[MECH] AntiCreeper v4.5 - Creeper (and other explosion) controls [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    AntiCreeper - Nerf those creepers [Now with SOUNDS!]: Version: v4.5 [1.4.7-R1.0]

    Now You could find this on BukkitDev too :)
    • Tired of rebuilding every building in your server, because those green things ruin them all the time?
    • Tired of filling in all the explosion-created holes? Wish you could tell people to do it themselves?
    • And also you hate the mods which make the creepers just walk around without doing anything to the players?
    • Do you have a nether paradise? Do you hate the fireball spitting ghasts or players exploding beds?
    • Too much grief with TNT?
    • Those missing or randomly placed blocks from endermen triggering your OCD?
    • Having fun with fireballs but don't like the fire? Or want creepers to burn stuff too?
    • That huge hole left by Wither boss got you down?
    • AntiCreeper config.yml too confusing for you?
    • Want to spawn an Enderdragon but don't like the wholesale destruction?
    If You say yes to just one of the questions, then this plugin is for You!

    This is my first released plugin. Thank You for your patience. :)

    It works with latest Recommended build.
    The plugin is now maintened by filbert66 , as I don't have too much time to work with Minecraft anymore :(

    • Cancels creeper environment-destroying behavior.
      • or optionally allows it but can leave 100% of destroyed blocks, allowing easy rebuilding.
      • and/or configure a height below which it is allowed
      • and/or define a list of blocks that are (the only/NOT) affected
      • and optionally disable sound & smoke or player damage, if you really want to
      • and selectively configure which entities receive damage or not.
    • Cancels TNT, Fireballs, Wither explosions, with all of same options as for creepers, above
      • note that fire charges and wither skulls are classes of fireballs, so fireball settings apply to them
    • But can damage the players in all cases! (you can now control this, too)
    • Cancel various enderman behaviors, including block pickups, or just put-downs.
      • with configurable white/blacklist!
    • cancel damage caused by lightning (for you spell-makers out there).
    • disable Wither & Ender Dragon moving through and damaging blocks
      • both support configurable blocklists
    • Detailed configuration now available!
    • Kind of multi-world support; the same configuration applies to all listed worlds.
    • In game commands to query, set, and save configuration items
      • allows testing config changes without making them permanent
      • save configs to disk without every manually editing config.yml.
    • NEW disable exploding beds in the nether
    Download the plugin.

    Detailed version history.
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    Awesome, will try it later :)
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    please update do latest recommended CB
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    You forgot "missing latest version in title, missing plugin description" :D

    Chris :cool:
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    Just saying, there has to be like 20 creeper nerf plugins by now :/
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    @captainawesome7 I agree but he must be a starter and you have to start somewhere!

    @Rothens Good Luck, I would try coding in more to this to make it more unique, I can help if you need help PM me ;)
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    Will this have any conflict with Permissions compatibility? :D
    I REALLY like this idea, cuz I love the bomb effect of creepers but NOT the destroy my work effect QQ
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    No, it doesn't do anything with Permissions, so I don't think they'll conflict :)
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    I'm adding this to my server NOW than :]
    Thanks for the plugin!
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    Thanks for the encouragement :) I already have a bigger plugin, but I don't want to release the whole :) And all of it's component depends on the others. And since today, I didn't have any time to separate the plugins. But now the term is over, and I'll have more time. I think I'll post some of my other things in the next week :)

    @Gamer_144 thanks :) Report if it's conflicts ;)

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    Woots, works without any issues.
    Only problem I got with this is that they don't make a boom sound anymore :[
    They just disappear and hurt you, I guess the boom sound and small puff of clouds is half of the fun with them lol
    Any way to add those in? :D

    EDIT: Ok, the puff of smoke is still there, its just lacking the big BOOM! XD
    Thanks for looking into this ^_^
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    Hmm.. maybe :) I'll look on that tomorrow ;)
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    @Rothens please fix all of the aforementioned issues. Such as, missing plugin description in title.

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    Plugin description added :) (I think :D)
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    The description should be "inside" the latest [RB].
    For example: "Anti-Creeper v0.1 - Creepers only damage players. [928]"

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    Is it okay now? :)
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    You're still missing the version number from the title ;)

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    Thanks for helping me :)
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    Deleted user

    There's another plugin named this. (unless this is a newer version? but the other one was version 1 and this is .1)

    But anyways, excellent plugin.
    Keeps the difficulty of the game the same, but lowers the annoyance. :]
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    Thanks for doing this.
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    awesome. i tested it, and i love it

    thnx for making this plugin
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    Not compatable with my MC ver 1.7. Creeper still blew up my new house.:'( Said it was enabled in console at start up.
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    Thanks for this plugin i can confirm it works well :)
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    I'll look on it :)
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    Could you please add feature for TNT? Your plugin is very similiar to "CreeperHeal", but i like yours because it doesn't heal damaged enviroment so redstone wires are safe (CH - destroys and then fix = sucky result), BUT as i said, i'd appreciate TNT protection option.
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    okay, just a minute :)

    Done. I'll make it configurable in the weekend :) But for now, it's a separate file :)

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    World Edit can already do this.
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    I think You mean WorldGuard. But that is a different plugin, that does more thing. But if You don't want those features, just creeper protection, it's more resource-friendly to use this :)
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    And another thing - I don't know if it's bug - everytime creeper explode it takes 1/2 heart no matter on distance (in blast range)

    // Looks like it was only bug - Pure Awesomeness! Thank you very much for adding TNT :D
    PS: about the bug - i think my whole Bukkit was bugged or corrupted from some other plugin -Everything screw'd (i mean plugins)- i started turning on plugin by plugin and then problems dissappeared
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    Doesn't work for me.
    Neither does WorldGuard.

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