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    BigCatch - Fishing, Made fun:

    I dont have much time for MC, or coding for fun. So i am going to have to throw in the towel. Anyone is welcome to Pick up the plug-in if they would like. I am just to busy for this kind of work. Here is the source <3

    by: Spoonikle
    with special thanks to...
    Yurij - great code
    FullWall - Good advice, and spotting big problems before they hurt my head
    darknesschaos - Words of encouragement
    Edward Hand - great code
    and to Samkio - For his Tutorials and helping me when my head hurt
    the most.

    Version: v0.7

    BigCatch, adds to the Fishing mechanic in Minecraft. With random catch events, and making it easier to get a fish, even when the server is laggy. Using the plug-in is simple, just throw it in your plug-in folder. when ever a player starts fishing, its working!

    All events are simple, there is no gold - or unobtainable items - in fact most of the fishing events created in BigCatch are well balanced for any traditional survival server.

    BigCatch Makes a great and FUN addition to any server!

    • Added random events, such as catching a leather hat, with a fish inside.
    • Added the BIG CATCH, where a player gets 4 fish for the price of 1!
    • Events range from Saving a drowning Pig, to catching a Squid!!
    When a player has been fishing for 10 seconds, and fails to catch a fish he is then given a 45% chance to catch a fish, and then a range of other random events.

    but, if a player has been fishing for 5 seconds or more, and catches a fish, they will receive a BIGCATCH - 3 additional fish.

    The Drop Table (open)
    "item" - "chance"
    dirt and failure - 2 in 30
    Leather boots - 1 in 10
    leather boots and a fish - 2 in 30
    a fish - 5 in 40
    a leather hat - 1 in 10
    a leather hat with a fish - 1 in 30
    a fish and a bone - 1 in 30
    a fish and 2 bones - 1 in 30
    BigCatch (3 fish) - 1 in 90
    nothing - 1 in 10
    a squid - 2 in 60
    a squid with a fish - 1 in 90
    String - 2 in 30
    A skeleton - 0.333%
    a near miss with a skeleton and broken bones - 2.997 %
    a pig - 0.666%
    The pig drowns and you get a piece of pork - 2.667%

    Planned additions:
    • More random events.
    • Configurable parameters
    • Configurable events, and event messages
    • Even more, cooler Fishing events! Keep sending them to me!
    known bugs:
    • Event catches involving mobs do not work properly (minor)
    Download BigCatch! v0.7 for Craftbukkit!

    Source Code


    Version 0.7
    • Made the migration to latest CB-RB
    • Ate your Cake, it was delicious.
    • fixed DropFish bug - again
    • increased the distance away water can be from a players cross-hair and still be considered fishing. (now = 20 blocks)
    • reduced time required for BigCatch and Catch Event calculations
    • Fixed bug that stacked 3 fish in the inventory instead of 3 separate fish during a BigCatch
    • Tested method of catching radioactive woolly Mammoths with new quantum entanglement tangle angler and uranium 238 tackle box, to make space holes - failed
    • redesigned the Miscast, improper fishing line use, check.
    • Conformed to new ItemPickup standards
    • Ignored government regulations that apply to human testing
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed a bug where players fishing at the same time, would interferer with each-others event calculations.
    • Fixed a glitch that would occur when you cast a line at dirt, then reeled in facing water.
    • Fixed a glitch that would allow the generation of an insane number of timer threads by anyone with a large amount of fish.
    • Added miss cast checks to the fishing rod.
    • increased the overall efficiency of the program
    Version 0.4
    • Major Bug fix, warranting new version number. Fixed Major exploit.
    • Added wooden Bowls and gold to the table. (A tribute to my new plug-in project)
    Version 0.3_1
    • Fixed minor bug - Skeleton spawning instead of a pig :p surprise!
    Version 0.3
    • Removed TSLPC
    • conformed to new Drop item event standards
    • BigCatch! event confirmed to be 100% operational!!
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    Can you fish for sponge blocks?
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    yes guys unfortunatly this has been stopped however there is a plugin called levelcraft that will hopefully be adding something very similar in the future so keep your eye on the levelcraft plugin.
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    thanks, not interested. Prefer standalone plugins.
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    Guys, chances are that I will probably make my version pert of levelcraft. However, the version I posted earlier works fine and should continue to work for an indefinite time into the future.
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    I also have a version based on zonedabone's that I use locally that I plan on maintaining and can post it if need his current one ever quits working.
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    Awesome. Needless to say that this plugin with it's current features is actually very maintainable.

    How about this:
    If you reel in the rod with nothing after 5 seconds, you get a random reward or possibly nothing.
    If you reel it in after 5 seconds with a fish you get the fish and some xp to boot.
    If you get it in the first 5 seconds you get yourself a nice BIG CATCH!

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    Please release it ASAP
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    That would be in levelcraft. I'm probably not going to make this standalone.
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    @zonedabone will you maintain it with no new features?
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    The jar I posted will work almost indefinitely

    there's not much maintaining to do.
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    Test it out :D
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    It generally works but no config file and seems to bug out where you quit fishing and still get things. Also none of the other events tend to happen so most of the catches are big catches.

    Edit: Just read his to-do was to add a config..so nvm just seems generally buggy. But I mean it adds something to fishing and no other plugin does that.
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    Thanks for testing. XD
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    I still can't believe there is only one plugin for fishing...so many cool things could be done.
    And with how boring it is I think it would be a hot thing to do.
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    Ok, guys! I moved the jar to BukkitDev and put my source up on my github. Thanks to everyone for the support! Also, please be sure to answer my poll up there whenever I get it up. I need Ideas for v1.0.0

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    If anyone cares, this plugin is one that Multiplay.com offers on its plugin list when you 'lease' a MC gameserver from them. That's where I heard about it and was checking to see what it was and if I wanted to add it to my server. It is v 0.7 and sounds like real fun - especially if I don't tell my players I've added it :) I like surprising them with stuff like that. I haven't read through this entire thread, but if someone adopts this, like zonedabone, then they may want to check the Multiplay.com game forums to see if anyone is asking about it. Lots of Noobs rent a server when they are new to Minecraft and don't know anything about mods or running a server. Like me, when I first leased my gameserver, I wasn't new to MC but I barely knew anything about running a server and less about adding plugins.
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    Yeah. If you want them to adopt MegaCatch you'll want to tell them that a stable version is now available. Just please kindly ask them that if they're using it on paid servers that they drop a small donation my way. =)
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    I think Marley is happy.
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    Thanks for keeping this alive! Looking forward to the configurable events...
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    Hello i installed the Plug in and i need to check it if it is working by going fishing.. how do you make a rod, and where do you fish please!! thanks
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    Thanks for posting the link up here. I've got a rework on the back burner, but for now MegaCatch 0.8.0 is stable.
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    1.0 :( + Config?

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