[MECH] AdvancedBow v0.22 - Adds funtions and controls to the minecraft bow [1000-1060]

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    AdvancedBow is a Plugins, wich adds some functions and controls to the bow.

    • Set Arrow-Damage
    • Set Bow Cooldown
    • Shoot Fire-Arrows
    • Shoot Explosive-Arrows
    • Template System
    • Permission Support
    • Complete Control! You can set nearly everything in the Config-File

    The Fire-Arrows are a additional feature for the bow. As the Name says, if this feature is enabled (globaly and personaly) and you have ,the in the config file set items in your inventory, you can shoot arrows, wich ignite mobs and players for some seconds.

    The Explosive-Arrows are a great feature, wich this plugin adds. You can enable explosive-arrows and if you have the required items in your inventory you can shoot arrows, wich explodes.

    With this plugin you can, but you don't have to, set a cooldown for the bow.

    You can easily change the damage-output of a single arrow in the config-File.

    Version: v0.22

    Source Code | Documentation

    If you update to 0.21 and you want to configure the permission-system used by this plugin just add and modify the following line in the config-File, without whitespaces in front.

    permissions: permission                                         #permission=Old Permission Plugin (or GroupManager with Bridge); bukkit-permission=new Bukkit-Permssion System (not tested); op=OP; none=none

    Version 0.22
    • BugFix
    Version 0.21
    • Added Permission config-parameter
    Version 0.2

    • Added Color Support
    • Added Update-Information-System, wich prints out a message, wether a update is aviable
    Version 0.1b

    • Explosive-Arrows
    • Required items can be set in config file
    • Damage and subtraction can be set in the config file
    • Cooldown can be set for normal, explosive and fire-arrows seperatly
    • Reorganized Config-File
    Version 0.1a

    • BugFix
    Version 0.1

    • Release
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    I did not see a permission for permission support???
  3. Can you set the item needed to fire fire arrows configurable?
    Also, can you make it inflict damage on the needed object when appropriate?
    Someone has 'Fiery Arrows' out there that consumes flint and steel, it damages each time a 'flaming arrow' is fired. Would be pretty nice to combine these two. :)
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    Permissions are in teh Documentation.

    I'll do this tomorrow
  5. Before you get to work on that....

    Can you make it so it requires multiple ingredients?
    Fire Arrows: Wool, Coal, Flint and Steel (1 use of)
    Explosive Arrows: Wool, Gunpowder, Redstone
    Heavy Explosive Arrows: String, Flint and Steel, TNT
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    Now i updated, i think i included most of your suggestions.
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    Finally got around posting here, thanks so much for this plugin! Works exactly like it should, simple but very useful plugin for my server.

    I would have one small suggestion, could it be possible to use own colors in messages? I usually use in "system" messages, like "&6[&e!&6] message here" to have [!] with an unique look that players notices.
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    I have added full color support. You can use <white>, usw. All colors are listed in the documentation.
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    I dont use permissions. I dont want it too.. can you make something that you can turn them on-off (also for op's) in the config? (sorry for bad inglisch)
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    Yeah, i can integrate it.
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    I would really like to not have to install "permissions" mod. a default ops permission would be great for the commands. Thanks!
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    i cant get the config to work properly, changing the values for the arrow damage and cooldown does nothing, and i can't fire neither fire or explosive arrows, even with the required items in my inventory.
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    I'll add a new option for this.

    Hm thats strange. Are there any errors printed in the console or ingame? And wich Bukkit Version are you running?

    I have added a new parameter in the config-File.

    Please read the first post for more information, especially the Red-line!!

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    theres no errors, and im running 1000 =/. ill continue testing to see if theres something on my end that ive missed. Thx for reply.
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    Thats really strange. Try to delete your config-File, i think this will help.
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    Thanks Shadowlauch, I will try this tonight and report back any errors.
  17. Great! Just what i needed.
    There is one small bug though, i have damage-items-with-durability to true. The problem is that when i shoot the flint's durability goes down like it should, but when there is no durability left it stays in my inventory and i can still shoot firearrows. It kinda ruins it, but i guess its a quick fix.

