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    AllAboard - Automatically Board Carts
    Version: v0.3

    Getting inside a cart can sometimes be difficult. Right clicking on a cart works, but if the cart is moving it might be hard to catch up and right click on it. With this plugin there is no more need to right-click on carts to get in. Simply stand in front of a moving cart, or walk towards it and you will automatically be placed inside the cart. When you want to get out, right click on the cart and it will be removed.


    * Stand infront of a moving cart, or walk towards it and you will automatically be placed inside the cart.
    * Right click when you are inside a cart and the cart will be removed.

    Commands (currently ops only)
    * /autoboard - turns AllAboard on or off server wide



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    Very Good !
    It's very useful
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    try adding a configurable auto-board radius, this way players will be able to make statins with auto-boarding.
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    Great idea, I will add commands for /allaboard on/off and maybe radius, but currently I am using the collision event, but I can switch

    Updated to version 0.2 - added support for command that turns plugin on and off as needed (/autoboard)

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    Thanks for the quick update :D
    This plugin is awsome thanks for the affort xD
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    Looks very cool, how fast do these carts go ? ^^ And when do they stop ?
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    This plugin doesn't change the speed of carts but if they are on powered rails they will go as fast as they would usually go. When you want them to stop simply right click on the cart and you will stop.

    Updated to version 0.3 - Fixed an issue with minecarts boarding minecarts which caused some exception errors.

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    Ah i see :) Good plugin
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    Can you pleas add a Todo list?
    I also got some great ideas for you and I will post them later on (got to run, I need to do an exam today)
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    Sure dude, just post your ideas and I'll add them to the list.
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    Here are my ideas :

    - Configurable cart deletion : By changing a simple variable in a config file players will be able to disable the cart deletion on exit.
    - Stations : people will be able to auto board while standing on a certain block, 1 block away from the rail (not the one next to the rail). If it will be configurable it will be even better.
    - Per player command for disabling the autoboard : That will make it much better, players will be able to choose if they want to use the autoboard.

    that's it, thanks for reading and have a nice day ;)
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    Thanks for the ideas, check the new todo list. :)
    How did your exam go?
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    It went well, I think i'm going to get about 90/100, it was hard though.
    Thanks for the quick reply, both your plugins are really awesome :D
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    board boats?
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    Sounds good will add that tomorrow.
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    Im working on it, since boats are in the water, there is a strange issue that happens. I though it would be a two line fix sorry.
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    Is there any way we can get the two-player person cart fix before the boats?
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    Does the cart board more then one person? I can fix that easier.
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    Wow, awesome plugin!!!
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    could you make it so if a minecart is on a powered track without having to move it at all then it zooms off? for some reason when i place a minecart on a powered rail it wont go :p...

    THEN AGAIN.. you have to dictate which direction it goes >.> sooo thats why i think it doesnt zoom off when it gets power LOL. so you can ignore this now XD
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    Can You add a function, activated from the properties, which requires you to stand on a given block to go in minecart? It can be useful! (Naturally the block needs to stay near the railroad! :D )
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    Board boats? lol repost
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    Please make one for boats!!!!!!
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    Sounds good.
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  29. Eh, I figured you would get the cart back lol.

    Request: config flag to place the cart back after leaving it.
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    request: please make it so when I jump, I get out of the minecart.

    there is a bug when you get two minecarts on top of each other and you are also stuck in a block, it's almost impossible to get out without breaking a few blocks around you

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