Inactive [MECH] advancedDiode ( custom repeaters timings ) [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    I'm posting here, because this forum is a much popular than dev-resource.

    advancedDiode — is a server-side mod, which give you opportunity to build custom circuits using redstone repeaters ( diodes ).
    You can define any timing from 1 second up to 2 147 483 647 seconds ( max signed int size ).

    I'm planing to add suffixes for delay time definitions ( M — minutes, H — hours ), but not sure it is necessary.

    Bukkit-dev page:
    Official home page:

    Feel free to submit your proposals here, or post ticket on bukkit-dev.
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  2. This seems handy.. nice work :)
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    I wonder how you made this, approved.
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    If anyone have some advices — I'm glad get it.
    It would be great to hear any fresh ideas regarding to the redstone circuits and railroad.
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    This sounds awesome. Makes things A LOT more compact. Thank you. As of now, no ideas come into my head. Great job!
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    This seems handy.[​IMG]
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