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    BCBackpack - Customizable backpacks w/ BukkitContrib
    Version: 1.1
    I've seen backpack plugins before, but they weren't exactly what I wanted. Even the name backpack doesn't necessarily fit what this plugin was designed for, but it works nonetheless. It basically provides an extra inventory for each player that doesn't get dropped on the ground when they die.

    • Press 'B' to open your backpack (You MUST have BukkitContrib installed)
    • Customizable backpack size
    • Customizable backpack name (they're called "Man Purses" on my server)
    • It saves when you logout and loads when you join.
    config (open)

    The config.yml will be created in /plugins/BCBackpack. It only contains two values:
    InventoryName: Backpack
    BackPackSize: 20
    DropItemsOnDeath: false
    InventoryName is the name shown when you open the inventory (like "Chest", "Furnace", etc)
    BackPackSize is the amount of inventory slots available (I'm pretty sure it only accepts multiples of 9 or something, if you put 32 it will give you 27 slots)
    The inventories will be saved in /plugins/BCBackpack/inventories/playername.yml. If you know what you are doing you can edit the inventories, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    The source code is included in the .jar

    Planned Changes

    Version 1.1
    • Added DropOnDeath
    Version 1.0

    • Release
    [​IMG] To me to support my plugins :)

    okay seriously XenForo, you're pissing me off

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    ??? But nice plugin. You should make a video. :D
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    sounds good :)
    wood like to see a video or screenshoots to. I have some ideas, but im not sure how Backpack looks already.
    is there any link to the Inventory, so that u can move Items directly into the Inventory/into the usable slots?
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    When you press B it opens it just like a chest inventory
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    Grammar Troll

    Just tested it, works like a charm. Setting the BackPackSize configuration to a number >9 will look like this:
    screenshot (open)
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    You mean <9
    you put the greater than sign ha sorry im a math nerd. but yes it works perfectly, just what i have been looking for, is there any way you can make it to where you limit backpack sizes to certain players using permissions?
    like to give players 9 extra slots and admins like 27 extra slots? If so you would be my hero XD

    p.s. i gave you an internet ^_^

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    very nice, whats the max slots we can give players?
    set it to 44 only get 36

    however i LOVE it, and it will help persuade players to install bukkit contrib with out me resorting to enforcing it

    Thank you!
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    I have no Idea, Afforess would probably know.
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    1. I want to be able to change per group (like through a permisson node)

    2. Wondering what's max size but that was already asked .__.

    No more requests :) gj man. ✔✚ for you!
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    Can you pls add Permissons Support?
    Its a really nice Plugin.
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    Grammar Troll

    I indeed meant <9, I have no idea why I typed that wrong.
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    Perms would be awesome!
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    nice plugin. Would be cool to add an option in the config to drop the contents of the backpack on death instead of the user keeping it. Thanks
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    Whats the point? He'll probably never update this and just like it rot like all 20 of his other plugins... I'd use this but it's not worth it..
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    Already done.
    You mean all 42 other plugins, which *most* of them still work perfectly.
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    Really I thought you had less then 20 lol. You really should try making a few plugins and stick to them.. I don't get releasing 42 plugins to let them rot. If your going to do that don't release them.. lol
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    How are they rotting if they work fine?
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    You don't update barely any of them. "You let them rot" 95% of your plugins are not even updated to the recommended build.
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    95% of my plugin's titles don't say 1000 because I honestly don't have the patience to update all of the titles, even though every single one of them works perfectly on build 1000. If they aren't in the inactive section (None of them are) they work fine.
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    captainawesome will you ever plan on adding perms for this? I'd like certain backpacks only available to certain groups. :)
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    I can add bukkit's default perms
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    I've never use bukkit's default perms, mostly use permissions. As awesome as this mod is I don't think i will use it without perms, no hidden meaning behind it, just a reality which saddens me! Love your plugins btw.
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    Thanks for updating it :). Top notch plugin!
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    alright thanks,
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    yes i agree with all the people that want permissions support. i want my donaters to actually have a reason to donate lol
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    Allen Buckman

    do my all players need bukkit contrib or just the ones that want to use the backpack?
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    Some users on my server are reporting that this dupes items when you relog. Happened to me twice.
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    Just the ones that want to use the backpack.

    Hmm, hasn't happened to me yet..

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