[MECH] AppleTree v0.6 - Trees now drop apples (new dev) [1000]

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    AppleTree - The first standalone apple tree plugin (and still continued)
    Version: v0.6
    Download: AppleTree.jar

    AppleTree is now on BukkitDev

    AppleTree is a very simple plugin that was designed with the sole idea of turning trees into apple trees. There is a configuration file in its own plugin folder "AppleTree" called appletree.properties, which you can use to customize different aspects of the plugin.

    this was originally created by ngc0202

    Properties Guide:
    • CanDropDecay - (true/false) Whether or not apples drop on decaying leaves.
    • GAChance - (number between 0 and 1) The chance of a golden apple drop. 5% = 0.05
    • CanDropGold - (true/false) If golden apples can drop.
    • AChance - (number between 0 and 1) The chance of an apple drop. 5% = 0.05
      • CanDropCocoa - (true/false) if cocoa beans can drop
      • CBChance - chance of cocoa beans

    • Apples spawn from destroyed leaves.
    • Chance to spawn golden apples as well.
    • Cocoa beans also can drop :D
    • Properties file for different settings.

    Version 0.6 - 5/27/11
    • leaves can now be dropped (DropLeaves=true)
    • more settings added to allow seperate decay drop chances
    • fixed protection checks
    Version 0.5.1 - 4/2/11

    • settings moved to plugin folder
    Version 0.5 - 4/2/11 - now being maintained by jascotty2

    • cocoa beans added as a drop
    • probability is relative - ony one item can drop from a leaf break
      - (except saplings.. not sure how to turn those off)
    older changes (open)

    Version 0.4
    • Allowed compatibility with newer bukkit versions.
    • Fixed the "Stupidly long constructor" error
    Version 0.3.1

    • Fixed the bug where golden apples don't spawn.
    Version 0.3

    • Added a appletree.properties file for customizations.
    • Added source.
    Version 0.2

    • Allowed drops from decaying leaves.
    Version 0.1

    • Original release.
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    I use this plugin because it doesn't need chat commands and can be easily explained in logical terms (put apple in soil get apple tree). It's a good time.

    That said: I would like to request an option to limit each type of tree to certain biomes, so that cocoa and apple trees require different areas of world to grow. Something unique to differentiate Village A from Village B.

    Edit: Wait no I'm using AppleSEED now. Oops. Used to use this back in the day though. It was a good time!
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    How bout leaves drop on percentages?
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    Can you people tell me why:

    2011-08-09 14:13:26 [INFO] AppleTree disabled.
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    I can't change the settings ?? even if I do change them, the trees still only drop apples plz help me
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    Is it when a apple drops from a tree cocoa beans cant be earn from it if it isnt can it be like that?
    So if apple falls on a tree it only drops apples but if another tree cocoa it only drops cocoa
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    On 0.5 no fruits droping on white trees :S :S

    Fixed on 0.6?
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    This really needs an update. The percentages from the config file flat out do not work. I think an apple is set to 0.05 and a golden apple is set to 0.005, or something like that, whatever the defaults are... but apples drop like crazy. Like, every leaf block on decay damn near drops an apple. Anyways, the drop value is broken, at least, from my experiences.
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    Happens to me too
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    It's a nice plugin, other from that. I'm guessin' it would work fine, if this were updated a bit more. Dev, update please? ;) Thanks!
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    Great plugin, thankyou! Just a question, is it possible to set chance of leaf falling from decay like with GA and A? Because it's too laggy for my server having a 100% success rate. Thanks.
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    Sorry for bothering but does this need a permission plugin?
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    This plugin affects game mechanics... it simply adds this feature to the game. It is configurable to work with different types of trees, and can be enabled/disabled how you see fit. There are no permissions... it works globally.
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    I take this back... it appears that they snuck Apple Drops into FalseBook.... I really hate when these other plugins add things that shouldn't be in them...
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    What is the difference between DecayAChance and AChance? I'm talking about the configuration file.
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    Kool! I put this on my server.... Permssion nodes could be a nice update though......

    OMG! I play on ur server!!!!!!!!!! (dabram71)

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    Nice xD
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    Could you add watermelon and pumkin seeds for 1.8? Would be great because right now they are not spawning because of a bug in 1.8.1 ...
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    Decay is when the leaves die on their own (after you remove the wood). AChance is when someone destroys the leaves themselves. So if you set a Decay chance of 0, when the tree is destroyed, while the leaves die on their own, you will not get any apple drops... the player would have to actively destroy the leaves to acquire a drop.
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    Wonderful addition to any server!
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    permissions please
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    Why? You shall have all the lower ranks starve to death?
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    no, i dont want this active in some worlds. i have a world for just vanilla playing, and so i dont want this there
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    well, 0.7 has the option to disable in defined worlds
    (i have a world on my server i like to keep 'vanilla', too)
    .. sorry for not posting the change here, but it's now being maintained on BukkitDev
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