    Here is my config.yml:
    #AdvancedBow by Shadowlauch
    permissions: permission                                         #permission=Old Permission Plugin (or GroupManager with Bridge); bukkit-permission=new Bukkit-Permssion System (not tested); op=OP; none=none
    arrow-damage: 1.0                                               #1=100%; 0.8=80%; 0=0%; ...
    arrow-cooldown: 1000                                            #Cooldown after normal shot in Milliseconds -> Second=1000 millisecons. E.G. 2 Seconds=2000 Milliseconds
    fire-ticks: 100                                                 #Leave as default (or try)
      enabled: true                                                 #Fire-Arrow-Abillity enabled
      cooldown: 3000                                                #Cooldown after "fire-arrow-shot"
      required-items: [259]                                         #The required items to shoot an fire-arrow
      damage-items-with-durability: true                            #If true and you shoot a fire-arrow the plugin will for example damage your Flint and Steel
      subtract-items-without-durability: false                      #If true and you shoot a fire-arrow the plugin will subtract 1 item. For example: Before:64 coal; After:63 coal
      enabled: false                                                #Explosive-Arrow-Abillity enabled
      cooldown: 10000                                               #Cooldown after "explosive-arrow-shot"
      required-items: [287,263,46]                                  #The required items to shoot an explosive-arrow
      damage-items-with-durability: true                            #If true and you shoot an explosive-arrow the plugin will for example damage your Flint and Steel
      subtract-items-without-durability: true                       #If true and you shoot a explosive-arrow the plugin will subtract 1 item. For example: Before:64 coal; After:63 coal
      explosion-radius: 10                                          #Sets the radius of the explosion.
    #You can edit templates freely.
    #But you have to include the variable (if extisting).
    #You can use the followiing colors, you have to put the colors in "<>" for example: <gray>
    #<black>, <darkblue>, <darkgreen>, <darkaqua>, <darkred>, <darkpurple>, <gold>, <gray>, <darkgray>, <blue>, <green>, <aqua>, <red>, <lightpurple>, <yellow>, <white>
    #U can use it like this: <white>Hi <purple>this is a <gray>test.
      cooldown: +sec seconds cooldown.                              #&sec will be replaced by the "cooldown-seconds"
        enabled: <green>Firearrows enabled.                                #Player enables fire-arrows
        disabled: <red>Firearrows disabled.                              #Player enables fire-arrows
        got-disabled: Fire-arrows has been disabled.                #System disabled fire-arrows
        enabled: You have enabled explosive-arrows.                 #Player enables explosive-arrows
        disabled: You have disabled explosive-arrows.               #Player enables explosive-arrows
        got-disabled: Explosive-arrows has been disabled.           #System disabled explosive-arrows
        notrequiredfirearrowitems: <darkred>You dont have enough flint and steel!                                       #!!!!!!CHANGE THAT IF YOU CHANGE THE REQUIRED ITEMS
        notrequiredexplosivearrowitems: You do not have TNT/String/Flint and Steel in your inventory.          #!!!!!!CHANGE THAT IF YOU CHANGE THE REQUIRED ITEMS
        nopermissions: <darkred>You do not have the permission to do that.
        firearrownotenabled: <darkred>Fire-Arrows are disabled.
        explosivearrownotenabled: Explosive-Arrows are disabled.
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    Thx for reporting this bug. I fixed it.
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    Grammar Troll

    Could you perhaps add a configurable arrow speed setting? I know an other plugin that lets me configure the speed for each arrow, but it is a way too big plugin.
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    Do you mean the flying speed?
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    Grammar Troll

    Indeed, the arrow's flying speed.
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    Thanks, but the cooldown seems to be ignored.. They can still spam fire the arrows. Is there something I may be doing wrong? I've installed permissions 3, but still have the same problem.
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    I'll tested this and i didn't had this problem. Did you gave them 'advancedbow.ignorecooldown' rights?

    Or are there any Errors? And post your config-File, please.
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    If I have TNT disabled using WorldGuard, can I override it with this, or will I have to enable it on WorldGuard?
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    It shall work, without enabling it on WorldGuard.
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    MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Whenever I use Explosive Arrows on Bukkit 1060, all my arrows explode, but only the first shot takes materials. I think it has something to do with this error I get:
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    Ok i hope i find soem time to fix it
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    Feature request: could you add a homing arrow feature?
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    Is it possible to make the bow rapid fire again like in 1.7.3? If you can it would be epic!
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    Rather than turning these feature on and off, why not allow them to be 'used ingame' when certain conditions are met?

    Like taking a steel and flint and lighting the surface on fire, then shooting an arrow through it?

    The plugin then takes notice of the 'fire' on the arrow' and proceeds to put any target that is hit by the arrow to be set on fire.

    And as a bonus, maybe fire arrows will also ignite any 'weak' or 'combustible' materials, like wood, leaves, tnt and grass.

    For rapid fire, maybe enable the use of 'sneak' button so that when held, the rapid fire is enabled?

    As for explosion shots, why not have fire arrows com-bust creepers if you shoot them with a flame arrow? When a flame arrow hits a tnt, it should set it off near instantly instead of causing it to start a wait time.

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