[MECH] ArrowLimiter v1.6 - Control Arrow spam and damage [974]

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  1. ArrowLimiter:- Control ArrowSpam and damage.
    Version 1.6

    Prevent the spamming of bows and arrows, works with GroupManager and Permissions

    ArrowLimiter v1.6

    timedelay: 1.0 - The time in seconds allowed between each arrow.
    damage: 1 - The amount of damage an arrow will do
    showmsg: true - Show the chat message when arrows are limited (Bow and arrow only)
    custom-msg: '' - Text entered here will be used instead of the standard you must wait x seconds.
    limitdispensers: false - Limit despenser fire also
    dispenserdelay: 1.o - The rate of fire delay for dispensers

    arrowlimiter.exempt - Allows the player to bypass the spam limitations

    Version 1.6
    • Removed native GM support. Groupbridge should work. This should fix any issues
    Version 1.5
    • Fixed snowballs giving damage
    • Add setting for dispensers
    • Add option to turn chat msg off
    • Add option for custom message
    Version 1.0

    • Initial Release
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    Nice :)
    Archers are overpowered!
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    Hopefully this only does player-launched arrows, not dispenser or skeleton launched arrows.
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    I think thats all it does, since it is probably in a Player Event
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    This is awesome, but I'd love some per-Permissions-group support. I only want my Archer faction to do more damage.
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    nice plugin, but i have error ( im on #766 )

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    If you make it work with dispensers you're my hero! I really want explosives out of my ships :>
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    can you please make this like mcmmo when u spam click it only shots every second? insted of waiting for each click?
  9. can you paste your full server log from start to done at pastie.org
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    I really like this plugin and have added it to my server. I do find one problem with it though. It seems to reset the 3 second time everytime you click the fire button, which I think is a problem. It should be the time from when the last arrow was actually shot not from when you last attempted to shoot the arrow.
    I'm not sure if you can over come this or if this is a bug or an error on my end. Let me know, i'll keep an eye on this :)
    edit: I've changed my config so it takes 3 seconds to shoot an arrow :)

    edit2: I also noticed if you shoot at a block right infront of you (2blocks away and closer) it lets you rapid shoot.
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    It doesn't work for me. And give me huge errors.
    Tell me if you need more than this.
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    I have a request

    I would actually like a command that does the opposite of Exempt for admins for obviouse reasons an admin with permissions of '*' would get exempt from this plugin and to be fair I would preffer to shoot at at a slower speed like the rest of the players.

    on the upside it would reduce lag from arrow spam :p
  13. I will get another release out by Friday :)
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    That'd mean you'd have all permissions, except from that. Very underused edit there, not that many people seem to know about it...
  15. Release delayed due to no RB yet :D
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    Oh true I do use this permissions value for some other things like falsebooks IC's to remove the item throwing signs.

    yea coz I just did not want an advatnage I really should make more use of this command when it comes to other things as well.

    Thanks for the heads up
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    Geoff Winans

    Any chance this is getting an update?
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    Any chance of getting the source code? It'd really help me with my plugin that's currently under development. I need to know how I can prevent an arrow to be shot when the right mouse button is clicked.
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    Great plugin!

    Really makes arrows more balanced and less spray and pray.

    I have a question possibly a bug report. Players seem to be able to use snowballs as weapons equivalent to the damage of arrows. I don't have any snowball affecting plugins.

    My bukkit: Bukkit b819

    Thanks for your time
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    Can you make it so you can config the message it shows? I might make my server renaissance and add crossbows, and I want the message to say something like "Reloading!"
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    Oh god how it spams >.<
    Please make those chatmessages optional, they are extremely annoying if you're fighting in an arena (I would love to use this in combination with PvE and PvP plugins) and I also have a bug to report: If you hold the right mousebutton no arrow gets out. Possible problem: Holding the right mousebutton means the game automaticly shoots arrows every x.x seconds but this is conflicting with the Limit set by this plugin. Until you fix it I'm sry but I won't use this.
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    Not really a bug.. Your trying to Fire before you man has reloaded his arrow. Every x.x seconds. You are not able to RAPID fire arrows by holding down your mouse... Thats kind of the point to this plugin. To limit the rate at which arrows are spammed.

    Time to learn some control and fire an arrow, count 1 thousand 1, fire an arrow.


    I replied in our conversation, but i was gunna post the idea here as well.

    I would love to have this updated or changed to Weapon Limiter. Allowing us to slow the spam of all Weapon Types and to modify the dmg of them as well.

    Reasoning: I think an Axe should swing slower then a Sword, but do more base dmg. This would allow servers to tweak this. I dont think the coding would be harder then just adding some if checks to see what weapon and applying the correct time checks. Let me know...

    Thanks as Always!

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    It's still extremely annoying and spams like hell. If you fight in a PvE or PvP arena and you're surrounded by a lot of enemies you automaticly want to fire as often as possible and thus keep pressing the mousebutton until the man fires again. But this spams like hell. It has nothing to do with being able to time your arrows, it's about chatcontrol and interactivity.
  24. Version 1.5

    • Fixed snowballs giving damage
    • Add setting for dispensers
    • Add option to turn chat msg off
    • Add option for custom message

    I shall take a look tomorrow, just finished this update :D

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    +1 on the quote too - that would make this plugin quite awesome.
    Call it: Weaponizer - change damage and slow/speed up weapons.

    :) - As it stands right now though, all is working here :D
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    Just curious as if your gunna give my idea a go? Ill even toss ya a few bucks donations for changing it as well.
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    Can't seem to get this working, using RB 860. ArrowLimiter seems to load correctly, but doesn't actually do anything - I can still spam arrows like a madman, and get no messages/errors relating to it.
  28. I will, may take a few days
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    i have a request, is it possible to add control over sword-dmg? on my server many players have a macro for multiple mouse-clicks, so if you can add a time delay between 2 sword-hits it would be great.

    i really don't know if this macro works with swords, but if it works we need a plugin to interrupt it.

    other then i think for slower pc´s a limited sword-hit would be fair in PvP
  30. Are you admin?

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