fish) it always gives a "BigCatch" rather than mostly single fish.
    Was pretty fun catching all the random stuff, thanks for getting the new version sorted. Is always enjoyable to read your change-log too :D
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    I made normal catch events a 100% after 5 sec bigcatch because normal catching requires skill and alot of luck if you are not running the server yourself.

    I could make a change to 50%.
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    yes please change to 50% :)
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    I will take it into consideration.

    anyone else of this sentiment?
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    Updated? I think I love you. The fishermen of my server do too. Now all I can ask is permissions support.
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    Works fine [diamond]
    But im a bit sad i cant catch radioactive woolly Mammoths with new quantum entanglement tangle angler and uranium 238 tackle box :(
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    You can!! just send $500,495.99 check or money order payable to Spoonikle, to

    Greenmouth Arizona USA PO box 001304 (fictional place.)

    And your new quantum entanglement tangle angler and uranium 238 tackle box will be delivered to your door, in just 52 years!!! :cool:[workbench]

    well, might is suggest (if fishing is a class specific activity) if you have world guard the black list would prevent anyone not in a particular group from fishing.

    I would work on permission support, it shouldn't be hard, but my life beacons me away from the computer...

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    Thanks for the advice.
    edit: Oh wow, your suggestion is even better than permissions. Don't bother with those :D
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    yeah, why should non fishermen be able to fish? that just de-values their class.
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    THANKS for updating this!

    I was sad to see the plugin fall into disrepair for a bit :)
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    forgot my IDE at home. :p
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    I got this error shortly into fishing.. also, (maybe related, maybe not) my server seems to revert back to 'normal' fishing after a short time of fishing. (CB766, bigcatch 0.7) Thanks!

    2011-05-15 10:02:31 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-23"
    2011-05-15 10:02:31 [SEVERE] java.lang.ClassCastException: org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftSquid cannot be cast to org.bukkit.entity.LightningStrike
    2011-05-15 10:02:31 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.a(WorldServer.java:112)
    2011-05-15 10:02:31 [SEVERE] at com.hotmail.spoonikle.bigcatch.BigCatch$CatchDelay$RemindTask.run(BigCatch.java:195)
    2011-05-15 10:02:31 [SEVERE] at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    2011-05-15 10:02:31 [SEVERE] at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source)
  21. i also think the bigcatch makes it too easy to catch fish i'd settle for even lower then 50% :p
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    Yea, I'd love to be able to config my own fishing catches. I'd add a "Diamond necklace" with a 1% chance to catch a diamond. Things like that.
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    Thank you for the report, it appears someone caught a squid on your server, but the new Lightning strike entity is somehow messing with the spawning code. (not very good code on my part)

    but this gives me an idea.... Random lighting strikes, kerpow! you where struck by lightning.

    about fishing converting to normal, I suspect you have dropped a fish. there is a 1 min cool down to all events if you drop a fish, because you could exploit fishing by picking up a fish after reeling in your fishing line. (the program actually waits for you to cast the fishing line 2 times, then waits 2 seconds for you to pick up a fish, thats how it knows you caught one. the catch fish value refreshes after 2 seconds.)

    configurable catches is not easy, and i am a lazy coder. : P
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    Ultra rare resource events would be nice (iron/gold/diamonds/other gems). Suppose you could also up the drop rate for fishing during storms with an added chance for being struck by lightning.
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    Thank you for updating!!!
    I've been patiently waiting and watching for an updated version for a little while.

    I'll be testing on CB740 later on today!
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    Any progress in this regard? I understand it's boring to write the code for file manipulation, but it's certain not hard. When you have parameters that are as unintuitive as having hostile mob spawn, it's pretty necessary. Players on a survival server don't expect items to spawn from fishing, but a larger yield isn't unreasonable.
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    How do i check if it is working?
    When I fish, I always get one fish, but when I open the server it says that it is enabled.
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    try leaving the angler in the water for 12+ seconds and then real in the line

    please read the description on how it works.
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    Hi and nice plugin ! Does it work for #818 or #766 ?
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    The plug-in is only tested to run on #766, I am planning on updating to the latest #818, this may involve nothing but changing the topic header or a major change.

    ** after reviewing the changes made from #766 to #818 i don't see any reason it wont work, please send any error messages my way.
  31. Could you make it so the water type matters? Would be cool if you could find more rare items in deep water, but also, if you could detect if people are actually fishing in a lake, and not a single water block inside their home ;)


    I am getting Timer errors using this, I think that means you need to use the Bukkit scheduler?

    13:06:10 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-985"
    13:06:10 [SEVERE] java.lang.ClassCastException: org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPig cannot be cast to org.bukkit.entity.LightningStrike
    13:06:10 [SEVERE]       at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.a(WorldServer.java:114)
    13:06:10 [SEVERE]       at com.hotmail.spoonikle.bigcatch.BigCatch$CatchDelay$RemindTask.run(BigCatch.java:242)
    13:06:10 [SEVERE]       at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:555)
    13:06:10 [SEVERE]       at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:505)

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